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  1. To get a wire ring out, use a flat blade screwdriver to push the end DOWN out of the groove 1st. Pushing down is much easier than trying to pry up. Once down, slip a flat feeler gauge under the tip of the wire, then slide the end up using a hook or flat blade. Be ready when it pops out.
  2. Continuing the nonsense - The original Plastic Bertrand version (original French lyrics, don't match video above) - ♫ Plastique Bertrand ♪ Ca Plane Pour Moi (Discoring 1978) ♫ Video & Audio Restored HD - YouTube The same song done by Brit punks (completely different lyrics) Elton Motello Jet Boy Jet Girl - YouTube
  3. They are selling a bunch of V85TT's. But it's up against the BMW R1250GS. So, I bet the "new" engine/bike is a VxxTT with a liter or plus engine.
  4. Biggest effect? Canceled my moto trip to Spain last year, and my trip to the Himalaya's this summer is hanging by a thread. Lucky that I'm a engineer by profession and have been able to work from home no problem. Personally, I'm very strict on public interactions and so far, so good. Wife is eligible and scheduled for vaccine at the end of the month. I'll have to wait a bit.
  5. Looks like part #29 is splined and the splines have been ground off. The photo, looks like spline remains above the blue arrow closest to the gear.
  6. (Can't find eating popcorn icon) My Scura needs all the same. Love to follow along.
  7. Mike, lemme know if you want to shake that LM down some. The Scura needs a ride.
  8. BTW, I would use Time-Serts over HeliCoils. https://www.timesert.com/
  9. If you are helicoil-ing a block, you need a bottoming tap, not a tapered tap. The tapering tap can be helpful to cleanly cut the 1st couple of threads at the top of the hole, then finish in with the bottoming tap.
  10. Sparklehorse does the greatest version of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".
  11. This is a helpful resource for finding ethanol free gas. Unfortunately, at least in Arizona, most of the ethanol free is not available at pumps, but rather in 5 gallon cans. http://www.pure-gas.org
  12. To answer the original question, no a resistor would not work. The voltage drop across a resistor is the resistance * current. The current will be strong on a weak battery and low on a strong battery so the voltage will vary.
  13. I'm looking for an editable source file. The spine drawings from 1999 and 2004 don't exactly match my 2002. I've asked Carl if he has source.
  14. Do source files for the wiring diagrams on thisoldtractor exist anywhere ?
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