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  1. The one one my 2005 Coppa Italia seems to be made of aluminium. Use a 6-corners pipe of 20mm (not a 12 corners pipe). Then you could clean it from the inside. I think pressurized air would do the job. (Not acetone - since that would destroy the window of plastic) The part number should be 01205730 according to my book. Rolf
  2. Send me a mail (rolf.halvorsen@mail.com) and I will send the picture to you. Then you can do this for me. (Thats why we have friends.)
  3. Please help me. I am too old to know how to increase the picture.
  4. For the 6-speed gearboxes it has a similar locking mechanism. So you can just leave it - it will make no problem for you.
  5. The special wascher are hardened steel waschers of 1,0mm thickness. (You can get them with a magnet) 1,0 + 1,0 = 2,0 (I have bought about 100 of these - so contact me if you need some). Since the inner and outher diameter are close to identical with a standard 6mm washer - DO NEVER USE ONE OF THEM! The standard wascher are 1,2mm thick. 1,2 + 1,2 = 2,4 THIS WILL SQUEESE THE AXLE SO THAT IT CANNOT ROTATE! 5- and 6-speed gearboxes uses the same technic, but the axle has different number of tooths.
  6. This is a complete kit! A new cable and special adapter is included! This will completely replace the always breaking angel drive!
  7. Article No: 04768300 is the replacement speedo cable. tlm.nl Rolf
  8. Do NOT remove the part on the gearbox. Remove the thread part on the wrecked angel drive - and put a rubber disc (which you can make yourself) onto the male part on the gearbox - and screw on the female part. Thereby you seal from water to enter the gearbox. I hope you understand what I mean. Teo Lamers (Holland) has a replacement wire that works without the angel drive. I do not have the article number at hand. Maybe tomorrow.
  9. These arm to the engine case will help stabilize the engine from rotating - and thereby reducing the load on the top gearbox fixing point (where the cracking problem has been).
  10. What is the different between my theory about the casting prosess that may have been changed - and what you wrote?
  11. My 2005 Coppa Italia has no extra gearbox support. The pictures from Tom shown the right side of the gearbox house. I have rebuilt 5 such gearboxes - and all had leakage on the left side.
  12. Did you leave your bed with the wrong foot first today? Since I have some knowledge about casting in aluminium - I thought that my teory could explain why the later boxes seems not to crack so often as the earlier types. Smile to the world - and the world will smile back.
  13. If the producer has changed some parametres of the casting process - or increased some radiuses in that dangerous area, we will never be informed.
  14. Depending on which side you have logged into for HMB-Guzzi, you get 2 answers: 1 - available for about 260 Euros 2 - For the moment not available
  15. I logged into HMB-Guzzi and search for 01200290 Momentan nicht verf├╝gbar Was the answer
  16. Yes I have bought 2 or 3 from HMB-Guzzi. They were beautiful - casted by the original producer - after process changes and maybee also changes in the radiuses in that area. I would not hesitate to buy again. Rolf
  17. Ok. I will buy 100 today. "Nice to have" - to sell to my Guzzi friends when the spring comes. OMRON: I have bought 100 - 5 Pins and 100 4-Pins earlier. All of the 5-pins are sold. The 5-pins are easier to use since they can be used in all positions, so you do not need to think if you need to change a relay "on the road". Just switch with one of the other relays. PS: I have made myself a small print which I keep on board - telling which relay / which function. If I get an electrican problem "on the road" - then I know which relay I can take out. Rolf
  18. What about the maximum switching current of 30A? I think the Omron had 40A. Rolf
  19. The sidestand pickup for V11 Sport is 01759130. I can now verify that the pickup-sensor and the wire lenght are identical on all these side stand pickups (mentioned above) Only the cable connector are different. This makes it easier to get a new pickup and only change the connector. When the sidestand is active - the wires are not in contact witheach other. When the sidestand is in a drivable position - the wires have connection with each other. This means that if you have a defect pickup, you can take away the cable and put both wires in contact with each other. Then you can drive as normal.
  20. Thank you for this reply. Gutsibits writes that they hav 5 used one available (but no shipping to US or Canada). I bought one used one as said before - and found a brand new one in Norway - 375910 (Centauro) . When I get them both - I can see if the sensor are identical and that only the cable connection are different. Rolf
  21. I bought the used one you refered to. It seem that 2975915 Cal 2/3/1100) and 375910 (Centauro) has the same switch part - but another cable connection. Maybe I can buy one of them and change connector? Thanks for info anyway. Maybe someone else will be happy about this latest info. Rolf
  22. Thank you for info. I see that this one and another one on eBay both are used. I am hoping to find someone that can sell me a new one. I will be waiting for more people to reply.
  23. Searching for a side stand switch for my Coppa Italia. Can anyone give me a lead? Rolf Norway
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