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  1. I can definitely bear witness to that fact! One ruined road boot, one hand cut gasket, several helping hands, a quart of oil, and 12 thousand (two-services) miles later, the Valpollini gaskets work.
  2. Heck, we all might as well do it... NEXT YEAR IN MANDELLO!🇮🇹
  3. I look forward to meeting Bill's wingman someday.
  4. But I gotta get a new jacket now...😎
  5. Goofman


    Drool. Well done!
  6. We'll, howdy! Rick here in Nashville. I don't say much on this fine forum, but everybody's been very, very good to me. Whatcha riding?
  7. Nice wingman's machine there, Bill!
  8. That's the view I've enjoyed for the last twenty years. Bellissima, indeed.
  9. Sorry I had to miss it this year. Sounds like a weekend to remember. I did get a fritter, though.😋
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