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  1. Here's a link to some pictures and a trip report from my Austin MotoGP trip. Enjoy. http://www.azbeemers.org/forum/index.php?topic=5947.0
  2. Scud, there's some VERY tasty big bike friendly dirt roads in So. Utah. I highly recommend the Burr Trail, it goes east from the town of Boulder UT. Then, just a few miles SE from Boulder is the Hell's Backbone Rd. that will take you over to Escalante. South out of Escalante is BLM300 which hooks into Smokey Mt. Rd. Make sure your brakes work good before starting out on this one. And finally Cottonwood Canyon Rd. south from Kodachrome St. Park. Google em.
  3. Arse end of nowhere?? Yer a stones throw from Sydney.
  4. Had a great weekend at MotoGP and it was nice to have a race that wasn't over by turn 1 of lap 1. Very unusual crash for Marquez, I wonder if his traction control system failed somehow. Did not get hooked up with LowRyter, some sort of cellular disorder. Took a ton of pix at the hand built show, I'm going to post those on another forum, and I'll put a link to it here when done.
  5. Hey wait a minute here. I have Scura #599. Maybe your bike listings need an update !
  6. Yep, leaving this evening for my 7th trek across AZ,NM,TX to Austin for MotoGP. Going to Lordsburg tonight. Thursday I will ride up through Silver City, then over the Black Range (Gila) Mountains through Hilldale, down to Las Cruces, past White Sands and finally up the Sacramento Mountains to Timberon, NM. I will spend the afternoon visiting with friends there. Friday it will be a long slog from Cloudcroft, NM to Austin by way of Lamesa, Big Spring and San Angelo. Saturday has a high chance of rain in Austin, so hopefully I'll get to see some racing. Hand Built Motorcycle show Saturday night and maybe some BBQ in Lockhart. After the main event Sunday, I head west to Fort Stockton and Monday finish of the run back to Mesa. Hopefully someone other than Marc Marquez will win the big race. I'll post up pix as I go.
  7. 2 Scura's that I know of now that Mike L's has left the building.
  8. Blacks in Lockhart then the HB show sounds like a plan to me. I can be reached at 480- eight sixty one - twenty eight sixteen.
  9. Living in the valley of the sunstroke generally kills my batteries every 2 years. I don't bother to charge them anymore, the heat just kills them anyhow.
  10. I'm still in. I'll be at Turn 18 in the shadow of the tower.
  11. Looks like very clean motor oil.
  12. bbolesaz


  13. You can get your tank lined. These guys in Cali do it. http://www.gastanklining.com/
  14. Pete, if one has an internal bearing extractor tool, is it still necessary to remove the driveshaft?
  15. I use small slip joint pliers gapped to the back of the circlip to the back of the post. That way the force on the circlip stays perpendicular.
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