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  1. Thanks for all the tips, folks. In my "spare time", I'll try to tackle a few of these issues. I bought the bike about two years ago from a member of this forum. It had received considerable attention (clutch, engine paint, etc.). When not in use, the Tenni sits proudly under the stairs to the basement, rather than in the adjacent garage with its older sibling and cousins. The basement has a dehumidifier and stays a fairly constant, comfortable temperature. It is a bit of a trick to store it there, as I have to use the man door. Fortunately, folding in the mirrors allows entry and egress. In the warmer months, I take it out about once a month (never in the wet. In the winter, it stays indoors on a battery tender. Battery is the same as when purchased. Incidentally, I recently switched my BMW R1200R and F800GS (my daily riders) to Antigravity lithium batteries and I've been happy with them. Anybody using a lithium battery in their v11? Given my intermittent use of the Tenni, maybe that's a good idea. On the other hand, I've heard some horror stories about LiFePo batteries.
  2. Since I purchased my V11 Lemans, I've noticed that it likes to be fairly warm before riding off. It will occassionally cut out (not a stutter and die, just cut out), for example when I've gone a few blocks and pull clutch and brake at a stop sign. Once it's good and warm, no problems. However, I've had a couple gremlins recently. On a trip to a moto hangout about a half hour away, the starter refused to spin for the way home. Bump started it and got home fine. Several subsequent shorter rides started up fine, so I chocked it up to the bike being Italian and did no investigation. Several weeks ago, I took it on a several hours trip, with about 150 miles of spirited riding on I-80. Once I got off the interstate, it started to sputter a bit, and coming to a stop it cut out. It did start up and I made it the final mile to my destination. Following day, heading home, similar experience. After several hours in 6th gear, it didn't seem to like the B roads. Most recently, I stopped for gas about 20 minutes into a ride and experienced another no start (no spin). I pushed on the connector at the starter solenoid and it was clearly not tight. Afterward, it started right up; so I assume that was the issue with starting. I'm guessing that there may be some other poor connections that are causing the problem. Any ideas?
  3. FreyZI


  4. Hey, Scud. Still got the pork chops?
  5. "First ride" on new-to-me Tenni #112. I acquired T112 in December(?) and -- living about 40 degrees north latitude -- put it in the stable (work had me down, too, so missed a few nice opportunities to take her out in the past couple months). Of course I had taken it for a quick test ride when I bought it, but I hadn't really ridden it, until today. Been sunny and in the 40s here the past few days, so I knocked the cobwebs off all the beemers, and then took out the Tenni for my first real ride on her. Ear-to-ear grin! Not a terribly long ride, but a few twisties, some empty country roads, and a few miles in town. Enjoyed assimilating to the feel of the new bike, which handles rather differently from my other bikes. Also rather enjoyed the racket the thing makes. I never understood the desire to have a loud bike, and have always appreciated the quiet purr of my R1200R and the quiet grumble of the F800GS. The hack (R1100R) annoyingly came with a Staintune that's considerably louder than it needs to be and burbles with engine braking. So, it was to my great surprise that the biggest sh!t-eating grin of the afternoon was delivered by the exhaust note when rolling on throttle at 60; changing from a present baritone to an impressive bass vibrato while the bike eagerly answered. Thoroughly enjoyed the Lemans today. Will she be the new daily rider? Hmm...
  6. Well, she must have gotten into trouble for that, because she merely suggested that I get in touch with MG Cycle. Or maybe you just have better moves.
  7. Had a rare 60F degree January day (after a miserable cold snap with highs in the single digits), and was really looking forward to taking out the Tenni, but it was spitting and I didn't want to take her out in the rain. Took out the R12 and the 800GS daily riders and left the Tenni in the garage. Within 12 hours it dropped 40 degrees. Snowing now, so a ride in the not too distant future is probably a pipe dream. Very sad. Time to add stabilizer and hope for an early spring.
  8. Yes, to re-dye: first a spray on cleaner, then the dye. I'll update with my progress.
  9. Couple dings in my Tenni's red anodized side plates/foot peg hangars/pork chops. Anybody touch these up before?
  10. Sorry to revive a very old thread here, but was there ever an answer? My Tenni's cans are pretty faded and I'd be up for new replacement badges.
  11. Not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but I have appeased my interest. Took the seat to the upholsterer today and he confirmed that it is indeed genuine leather. Unfortunately, despite my calling ahead and explaining my project to someone there, they've stopped working in leather because they had to buy whole hides. So, back to the drawing board. He did recommend some products, in the SEM Surecoat line. I'll probably give them a shot (and ruin my seat's nice patina).
  12. Looks great, Rox. I have a lead on an Amish guy/upholsterer a half-hour or so away that does good work, cheap. Unfortunately, my motorcycle work productivity is going to be pretty low the next couple weeks as I concentrate on actual work productivity.
  13. Was this Q for me? No fill or paint, just a LOT of Goo Gone and careful removal of a rather significant layer of adhesive. Would have been great if adhesive had come off with vinyl grip pads, but no such luck.
  14. Docc, why does that certainly refer to the brown? I'm still not 100% sold. As best as I can make out from the sales brochure -- which is riddled with errors (much like the users manual): "A modification the stoic and spartan champion would have not appreciated[,] but which present bike[r]s will certainly pleasantly welcome[ ]: an imitation leather unique saddle..." Or to paraphrase, 'Omobono wouldn't have been happy with an imitation leather saddle, but modern bikers will welcome it.' Tenni apparently liked the grip offered by the more coarse stuff, and so he would have shunned a smooth, slick (imitation) leather saddle. Perhaps the brochure was talking about the "extra" imitation leather saddle? Of course, there's nothing "unique" about the black imitation leather saddle, so my argument may not hold up. However, we may be too quick to jump to the conclusion -- because the brown suede seat is quite unique (as in "uncommon", "exclusive") -- that the brochure is discussing the brown seat. But, for the sake of argument, "unique" could be a poor translation (not entirely improbable) for "separate". Read that way: 'modern bikers will appreciate a separate imitation leather saddle.' Devil's advocate in me says further investigation is necessary. Since I brought it up, there are -- I've just learned -- several different leather products that can be confused -- suede, nubuck, and roughout. I'd have to say that the Tenni "suede" looks more like roughout. I was able to flip a corner and get just barely a peak of the underside and edge. Still can't tell for certain. Not trying to be a PitA, but I won't know how to dye it if I don't know what it is. So, has anybody actually had the seat cover off? I guess I'll get best results if I don't try to dye the seat cover in situ, anyway, so I'll probably remove it tomorrow. Incidentally, what's the best tool for re-stapling? Pneumatic staple gun, I suppose. I think I bought one of those years ago for a project that hasn't yet happened.
  15. I must say, if it's imitation suede, they did a pretty damn convincing job. I looked online and found the book, The Complete Book of Moto Guzzi: Every Model Since 1921, by Ian Falloon, which may shed some light. However, Amazon's preview of the book includes page 207 -- and not 206, where the answer may lie. According to that source (beginning with the first words on page 207), "... the 1950s racers, also including an imitation leather seat..." My guess is that page 206 mentions a suede seat; and that the "imitation leather seat" noted on page 207 is referring to the black imitation leather seat. Anybody have that book handy? If so, I'd be curious to know what it says on page 206. I did take the seat off to look at the underside, where I hoped I would find an edge of the suede under the staples where I could take a look. However, I was surprised to see the material neatly trimmed and meticulously stapled to the pan -- showing no edge of the suede. Thus, I put off the physical investigation.
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