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  1. BTW, I would use Time-Serts over HeliCoils. https://www.timesert.com/
  2. If you are helicoil-ing a block, you need a bottoming tap, not a tapered tap. The tapering tap can be helpful to cleanly cut the 1st couple of threads at the top of the hole, then finish in with the bottoming tap.
  3. Sparklehorse does the greatest version of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".
  4. This is a helpful resource for finding ethanol free gas. Unfortunately, at least in Arizona, most of the ethanol free is not available at pumps, but rather in 5 gallon cans. http://www.pure-gas.org
  5. To answer the original question, no a resistor would not work. The voltage drop across a resistor is the resistance * current. The current will be strong on a weak battery and low on a strong battery so the voltage will vary.
  6. I'm looking for an editable source file. The spine drawings from 1999 and 2004 don't exactly match my 2002. I've asked Carl if he has source.
  7. Do source files for the wiring diagrams on thisoldtractor exist anywhere ?
  8. We got Matt in NM and Tom in AZ.
  9. None of the in tank electronics "spark". If they do, that's badness. And yes, the pump motor is brushless. Edit - I don't think the pump is brushless in early 2000's. The brushless motors are becoming more common. I know this because my company build the controller chips used for these motors. (A good business for us!). It's the concentration of the fuel vapor that prevents explosions. From Google - "The reason electric, tank- mounted fuel pumps do not cause explosions is that the concentration of fuel vapors is too high to allow an explosive mixture. The volatile (which
  10. I like the NEP throttle lock. Info here -
  11. bbolesaz

    Tekno Bags

    Anyone tried to dye the Tekno bags "back to black" ?
  12. I ordered the #"175" tank ring. Still not sure if chinpad and no chinpad caps have the same bolt pattern. I'll report findings when my part gets here.
  13. Also, @KINDOY2, does the gas cap open all of the way or does it interfere with the inside of the ring? Will a %$#% California emissions gas hose fit in the gas cap opening with the ring on?
  14. Is the hole pattern for the tank ring the same between later, non-chin pad tanks and earlier chin pad versions ? There's 2 different part numbers for the caps, both US versions. Earlier - GU 0110 3920 Chin Pad Later - GU 0110 3990 No Chin Pad Asking for a 2002 Scura with CF Chin Pad
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