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  1. Correction DeOxit GOLD and when you see the price do not fall down lol. It is worth it really it is or at least tell yourself that when it works lol. . At any rate if you notice I went nuts with something like this and it turned out to be a bad relay lol. Yep I should have checked that first but I was just used to relays going out lol. But you mentioned that you messed with the fuses and it worked well do a little search and it will show you how to take the wires apart if you suspect any corrosion and clean all connections and use that DeOxit Gold on them. Wiggle stuff around on re connection and see how things go. Oh and do not forget to report back. I mention the DeOxit Gold as I believe that you might not be as south as I in South TEXAS I am sure it gets hot there so the DeOxit Gold may work better and tend not to run away like Vaseline would. But as usual I could be wrong.
  2. Thank You for letting me go on rambling lol. Hard to believe that one has to remove the tail section and the underside access plate in order to simply replace a turn signal assembly. But Yeeeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwww it is done. Well at least for now lol..
  3. Well this evening I was trying to simply remove the left rear tail light assembly but to no avail. Does the whole tail section need to be taken apart to do this? And just for giggles are there better turn signal assemblies that do not stick out as far? Thank You.
  4. I know old subject but I thought I would bring it up again if someone has some good thoughts on decent tank bags for an 02 LM? Thank You.
  5. Here is another idea that Docc and I found out the other day lol. And that is on my 02 LM the 8th fuse has O power to it. So one could use it to carry a spare fuse or I would think if one wished they could add something to that spot with a ready made fuse holder. But I could be wrong lol.
  6. Well since mine is an O2 LM with the Duck charging set up and I plan to take a couple of trips this coming summer I will be sure to pay attention to this thread.
  7. JesterGrin_1

    Zinc chromate

    The story is no matter how hard I try I ride the darn thing so much it tends to sand blast everything off that I put on with great care to the point I GIVE UP lol.
  8. Post No14 by MartyNZ with the bottom right picture is correct in orientation or I would think so as I put the ignition switch back together using this picture and it worked. Kiwi-Roy again Thank You. As I took some more things apart today and really did not find anything. So I cleaned a bit under the seat as far as relay mounts and fuse mounts and sprayed contact points with the craig dioxit gold (good name as it is priced as Gold lol) I think the main culprit that I did not think about nor was I aware of was relay No2. I replaced all of the Relay's with the newer Omron's and replaced all of the fuses under the seat since I was there and after installing the battery and fresh fuel it fired up. . As I informed Docc I felt like I needed a flogging as I compared it to forgetting to add fuel lol. But I had no idea about the No2 relay but I should have just out of course of action replaced all of the relay's just to see what would happen. But since I had it in my head that the No5 relay would have caused the problems I was having I thought it was something more involved. I am adding this information just in case someone else down the road has there Moto Guzzi start to run very bad and after of course changing out the No 5 Relay then as a course of action should check Relay No 3 but the bike should run normal in neutral from what I have been told and then run bad in gear of which would mean a bad neutral safety switch. To check this one can run a jumper wire to eliminate No 3 Relay. But as in my case it simply ran horrible all the time of which by a great deal of reading here on the forum No2 Relay has a bunch of stuff that more or less tells other Relay's what to do. But at least now I have a clean and greased Ignition switch and Dioxit Gold on all of the Relay's and Fuses not to mention some clip together connection under the fuse block. Now as soon as I have time I am going to add another ground and check the factory ground connections. Again Thanks to the good members of this forum.
  9. MartyNZ if the bottom right picture shows the correct orientation of the rotating contact plates then Thank You very MUCH. It helps Greatly. Again a huge THANK YOU.
  10. Sorry to say nope as I have not had a chance. Crazy time of year you know. So look out for sharp objects before one sticks there neck out lol. Word to the wise for the day.
  11. Well They are now gone. I however will leave my opinion on this matter alone even though my tongue is bleeding to do so. But at least for myself I am happy and grateful to have been able to purchase the 5 for replacements.
  12. I am currently cleaning up the ignition switch but I have what might be an important question. And that is I might have forgot where the plate with the three Triangle Contacts are supposed to be located? Mine is an 02 LM. Thank You.
  13. Uh, have you ever tried to tune Dellortos? Nope never messed with Dells. But I have had some good experience with Webers on an Italian V12 or two not to mention Porsche and the older style Weber IDA's on an AC Cobra with the 427 side oiler of which was a major pain in the tush. As for motorcycles I mainly messed with a few sets of Keihin on my Old 78 Honda CBX's that had some work done on them with cams along with a D&D race exhaust and the Dyna S ignition system or to say just a tune up. And of course the old Mikuni carbs on the older bikes. Mainly going from the 28MM on the Z1 900 to the 29MM that came out on the J model 1000 and then tossed it for a Turbo and a Holley 650 under the seat. . So yes I used to be and still am a little bit of one of those guys on one wheel with their hair on fire. Back to the topic. With some help with the good people of this forum I might be able to overcome my O knowledge of electronic stuff and be dragged into at least what makes the V11 run. But those Mikuni flat slides sure do grab at me lol.
  14. The reason I ran across the company was while I was doing a search both here and on the open net about switching from FI to a Carburetor set up and what would be needed in the way of an Ignition system. On a side note at first I did wonder why there were many Moto Guzzi builds in Europe that use carburetors and Docc informed me that they will use an older frame such as the T-3 so that they can Build and Hot Rod the bike all they want without worry of what we call the EPA anti fun police. Also Docc reminded me that just like us our bikes are not getting younger so the future of parts may be rough if even available at all while as far as I know carburetors are pretty darn easy compared to FI. Just something I was thinking of in case we run across that wall.
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