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  1. bbolesaz

    V11S Canbus

    No can bus on V11.
  2. My right side oil leak was the top oil cooler hose. Tough to track down since the oil leaked into the wire mesh jacket on the hose, then got blown off of there.
  3. The work itself is not hard or complicated. But often a special tool is required to keep the cartridge from spinning while the bottom bolt is removed. I have only rebuilt BMW forks which don't require a tool.
  4. I do. It came with the bike and I have no idea what it is programmed to or if it is even active. The bike runs great and there's an old engineering saying "If it works, don't F*&^ with it"
  5. Our seats are Section T15-25, Row 23, Seats 1-4. My darkside tire is a Leao Lion Sport 205/50R-17. I chose it because it is symmetric and has well rounded sides. I have 2 rear wheels and swap back to a moto tire for normal riding. The darkside is for the 2000+ mile, Interstate-10, tire burning ride from Mesa, AZ to Austin and back.
  6. Hmm. Black's. Unfortunately, after the race on Sunday, I point my bike west and start heading back to Mesa, AZ. Hoping to catch some dinner at Black's one of the nights. Personally, I hope MM sits this one out. If I have to watch MM lead flag to flag ONE MORE TIME . . . Nice to see Aprilia success. Here's to hoping that their new Aprilia Taureg 660 is available for demo rides !
  7. I'll be there all 3 days. Look for dark blue BMW K1600B Grand America, massively farkeled and darksided. I will be doing the track lap also, should be easy to spot in that crowd. Got Turn 15 grandstand tickets in the southernmost section.
  8. I installed the ESR515. Here in the valley of the sunstroke, it drains the battery in a few weeks. I'm planning to install a new relay switched with the key to break the red line when shut down.
  9. I rented from Cycle Visions Rental once. Limited selection of bikes and no Guzzi. But good customer service and the bikes were in great shape. I would go back again.
  10. @p6x I haven't tried the PR6 yet, but I prefer the PR4 over the PR5. I've had PR4's on my Scura since I got it. My long distance bike, BMW K1600BGA, burns through 2 rear tires / yr. So, my data is based on 3 PR4's and 2 PR5 rear tires. The PR4 just feels more hooked up.
  11. Unfortunately, here in Arizona, the once local dealerships are being taken over by the Ride Now group or local business guy and Go Daddy CEO Go AZ dealerships. Gets suckier every day.
  12. Just FYI. Wheels don't have to track. BMW Airheads have a built in wheel offset to counterbalance the offset weight of the transmission. Same for many Harleys. I just darksided my BMW K1600 so not only is the tire square but it is also offset from the centerline of the bike by about 3/4". Doesn't bother anything.
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