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  1. If you just put their spare spring it then it will break again. You have to resolve the issue or you will keep breaking springs.
  2. Massive weight drop? Throttle bodies weigh the same or less than carbs. Fuel pumps aren’t that heavy. Where else you getting the loss?
  3. I’m lucky the driveway isn’t steeper. It’s already more than what I like. I’m not sure I could push the V11 Sport up it.
  4. Because of the low production numbers for any V11 Sport compared to most other bikes they all seem rare. Like it or not the Greenie isn't rare but it's the most iconic and most recognizable V11 Sport, hands down. It's the one that was always displayed in the magazines and any propaganda. I'm now getting tired of saying this but here it goes, rare does not equal value. Desirability = value. So those limited production run V11s aren't valuable unless they are desirable to someone. For some reason the most desirable thing about a Guzzi is how it rides and that's the one thing you can't describe to someone unless they have ridden one. That's one of the things that keeps Guzzi from selling more even today. But there is always the buyer who buys on only one thing, condition. And they will always pay the most.
  5. That's good because if you cheat on an English vehicle there will be repercussions.
  6. Forgive me, Father, I can't recall the last time I rode my Greenie. I've gotten distracted with other toys. The Norton Commando Interstate got here and I've been riding it. The 750 Commando started up after an engine rebuild. I'm just about done fitting the fairing and it'll go out for some break-in rides. And I just traded by Corvette for a new project (emphasis: PROJECT) But I am keeping the Greenie on the charger just in case!
  7. Excellent choice. If you aren't drawn by that green you don't have a soul. I'm unclear as to what you traded for the Greenie. Also those mufflers are stupid heavy. You don't realize until you pick one up.
  8. It should be identical. Material specs TBA.
  9. Now to be fair the Dominator was from the late 40s not the 30s! The rest I can’t disagree with.
  10. Fresh off the trailer. Cleaned it up a bit and took it for a ride this morning with my cousin. One kick when cold. Just little cosmetic things to do. Maybe some new shocks as these are the original ones. She'll get a little tarted up. Goes like stink.
  11. I like that orange! But I can understand the allure of the green.
  12. Not yet, he got an ST2 so he's good for now.
  13. It's got a healthy patina. Also with the size of stable that my brother has he can't get to all of them. Nice problem to have.
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