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  1. The Beemerboneyard ones are metal replacements for the shitty plastic ones used on BMW bikes. The plastic ones have a nasty habit of cracking and spewing high pressure fuel all over the engine. Very common BMW problem. Had to do a rather long ride home one time hoping no one threw a cigarette butt at me.
  2. Took the Scura out for a ride around what Zonies call the Salt River Canyon (SRC) Loop. Ultimate social distancing. Just over 300 miles worth. From my home in Mesa, AZ to Globe, across the Salt River Canyon, Show Low, along the rim to Payson and back down into the desert and home. Lots of traffic in the Payson area. In these days of C19, lots of folks going camping for weekend fun. Caught a few monsoon sprinkles along the rim. I would say that the Guzzi purred like a kitten, but that big twin sound is much more like a flatulent Italian grandpa who ate too much spicy Italian sausage.
  3. There's an acceleration based aux brake light flasher that does just that. Can't remember the name right now.
  4. Arrived in Arizona. Lovely !!
  5. BTW, I prefer vacuum bleeders over power bleeders. A vacuum will expand any trapped air bubbles, making them more likely to come out. Pressure will compress the bubbles, making them more likely to trap in corners.
  6. For the power bleeder, just buy extra caps for the bike. Drill a hole, install a hose.
  7. bbolesaz

    V11 Tenni

    I'm confused about something - Is the starter ring on the tranny side of the clutch? If so, does that mean that if I pull the clutch, the starter won't turn the engine? Haven't tried it.
  8. Was working from home, but came to the office today because I really needed to drop a load and the office has toilet paper. Not really . . .
  9. Tried Heidenau K60's, didn't like them. Very slippery in the wet, even though it doesn't happen often here. Haven't tried the Mitas, but they do look good. BTW, TKC70 and TKC80 are totally different tires. 70 for more street, 80 is a knobby. Were that my Stelvio, I'd go with TKC70's.
  10. Take it out on a rocky dual track in Arizona and you will understand. It's a commendable effort, but it isn't better than my current 2010 F800GS.
  11. Got it. Kinda surprised the values are still changing above around 25C.
  12. bbolesaz

    HB bags wanted

    AFAIK, it's still all available new. I ordered a set from Moto Machines in 2017. They worked well, but I didn't like the look on the Scura and sold them. https://www.motomachines.com
  13. cold start at ~65°C ?????? 150°F ?
  14. Always like Kukko pullers and tools. Expensive but I haven't found a bearing it couldn't pull yet.
  15. Hmm. Does this mean that I actually need to be riding 2 bikes at the same time ?
  16. http://www.ghezzi-brian.com/en/modelli/v11-trofeo/ Nice looking kit, but I still like the lines of the stock V11 better.
  17. Heard tires squealing behind me in a line of traffic at a light. Was in gear, made a quick move towards the curb and watched the car behind me smash into the one in front of me. I usually sit in gear unless it's a really long light.
  18. 4 cilindros ?? OK maybe 4 jugs, when she's on board.
  19. I love NM-4 across the Valles Caldera. Yummy.
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