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  1. If you don't mind driving a bit further to my neck of the woods, Mesa, AZ, there's the very highly rated "Tom's Italian Tune and Service (TITS)". By appt only. http://www.tomsitaliantuneandservice.com/
  2. Powersports Outlet (formerly EPF) in Prescott, AZ. http://www.epfguzzi.com/ I've never used them, but have heard good things.
  3. How well does it work on toilets (the intended use) ?
  4. How many $$ for a set of gears ?
  5. I like Berryman B-12 Chem Tool.
  6. Having restored several Airheads myself and also being a V11 owner, I can make the following comments. 1. The bike pictured is a POS, most worrysome is the obvious rusting and Alu rust on the engine cases. Odds that the internals are in good working shape are low. 2. On the + side, BMW is VERY GOOD about parts availability for old bikes. That is why I switched over to BMW from Honda. When I needed to restore my Honda GL1200A, being more than 10 years old, Honda basically told me to pound sand for parts. Ebay helps, but there is only so far it will go. I have never ordered an old BMW part yet and been told NLA. 3. The V11 will literally run circles around an Airhead, mostly because the Airhead spends so many more miles wobbling as is goes down the road. 4. A well sorted Airhead is STONE reliable. Absolutely unbreakable. Easy to fix if you manage to break something. My Airhead R100GS is simply an awesome bike for touring and exploring in Mexico, it will never let you down. If the motor turns and the gearbox shifts, maybe spend $250 on it. Expect to spend 3-4K and many sweat hours to restore. When done, it will be worth about the 3-4K you put into it. Recommendation, many Airhead owners are past their riding days or dead. Look for a nicely maintained one being sold by a spouse who hasn't checked the KBB valuation.
  7. Rattlers around the house or in the garage 2-3 times per year. Unfortunately, the last one killed our dog.
  8. Or, if the breather return hose completely fails while on the freeway, the oil covers the back of the motor and drips onto the exhaust. The resulting cloud of smoke alerted a police officer 2 miles away. He pulled me over, but let me continue to an Auto Zone nearby. Fortunately, the oil will drip onto the side of the rear tire, but not on the tread center.
  9. I'll see if Harper's has what I need. If not, it looks like HMB-Guzzi does.
  10. Hmm, must have used the wrong fiche to pull the part numbers from. Poo. 01161690 shows NLA.
  11. Thanks for the try. What is confusing is I ordered those lines recently from AF1 (GU01161630, GU01162330). So, I would have expected them to be the most recent. I'm going to order GU01161330 and hope they match.
  12. Top side is a banjo fitting on both versions. Just at the bottom needs to be fixed.
  13. Docc, got specs on that AN fitting ? And no, the o-rings are not where it is leaking. The actual hose under the wire weave cracked. The heat in Phoenix is a killer.
  14. Need to swap a leaking oil cooler line on the Scura. So, I get 2 new hoses from Guzzi and start the swap. The old hose has this fitting. http://www.brianboles.org/img/21-06-14Guzzi/2.jpg The new hose has a flange fitting. http://www.brianboles.org/img/21-06-14Guzzi/1.jpg Anyone know if I get a new fitting for the crankcase, will it be a flange fitting also?
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