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  1. The golden years are catching up with me-----I was absolutely for certain your post said"know",not knob!!! that makes it much easier to fix now! Now for the good stuff ,I mentioned BOURBON cause I"m a bourbon sort of guy however last week at Gliders place ol" 2Wings fed me some IRISH WHISKEY=====best dadburn whisky I ever drank(good for rust removal 2)----Tullamore Dew they call it,better than MAKERS MARK+just a fraction of the price of GOLD!!!!
  2. Good mornin Mr.LowRider,thank you for your immensely informative posting of co adjustment,now it will be a snap to adjust correctly.On a 2nd note please share with us what brand BOURBON you drink-----I have an inquiring mind!!!!!
  3. Thank you Mr. Antman---I have a small screwdriver,know where the hole is,however I don't know when to stop turning the screw!!!!!!!!!!!! Please advise.
  4. Please explain what eepron is +how to set it up as mentioned byMeinolf.What type hardware do I need? 98EV
  5. fubar guzzi

    fubar guzzi

  6. Hi Andy,I just found your return post so we are even. I am working on a transmission,the weird looking nut at front on the input shaft was the problem.A member from Wildgoose got me through it,all I had to do was drill a hole insert a stick dynamite--------- Thanks for your help anyway
  7. I am totally confused at this point---are we saying replace the entire light (200$),or should we buy a replacement from Guzzi_Tec(80$)? Or should I just make a martini and not care !!!
  8. Mine does the same thing I too will follow advise as given thanks
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