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  1. I just picked up a Tonti I have always wanted, a T3 California. I like the funky 70s look they have. It is pretty rare to find these in the USA as the California T3 model was not imported. They were common on the Continent and the UK though. This particular bike was imported by a Brit when relocating to the San Francisco area. It will require a full up restoration. Hopefully I will have it looking like this in a year or so.
  2. I purchased this bike 13 years ago from Ken Johnson at Atlas Cycle in Tulsa, Oklahoma just before Ken retired and sold the business. Ken told me that it had been on display at the shop for many years. The bike hadn't been licensed for the road since 1977. All of the tinware retains its original paint. The frame and other black bits were re-painted, and the rusty hardware was cadmium plated. I tore the bike down, ordered a Gliardoni cylinder set and for the next 12 years the bike was in boxes. Last year I got serious about finishing it. Today I finished the wiring. I installed one of Greg Bender's fabulous wiring harnesses. I also installed his slick "relay solution" panel. Everything worked flawlessly. This was a very rewarding project!
  3. That is so nice! Congratulations and looking forward to the post about the day it is delivered.
  4. Great to hear this and welcome to the forum, Randy! We will all be waiting to hear how you like it! Congrats on a great buy.
  5. I can't wait for the ride reports! Fantastic work, and she looks great!
  6. Yes, all 1000S' were square fins
  7. The 1000S I picked up about a year and a half ago is now fully sorted.
  8. I have been impressed with Haulbikes
  9. I dare say, if you were astride one while the V4 was in full song, it would do something for you!
  10. I have a 2015 Norge 8V. It is an excellent road burner. The 8 valve engine is a marvel. Mine is bone stock except for a Beetle map, which made a huge difference in engine smoothness and throttle response, Guzzi top case, and a Throttlemeister- throttle lock. Anyone with an 8V Norge should have Beetle's map!!! It is a comfortable bike and the weather protection is very good. The early 8 valves had flat tappets which self destruct. From mid 2012 on the 1200 8v has roller tappets which many call the "rollerized" engine. This is the one to get as the valve train has proven to be bullet proof. Stay with 2013 and above and all is good. Used Norge's are a real bargain. I am glad I like mine because it would make me cry to sell it for the little they go for nowadays. A flat tappet motor with super low miles could be an option if bought cheaply as roller conversion packages are still available. I am happy to answer any questions.
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