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  1. The basis is the SKF pipes for the KLM's (nuts) No. 3, 4 and 5. But they do not fit very well and are costly when you buy only 1. I have redesigned these + added the No: 2 which is maybe the most important together with No. 1. My special peg nuts pipe tools comes in 4 variations: 1 - (KM5) - For the crank peg nut on the 5-speed models + gearbox drive hub nut on the late 6-speed gearboxes from around 2006. 2 - For the 5-speed gearbox drive hub nut + the same nut on the first edition 6-speed gearboxes from around 1999-2005 3 - (KM3) - For one peg nut inside the first edition 6-speed gearboxes around 1999-2005. 4 - (KM4) - For another peg nut inside the first edition 6-speed gearboxes around 1999-2005. I have bought from the factory batches of 30-50 units, to get the unit price down. And I have 120 customers all over the world. (Yes I have still their names) But all things must end - so also for me. That is why I have decided to stop buying/selling these tools. I would be happy if someone would consider to take this further. I have no knowledge of similar tools from other producers. Rolf (In Norway with a special interest for V7 Sport)
  2. Just a small correction: I mean NUTS(PEG NUTS) and not SCREWS. I do not why I wrote screw. Rolf
  3. The screws we are talking about are: KM3, KM4 and KM5. All from the SKF factory. They are all used on the first edition of the 6-speed boxes for the V11 Sport. SKF also have the tools for these screws. But in my opinion they do not fit very well. My tools are made in the same Swedish company (Momento) - but according to my own drawings. The HUB screw for the 5-speed boxes are not a SKF standard. I have stopped selling these tools because of my age. If anybody would like to take over - give me a hoy (PM). Rolf
  4. A tip is to grease the bottom of the screw before entering, this way the high friction that kills the tab washer will diminish. Rolf
  5. The locking tabs are standard belonging to KLM 3, KLM 4 and KLM 5. KLM stans for "Kule Lager Mutter" (swedish company SKF). They should be available "everywhere". Lucky Phil: Buy the tools or lend from Pete? Rolf
  6. Remove the cable connector from the right cylinder temperature gauge - and put it back again. (No I am not joking.) The reason is that the resistance in the gauge is about 3KOhm when cold - reduced till about 0,3KOhm when warm. Corrosion in a bad contact surface (more resistance) can fool the ECU to think that the engine is colder that it really is - leading to feed more petrol than needed. Rolf
  7. Here they are. Identical to the ones that Pete is referring to. Rolf
  8. Phil (and Pete) Even better than a loan. I have still some of my tools for sale. Special pipe for the peg nut 93601020 Special pipe for the peg nut 04055100 And also the special pipe for the front peg nut 93601026 Would you like to have an offer including shipping? Send me a PM. Rolf
  9. No answer for your question - but may be of interest for some. I have a few ROSSO MANDELLO labels - for sale. 50USD / pair. Anyone interested? Can be posted a letter. Posting is included. Rolf
  10. The gearbox house is still available. It has been casted later than 2005 - so it is not amongst the lot that did have a tendency to crack where it is positioned to the frame. Color smooth black. 400Euros INCLUDING shipment to anywhere in the world. Rolf
  11. Ref. Service Announcement No. 14-2003 Affected VIN: ZGUKR0000YM112131 - ZGUKR00001M114639 ZGUKR00001M111111 - ZGUKR00001M111147 ZGUKR0000YM211111 - ZGUKR00001M211162 Bikes from 1999 until 2002 Kit code no. 973260900016 Flexible coupling hose - 04211201 - 1ea. Spacer - 04212401 - 1ea. Movable hose - 04214901 - 2ea. Rolf
  12. Ingolf Schubert i Germany has the friction plate for you. Part: 300433101 https://smotos.de/ersatzteile/kupplungsscheiben-sinter-kupplungsreibscheiben-schwungscheiben-ergalschwungscheiben-anlasskranz-andruckplatte-geschlitzte-zwischenscheibe/ https://www.stein-dinse.biz/# Rolf
  13. Pete I found out how to put the picture in here. Rolf
  14. Lucky Phil I have a new gearbox house if you need. Rolf
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