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  1. I have been impressed with Haulbikes
  2. I dare say, if you were astride one while the V4 was in full song, it would do something for you!
  3. I have a 2015 Norge 8V. It is an excellent road burner. The 8 valve engine is a marvel. Mine is bone stock except for a Beetle map, which made a huge difference in engine smoothness and throttle response, Guzzi top case, and a Throttlemeister- throttle lock. Anyone with an 8V Norge should have Beetle's map!!! It is a comfortable bike and the weather protection is very good. The early 8 valves had flat tappets which self destruct. From mid 2012 on the 1200 8v has roller tappets which many call the "rollerized" engine. This is the one to get as the valve train has proven to be bullet proof. Stay with 2013 and above and all is good. Used Norge's are a real bargain. I am glad I like mine because it would make me cry to sell it for the little they go for nowadays. A flat tappet motor with super low miles could be an option if bought cheaply as roller conversion packages are still available. I am happy to answer any questions.
  4. Dave Swanson

    Dave Swanson

  5. Took her out for a couple beauty shots.
  6. Sorry, with Guzzi content. A pair of 74's
  7. Had my Commando out the other day also.
  8. And I ordered a set of Pirelli GTs today.
  9. I pumped out the old gas and put in fresh no ethanol premium and took it for a get acquainted spin. This thing pulls hard!!! From my seat of the pants dyno it pulls harder than my 8 valve 2015 Norge. Eraldo Ferracci has this bike running like a raped ape!
  10. I don't want to start a tire thread, but what would be a good tire for this bike? I prefer performance over longevity. This will be my 200 to 300 mile back road scratcher, day tripper.
  11. I made it home last night. 1770 mile round trip. The V11 rode in the back of my 2017 Savana van like a baby in a baby carriage. The bike was exactly as represented - perfect! The only thing I have to do to the bike is put new rubber on it. The 15 year old tires look new without the slightest of age checking (as the should with only 819 miles), but I don't want to experiment with how much grip they still have. I will be riding pretty upright until the new skins arrive. The bike was "stored" in his living room right under a big framed poster of a Duc 916 in the crate. I happen to have the same poster but have never spent the $$ to have it framed. Al was sad to see it go. He was a perfect caretaker for the bike the past 9 years. The bike was sold new out of the crate in 2009, therefore he was the original owner. The bike had Mistral slip ons, crossover removal, race ECU, and dyno tune work. All completed by Eraldo Ferracci himself! Al has known Eraldo Ferracci for many years. It also has had all the circuit breakers upgraded. Al did a fine job of installing the rear drive remote vent (and trans). A very clean install. I am draining the old gas out this morning. After I put fresh gas in I will take it for a ride and report back. A very successful venture so far!!
  12. Early start tomorrow to pick up the V11!!! It will be a 1700 mile round trip. My old buddy is going with to keep me company and help load. I upgraded my Harbor Freight ramp to a much better unit that will make loading more drama free. I will post some pictures of the event Sunday.
  13. I sold my perfect 2003 EVT a few years ago and still feel the pangs now and then. It was a good all rounder. It handled better than it really should have, and a properly sorted hydro motor is a great powerplant!
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