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  1. The thin earth cable from the ECU to the minus on the battery is inside the wire loom together with a lot of other thin cables. When I got my V11 Coppa Italia - someone had tried to undo the positive main on the battery. By doing so - he (she) made contact between the battery positive and the ECU - leading to high current floating through this thin earth wire - leading to melting down all wires inside the wire loom as Kiwi-Roy shows in his picture. I repaired all the damages and made a new ground wire from the ECU to the minus OUTSIDE of the wire loom. Thereby I can let this outside wire melt without damage to the others. I recommend everyone to do as I did.
  2. This is copied from another place: (EDIT/May 2019): Having had two TPS go bad after 50,000-62,000 miles/ 79.000-100.000 km, it is simple enough to check the TPS when it is hooked up to the DVOM (Digital-Volt-Ohm-Meter) . Switch the DVOM to resistance in the 2000 Ohm range with the key off. Slowly and smoothly open and close the throttle body and observe for a smooth transition of increasing and decreasing resistance from the potentiometer (TPS). If there are jumps and glitches or drops and variations in the resistance, the TPS should be replaced. Be certain to set the DVOM back to > DC voltage < before baselining the TPS in millivolts or you'll think something is terribly wrong! I have both analog and digital multimeters. I would think that the analog version would be better to read. Anyone have tried this? (I will try with both instruments in a week or 2). Rolf
  3. I also have the necessary tools to work with this gearbox - for sale. Rolf
  4. This new case comes from the 2004-series V11 Sport. I have not heard of any such models having problem with cracking gearbox house. They are 100% identical with the first 2000-models, but many things may have been changes to the better in the production. Alu-alloy, casting prosess, bigger radius in corners etc. Why use time and energy in trying to repair, when you can just put in a new part. I think the cost will be around the same level. Rolf
  5. Thin walled cast cheap aluminum-alloy. Difficult to make a good repair. Change the house to a new house (matt black - not wrinkcle paint). I have this part available for you. Part No: 01200290 Rolf
  6. Rolf Halvorsen

    Rolf Halvorsen

  7. I have the part 120290 - which is identical except with a smooth black finish - not the wrinckle paint. A few weeks ago I sent one case to another guy in New Zealand. You can contact him if you want to get references to me. Rolf
  8. My pipes are the same an your number 3, 4 and 5 in the second picture. Rolf
  9. You can do without that compressing tool if you have access to a hydraulic press. I have the other special pipes (3 different) you would need to fully dismantle your gearbox - plus the one centering tool needed to renew the clutch plates in the future (you will need this sometime). These 4 tools I have for sale. But I am living in Norway so send me a message if wanting more info. Rolf
  10. I have some reproduced decals for Rosso Mandello (under the sadle). rolf.halvorsen@mail.com Rolf
  11. I will travel to Kiel in April. Arriving there 16. April at about 10.00 I could bring with me the gearbox and we could meet then. Rolf
  12. Hi Netherland Take out your old gearbox and replace it with one that is fully restored (and got fresh sealings and sealing liquids in the joints). Your question will be: where can I find such a piece. My answer: By me. I have a retired engineer and restores gearboxes and rear drive "for fun". In my shelf I have ready one from a 2003 V11 Sport LeMans. The same black wrinckle paint as the Rosso Mandello. Which clutch do you have? Single plate or twin plate? (I have a twin plate clutch also available.) Contact me directly if this could be an option. My parts is not cheap - but I believe the quality and price fits to each other. The negative is that I live in Norway (outside EU). Rolf rolf.halvorsen@mail.com
  13. Nobody in Europe stocks 'em. I've never been approached by anyone. Air mail fro Oz costs about $27AU I think. Pete Pete Send me one so that I can be convinced and present the part to the SPRING meeting here in Norway. If I like it - I can be your European representative - although Norway is outside EU. Rolf
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