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  1. Tomorrow I'll try again,I doubt the tps sensor is bad unless I broke it over torquing it.The shaft is ok I played with that a while back trying to get an extra notch like a timing chain,however the tps is not in anyway similar to a timing chain.The wiring harness that I use I totally trust ,but I will check it just to see! thank for all you do.
  2. Took it all apart + the throttle blade is open all the way(87)-----volts are0.000 open/0.000 closed-------Mv are 381.0open/229.5 closed What's next to test ???
  3. Well boys,now are we havin fun!!! The tps is new with two miles on it----the one I replaced was nine months old with about 20 mi. on it,the 2 I bought came from ca cycle the other 3 came with the bike from the po,of those 1 was the Davidson type+ one I took apart just to see how easy it is to do-----trust me on this one it is very difficult to take apart. I sent to England for the tps cable testing harness,I think it would be difficult to screw that up ! My lovely ev has42000 mi.,of witch I did 10,000 myself,+I would guess was brokedown 12 times minimum (I've owned this magnificent machine 26 months . Tomorrow I will start over as I have done many times before,starting with oil change,probably # 12 with about 30 mi. of riding. Fuel finds its way into the oil + that isn't good,(I'm talking a quart/quart +half over full). As always thank"s for the advise-----I try all tips
  4. Yes Phil youv"e got it!!! At wot I get o.ooov???? or about330mv ???---- I can adjust the stop screw cept the idle is very high(3000). Took it out today (2 miles)it ran ok,have to wait for warmer weather to road test----Now the tps is clockwise max +,seems to me it should be the other way about 10mm from the end going counter clock wise------confused yet???? thanks for your help
  5. I've worked all day on the tps---- I twisted the tps clockwise as far as possible + a little more,I got my 157.3 on the tps---I didn't fair so well with setting the stop screw,I gave it all it was good for but nowhere near the 378 I need. I started engine + found idle to be about 3k---turning left stop screw c/clockwise 4 turns put it close to1200 rpm as idle ----getting it sorted I think I've got it,until I can ride it I won't know for sure if its fixed. Last I checked tps was 220mv----It runs good in the garage I hope I cured the 6mp gallon problem. Thank you all for posting + your help
  6. Docc.I've tried that + it doesn't work. I'm thinking I'm rotating the tps too much at a time.I've had it set several times before but not this time.The tps should not be rotated to the max(I belive). Lucky Phil,I'll get back to you in a couple hours gstallons----- you hit the nail on
  7. I just finished this post + hit the wrong button so I would guess it's filed into cyberspace??? I'll make this one much shorter===98 EV seems I can't adjust tps to 157mv I only get 133 + run out of space.If I remove one holding screw from the tps I can squeek a little more assuming I settle on 133 I can only get about 330mv to set the throttle stop I should have 378mv here.Please take me by the hand + take me through this====I onl;y bite GUZZI'S nothing else,unlike my dog,thats a story for some other time!!! Thank you
  8. The speed-0 is just a plain one,no gps. I like to use the maps + stuff plus the fact i can't see the little square box that indicates everything.I had a horrorable time installing the Speed Hut stuff, if I was to do again I would rebuild the old gauges.However Speed Hut is very good about warranty work so what the hell. I am presently TRYING to figure out a way to install a fuel gauge----if it can be done I will use a Speed Hut gauge for that because they will custom build it for me. Have a great weekend Docc
  9. Hi Doc,you have an inquiring mind, 1st time both speed-o and tac had defective control board issues ----this time ,I don't know as yet,it's only been 6 weeks but,don't go away there's more -----both units do not light the face,the tac totally does not work,+something else I can't recall at the moment +one of the little square things that(do not) make the instruments light up,all but caught fire.I only have 4 years of warrantee left,I hope they can hurry !!! Other than that -----Life Is Good!!!!!
  10. I;ts Feb 20 now I've been practicing repairs since September on my loving 98ev. The main reason I couldn't start the engine was worn out plugs----I am currently on set #4 with zero miles----keep your eye on those plugs when working on the engine(ngk bpr6es).Also I've run out of gas 3 times while on the service rack(it seems impossible to start this way),no warning light---no reserve,it really is not hard to do!!! I've figured how to adjust the tps,it was difficult for many reason's but mainly cause I don't have a tac and with adjustment to the throttle body TOTALY out of adjustment when running, fuel would be pumped into the engine and mixing with the oil (4 oil changes),thats mainly why the plugs would self destroy.In all my miserable 5 months of repair I really put the battery in a state of over load(odessey 680),yes I destroyed it,it will be replaced with same when I have money again.The tac +speed-o(speed hut) have failed me AGAIN,I am waiting for the second service(repair)so I can continue.----On a personal note, I've gone from real beer----to bourbon,to blended scotch--------Life is good , no?!!
  11. Is it possible to connect a fuel gauge to the in tank electric thermameister? Would it need a relay of some sort to give enough oompth to power the fuel gauge? ----- I have an inquiring mind,thank you !!!

  12. I did manage to start engine tho it will be a process to get it wright.The little red light does not work so I just wing it!The only electric tool I can use is a multimeter. Balancing the tb's is difficult with a manometer,regrettably I resort to the Twin Max till balance is somewhere near then I can use the manometer to get it right. Phase sensor was the main problem---then ecu connection+many many other problems that made this repair a night mare,all in all if I SQUINT I think I see light at tunnels end---thank all of you for your support.
  13. Thank you for replying to my post Mr.80cx-----fuel filter was replaced,fuel pump works fine,relays+fuses ok, side stand disconnected ,strong spark to plugs. Tps setup 150mv/375mv all connected not running (remember this is a 98 model/different from 99+years). The rpm sensor on flywheel was cleaned (one chunk of debris ) but not checked for mvolts . I'm going to check out the ecu as best I can,the po had issues with this bike before he dumped it on me so I feel it necessary to dig deeper. I would like to know more about a product from Australia called My ECU has anyone tried one ?
  14. I am having difficulty starting my loving EV+ could use some direction before it accidentally catches fire.The bike displayed every symptom of bad air temperature sensor----so I replaced it! Then it gave symptoms of bad phase sensor control,I tested it as best I could it was bad soooooo I replaced it.Every wire is connected as it should be,charger on battery to stay charged,one+half new plugs replaced,valves ok. I could start bike before + after changing out phase sensor but not for long as I was playing with tps adjustment.Tps is set about 150mv,to continue I must have engine running.Engine will run without any tps wires connected,soooooo that should not be a problem??? I went the Vaseline route +applied liberally to every thing including myself---------never ever use that baby fragrance stuff------all I'm gonna say is that awful smell doesn't play well with bourbon----flywheel sensor was cleaned,the only thing I can think of left to do is KICK the tires,but I cannot raise my leg that high(it's on a lift) Thank you
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