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  1. That's the view I've enjoyed for the last twenty years. Bellissima, indeed.
  2. Sorry I had to miss it this year. Sounds like a weekend to remember. I did get a fritter, though.😋
  3. Hey! Sophia still has what it takes, too! Great shot, Docc.
  4. I always look good next to a bagged 1960 El Dorado in pink over white with ghost flames and white interior.😎 That's not mine.😔
  5. Goofman


  6. As I said, I caught my swingarm bearings in time. No apparent damage. All hail, Pete Roper!
  7. MY goodness, how time flies when you're riding. Just realized I had not followed up with my '08 Sport fuse issues. I, too, replaced ALL three of my relays with Matsushita's from MG Cycles, and replaced the silly 18 gauge solenoid wire with 14 gauge. 4,000 miles since, no issues. Period. Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge!
  8. Wowsers! Just saw your YouTubes!
  9. Yaap, this might be helpful, to show you what is involved in the tear-down... https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20457
  10. Listen to Gregg, Jaap. And congratulations on that SE Corsa, Gregg. Magnificent motorcycle! Oh, and I did all this to my Sport at about 37,000 kilometers.
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