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  1. Nice ride followed by a photo op.
  2. This Daytona brochure is probably as close I will get to owning one of these beautiful beasts.
  3. Roper sloppage plate, LP extender, and Scud's spring. All finally in. And new rubber too!
  4. The GTS is going to remain in it's current state. It was restored about 20 or 30 years ago and has plenty of warts. It runs so well that I just can't bear to tear it apart. Plus the patina that the old restoration has acquired has grown on me.
  5. OK guys, the T3 California was completed in record time for me, 7 months. Usually it takes me 7 years! I have about 50 miles on it and it runs perfectly! A most enjoyable project.
  6. Not my Stornello, BUT I did add a single to the herd a few weeks ago! 1935 GTS
  7. Correct, it is a 160 Stornello.
  8. Great shot of your ADV bike! Where is this?
  9. It is pretty crazy just how much work a puppy is, especially during potty training! But so worth it of course. Congratulations!
  10. A noble quest indeed. Good luck to you!
  11. Nick Sharp started out with the tank and an engine block for that tasty Lemans custom.
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