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  1. You hit some great spots on a lightning tour to pick up stops in the tour! So strange to see the Frío café empty! It’s usually packed when I go thru. A nice stop for your return trip is the Lone star motorcycle museum just south of Lost Maples state park near Vanderpool. Good riding!!
  2. A few folks will ride out to Giddings this Sunday to meet there around noon at Outlaws BBQ. Getting to Snow's up in Lexington just up the road would mean standing in line for 3 hours, so we're opting for a different place, but we might ride up to Lexington after lunch before heading home.Will be a mix of Guzzi, BMW, Yamaha and maybe a few others...If anyone wants to join, please come out.
  3. No need to wait till spring time….throw the bike on a trailer and head south…ride some nice roads while there’s still no snow…and head back home!
  4. Just an FYI...I recently mounted my rear rack that I'd had hanging up in the garage for a couple of years, and found that i needed slightly longer screws to get enough purchase when mounting the brackets, but they were easy enough to find at my local ACE hardware store (hex head and recessed). Given that it's a Scura, I ended up painting my rack black, and just got the rear bag from Stein Dinse as well to finish up the install. Looks quite nice in my view! From the picture above, it looks like all the parts are there. You may want to post a "wanted" ad on Wildguzzi as well, a kind soul in Iowa helped me locate mine after I had posted wanting to locate one.
  5. Decibullz are a very good alternative - they are more effective than standard plugs given they have a pressure column that reduces that "dead" zone with standard plugs. Have been using these now for several years, before that Silicone swimmer's plugs, which are also moldable and soft, both are very good for avoiding that pain/pressure that comes from having the helmet press on the plug. https://www.decibullz.com/hearing-protection/ As smooth as the air is on the Scura, I couldn't ride several hours w/o earplugs, I think it would be painful with the wind noise.
  6. None...I have the Roper plate installed, no issues at all.
  7. Lowryter might be playing you The Greatful Dead but his rap game is dubious at best! But I like where you are going with this Full Service model!
  8. If you’re truly offering , I’ll take 15 tins, we could have a Houston Sardine Spine raid! I’ll stop and get a few fresh baguettes, some butter and rope in a few other local Guzzi riders…could do a ride and hand off the loot…. Let me know when you require payment…thanks! Merci en avance!
  9. Well now you have all of our attention!!! Exactly where is this bar you speak of…within a few days drive ???
  10. Ridiculously expensive, triple what Beetle charges for his maps for Norges and Grisos and other Guzzis, and anyway, Meinolf here has a V11 BIN already that can be uploaded with Guzzidiag, wouldn't it work for your model also? Maybe worth supporting a long time member here.
  11. You mean referring to pressure Chuck? So, I'm running 40 psi cold, both of the tires increase to 43 or 44 psi when warm. All good here on the PSI front...
  12. Could be Docc! It's possible...I may experiment a bit. On the Norge I like to run cold 40/40 psi both front and back, gives me the traction, mileage and tread wear life that I like. I know some folks on their Norges or Stelvios like to run 36/40 or 34/38. Have never had a blowout or any sort of tire failure, so I'm assuming it's always been this way. Will be curious to see once the external temps drop down here in the next couple of months whether the temp differential remains the same or varies.
  13. Good one Phil...I'm going to use that the next time. Make my macchiato doppio 20C cooler than my oil temp - now if the barista can make that happen, I'll tip double! I have an oil pressure and oil temp gauge on my 911, both are useful to know and monitor and glance at (particularly before driving it hard). Admittedly I can't see the oil temp gauge on the Scura, maybe I could find a way to wire up a sensor to send me the info to the dash (just kidding!!). At any rate, the metal gauge looks a hell of a lot nicer than the bland black plastic dipstick...
  14. On my recently installed TPMS (Steel Mate) on my Norge, it shows me the temperature on my tires, in addition to tire pressure and a clock. I've never seen or measured the temperature before on the tires, but now have a baseline, and interestingly enough, under normal riding conditions, I can see that the rear tire runs 10C hotter than the front. Now...the actual data on the temp isn't really useful, but over time, as a reference, it will give me a point of reference as to what's normal. I see the same on the oil dipstick, some may see it as a farkle/gimmick...great...don't buy it. I think it's an elegant piece of hardware, and it's sort of cool (well, hot really) to see the temp while stopped at a coffee break, just as a point of reference. Is it really necessary...not at all, but then again, is carbon fiber necessary, no...does it look good, yes!
  15. Ditto…Super cool …have run one also for a couple of years…numbers are good.
  16. Hhhmm...interesting color choices there...was thinking that if you're going to put champagne pieces on it, then probably the red pieces definitely need to be orange, just so this Mimosa of a V11 can be properly color coded! Either way, it's probably going by so fast, it's a blur!
  17. Nothing more exciting than a new toy! Early Xmas present...enjoy! Maybe you can "sweeten" the incentive for the shop to work on a Sunday or two...several boxes of donuts or kolaches or whatever their favorite snack is might bring you forward in the work queue. Have fun!
  18. Hi Chuck, Took some pictures this morning…this is what I have available. Mike had replaced it with a single plate California steel clutch assembly, was particularly hard to find…but he was able to locate one.
  19. What Guzzi should offer is a high interest leasing program to the skeptical ones here, so that those who don't want to keep it, can ride it for 2 or 3 years, enjoy it and then turn it in and not worry about stashing parts for 10-20 years down the road in case you didn't care to keep it longer. That should do away with all of the pooh poohing of the new bikes.
  20. 100%...Mike at MPH swapped out my clutch/flywheel on the Scura...nice not to have to worry about it grenading in the future. I've got the original in my garage if anyone wants it for an experiment of some sort...pay shipping and it's yours!
  21. Speaking of car chases...one of the best in Paris was in Ronin with Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno (another great French actor).
  22. 😀😀 So great to see you here Rodrigo and huge congratulations on a stunningly beautiful Centauro! What a wonderful small world it is! Look forward to seeing you again at one of the Guzzi rallies one day, you’ll find quite a few fellow Guzzisti in your area too! The guys on the Guzzi forums are an absolute treasure trove, fulL of humor and great info!
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