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  1. Great shot of your ADV bike! Where is this?
  2. It is pretty crazy just how much work a puppy is, especially during potty training! But so worth it of course. Congratulations!
  3. A noble quest indeed. Good luck to you!
  4. Nick Sharp started out with the tank and an engine block for that tasty Lemans custom.
  5. The more of the video you watch the more you appreciate the build. All done in a Very modest shop and on a tight budget. Very nicely done. That YouTube channel is excellent by the way,.
  6. Here are a couple shots from last night playing with the Iphone photo settings.
  7. Mark Linkous was a true motorcycle enthusiast. Sparklehorse is a play on words for motorcycle..
  8. Sparklehorse has been receiving quite a bit of airplay in my little motorcycle shop the last couple of years. Sparklehorse is an acquired taste, but I have come around and enjoy the originality very much. I purchased a 93 1000S that had been owned by Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse until his untimely demise. I must be honest that I had never heard of Sparklehorse until I bought Mark's bike. I spent some time getting to know more about Mark and his band, Sparklehorse through internet research and was amazed by how many Sparklehorse videos there are on YouTube. I purchased a few
  9. One year ago I purchased this 77 Lemans. It was a nice solid unit but had a few cosmetic issues. The most serious was cosmetic damage to the fairing, instruments, and instrument housings. When I got it home I noticed that the red gear lube in the transmission was leaking from the bell housing. This gave me the incentive to give it a complete going over. Here is the summary. ENGINE The engine was partially disassembled for inspection and found to be in very good condition. Rear main seal replaced, and gave the exterior a detail. CLUTCH Replaced clutch and upgrade
  10. Yes, I am very curious where all this new body work was found!! Inquiring minds need to know this!
  11. I stumbled upon this channel when I was fantasizing about a Vincent Rapide. I enjoy the content.
  12. I just picked up a Tonti I have always wanted, a T3 California. I like the funky 70s look they have. It is pretty rare to find these in the USA as the California T3 model was not imported. They were common on the Continent and the UK though. This particular bike was imported by a Brit when relocating to the San Francisco area. It will require a full up restoration. Hopefully I will have it looking like this in a year or so.
  13. I purchased this bike 13 years ago from Ken Johnson at Atlas Cycle in Tulsa, Oklahoma just before Ken retired and sold the business. Ken told me that it had been on display at the shop for many years. The bike hadn't been licensed for the road since 1977. All of the tinware retains its original paint. The frame and other black bits were re-painted, and the rusty hardware was cadmium plated. I tore the bike down, ordered a Gliardoni cylinder set and for the next 12 years the bike was in boxes. Last year I got serious about finishing it. Today I finished the wiring. I installed
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