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  1. The speed-0 is just a plain one,no gps. I like to use the maps + stuff plus the fact i can't see the little square box that indicates everything.I had a horrorable time installing the Speed Hut stuff, if I was to do again I would rebuild the old gauges.However Speed Hut is very good about warranty work so what the hell. I am presently TRYING to figure out a way to install a fuel gauge----if it can be done I will use a Speed Hut gauge for that because they will custom build it for me. Have a great weekend Docc
  2. Hi Doc,you have an inquiring mind, 1st time both speed-o and tac had defective control board issues ----this time ,I don't know as yet,it's only been 6 weeks but,don't go away there's more -----both units do not light the face,the tac totally does not work,+something else I can't recall at the moment +one of the little square things that(do not) make the instruments light up,all but caught fire.I only have 4 years of warrantee left,I hope they can hurry !!! Other than that -----Life Is Good!!!!!
  3. I;ts Feb 20 now I've been practicing repairs since September on my loving 98ev. The main reason I couldn't start the engine was worn out plugs----I am currently on set #4 with zero miles----keep your eye on those plugs when working on the engine(ngk bpr6es).Also I've run out of gas 3 times while on the service rack(it seems impossible to start this way),no warning light---no reserve,it really is not hard to do!!! I've figured how to adjust the tps,it was difficult for many reason's but mainly cause I don't have a tac and with adjustment to the throttle body TOTALY out of adjustment when
  4. Is it possible to connect a fuel gauge to the in tank electric thermameister? Would it need a relay of some sort to give enough oompth to power the fuel gauge? ----- I have an inquiring mind,thank you !!!

  5. I did manage to start engine tho it will be a process to get it wright.The little red light does not work so I just wing it!The only electric tool I can use is a multimeter. Balancing the tb's is difficult with a manometer,regrettably I resort to the Twin Max till balance is somewhere near then I can use the manometer to get it right. Phase sensor was the main problem---then ecu connection+many many other problems that made this repair a night mare,all in all if I SQUINT I think I see light at tunnels end---thank all of you for your support.
  6. Thank you for replying to my post Mr.80cx-----fuel filter was replaced,fuel pump works fine,relays+fuses ok, side stand disconnected ,strong spark to plugs. Tps setup 150mv/375mv all connected not running (remember this is a 98 model/different from 99+years). The rpm sensor on flywheel was cleaned (one chunk of debris ) but not checked for mvolts . I'm going to check out the ecu as best I can,the po had issues with this bike before he dumped it on me so I feel it necessary to dig deeper. I would like to know more about a product from Australia called My ECU has anyone tried one ?
  7. I am having difficulty starting my loving EV+ could use some direction before it accidentally catches fire.The bike displayed every symptom of bad air temperature sensor----so I replaced it! Then it gave symptoms of bad phase sensor control,I tested it as best I could it was bad soooooo I replaced it.Every wire is connected as it should be,charger on battery to stay charged,one+half new plugs replaced,valves ok. I could start bike before + after changing out phase sensor but not for long as I was playing with tps adjustment.Tps is set about 150mv,to continue I must have engine running.Engine w
  8. I replaced the phase sensor now it starts so--------maybe now I can make headway getting this thing road ready(only 4 months till spring)!!! Am getting to know the EV really well-----that could be good or bad !
  9. Just how important is the phase sensor+how do we test it?
  10. Well ,It's 2019 now ARE these fuel lines still available ????
  11. Thanks for your quick response + interest with my problem.For some reason I have 3 hot wires,the middle or yellow wire we don't worry about,its the other 2 that concern me.Somewhere I read the multi tester is connected to the battery,so if striped wire is hot + plain wire is neg. then things just got a lot easier. When connected I find the multi meter is in overload mode + the numbers are different each time I check (roaming ????). While checking the harness separately I find exactly the same multi readings as when connected to the tps----SOOOOOO what that tells me is there must be a short bet
  12. Doc I"m havin ah hell of a good time gettin to the tps setting,please show us in DETAIL how u connect the break out harness to the multi meter. By chance do u connect both outer tps wires together,then connect to the multi meter? You show a yellow wire(middle) but none with the end to the tps(on the multi meter). With mine I get mV through all 3 wires,I am not using the middle(yellow) wire at all for testing. the engine will not start due to excess flooding,any idea what thats about??? 98ev11 calif----thanks
  13. Thanks for the posted info.I ordered mine just now,I got free shippin+I learned where the arse end of nowhere is in AUZ
  14. I find this most confusing ---- but I guess I understand?--- the cdi is mounted to the ecu witch is next to the battery. Why didnt they abbreviate battery also??? Because 1cdi isnt enough th ey installed #2 cdi behind the side plate,so you say,whats the problem? nothing here,I'm gonna have to get me a larger bottle of Bn(bourbon) too cope!!!! Thanks for your imput
  15. Thank you Mr. Goose for your speedy reply! So, if thats the ECU what is the big square box(8")next to the battery,I thought that was the ECU!!! Please correct me,thank you.
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