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  1. Yep, same situation here. Allocation sold and they don't much care to try to interest any more customers.
  2. Or just buy the cheapest AutoZone battery and replace it every year since no battery can last a Phoenix summer.
  3. Got the file from Mike. Enjoy. BTW, it is 250MB, so be patient while it downloads. http://www.brianboles.org/img/Stuff/V11_Proposal.tiff
  4. Musta followed right behind mine on the factory floor (#599).
  5. Tell Mike to email the files to me, I can host it on my site and provide a link.
  6. bbolesaz

    Riding gear

    No toothpaste nor deodorant ? Bleah.
  7. Honda used to use a little rubber "foot" on the side stand. Wasn't perfect, but could save ones butt. I assume that the lawyers made it go away since it wasn't perfect. But anyhow, a short piece of rubber hose and some tie wraps will create a reasonable facsimile.
  8. You can have the chair I used when I did the exact same thing.
  9. Use a very pointy Exacto knife blade. It's in there good. Just keep working around the circle.
  10. Yea, I was going to talc it and check the washers and torque. But not this weekend. No bike diagnostics on Mother's Day weekend.
  11. bbolesaz

    Riding gear

    Probably 10-15 trips with them so far, so good. Seems tough, comes from the medical aids industry.
  12. The top oil cooler line on my bike is leaking. Seems to be coming from the crimp area for the top banjo bolt. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else ?
  13. bbolesaz

    Riding gear

    I really like these. Not as protective as a full on Dirt/ADV boot, but super comfortable for off bike activities. https://www.klim.com/Outlander-GTX-Boot-3926-000
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