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  1. no idea the parts came straight from guzzi and where made to order , the mechanic is going to Itali this weak and has taken the parts to try and get to the bottom of it !!! i will keep you updated with the out come .
  2. Just a quick update the gear box is now sorted after sourcing a new old stock recall kit from America. The ones fitted from Moto guzzi where 2 mm to thick not slowing the gears to be Selected a massive thank you for everybody’s input on trying to find the problem . The bikes all back together and hoping to get an mot . Regards Tony
  3. I will keep you updated with progress thank you all for your help . Kind regards Tony
  4. Hi guys sorry it gate crash the thread but how do you remap a 2000 v11 ? If say I wanted to fit cone filters ? Kindest regards Tony
  5. Hi , thank you for confirming the age of your gear box and taking the time to check your gearbox . It has been very helpful and you have confirmed that the dogs in mine are not correct , and the gear box will have to come out and go back to be stripped back down to replace them . Its frustrating as the wether has picked up hear and I had got it ready for an mot, and I guess I’m looking at 2 months at least before this is sorted !! I will keep you all updated with progress. Thanks again , kind regards Tony
  6. After having a fresh look and measure tonight the newly fitted drive dogs are 22mm overall and 12.6mm on the minor thickness . When you measured yours did you check your old parts of the current ones in your gear box ? . Trying to get to the bottom of the problem isn’t so easy . Thanks for your help tony
  7. Thanks for that, I have measured the original ones that came out and they tally up with what yours are . I will have another check tonight in side the gear box and post back . Regards Tony
  8. Hi thank you for taking the time to reply , to modify the track would be no problem for my self , you wouldn’t grind it I would hard mettle machine it . (I’m a tool maker so am lucky to have the skills and tool at my finger tips ) That aside after a closer look it wouldn’t work any way , as due to the extra thickness of the dogs it seams to have reduced the clearance when in neutral to around .5 mm aside between the gears and dog . regarding measuring I would class it a ruff measurement but well with in .2mm using a set of dividers due to the access issue . 2.6 mm thicker overall . if you select 3rd and then remove the preselector plate the drive dog is up tight to 3rd gear and will not pass past the peak of the selector track meaning the dog is just to wide . . ? With the clearance issue , selector issue and thickness issue it all points to the drive dog being to thick. I really don’t want to take the box back out . it would be fantastic if you could measure yours (if it’s had the recall or is newer than 2003) . As it would give me something to compare to . Kindest regards Tony
  9. Hi guys I have came to the bottom of the problem the gear box drive dogs (the ones replaced in the recall) are around 2mm to thick causing it to jam against the gear and not allow the preselector past the dowel on the selector fork . So I have a problem where I can put the old ones back and have a ticking time bom or try and modify the preselector track to slow it to pass by the selector fork . Leading me to ask wether any one would possibly have a set of preselector gears I could by from them ? Kindest regards Tony
  10. Hi I am looking to see if I can get hold of a v11 6speed gearbox Any help is appreciated kindest regards Tony
  11. Only due to some one else on the forum having a similar problem and when they when they went for a ride it was working ok . ( I’m clutching on straws hear) yes the gear box had the recall done to it a couple of months ago and I am just re assembling it . I cant see anything wrong inside though . Regards Tony
  12. Thanks for all he reply’s and advice guys , unfortunately I have not been able to fix the problem and can not shift past 3rd gear the leaver just goes solid like it’s hitting something in side the box . Maybe it’s worth just trying it out on the open road ? Any advice ? Kind regards Tony
  13. Hi mate , I have removed the pre selector again and believed to have adjusted it so it’s now correct and seams to be working ok but not when fitted back to the bike . From your experience do you think it would be of benefit to try it out on the open road ? . Regards Tony
  14. no blame has been had hear , just trying to find a solution unfortunately it’s not the linkage I can take it off and operate it by hand and still get the same results . Regards Tony
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