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  1. Snuck out for a short ride this afternoon. It’s been raining for a while so the sun was a nice change. This store closed a while ago but it use to be a nice stop along the way to get some snacks and ethanol-free fuel.
  2. Please do. I might even make it over to Bend and visit Spoken Moto on my bike too.
  3. A light Italian roast with Norwegian cream please. I haven’t ridden this poor bike since I sold the Ducati. Hopefully I’ll get out on it more this winter.
  4. I suspect it may have been a little surface rust on the flywheel. It's not moist and cold in Dorset is it?
  5. Before pulling off the slave I'd confirm that's the area the sound is coming from.
  6. If that's what you suspect then just put something in the case to pad it. I had to do that with one of my low end cameras.
  7. Yes, very sad. But we enjoyed it frequently while it was here.
  8. I mounted my GoPro Max on my buddy's bike. The stabilization is amazing. Those old Brit bikes shake. It's on about an 6in arm so it's moving around. But the camera compensates for it. Also the microphones on this camera are astounding. The camera is sitting right in the wind and you can barely tell. Here's another video with the camera mounted on the Guzzi. It's on a long 12in arm and again it's moving and vibrating. If you use an external microphone make sure you use a dead cat (fuzzy cover) to reduce the wind noise. Which camera are you using?
  9. After not riding the Guzzi for quite a while I put the Nortons away (for winter upgrades) and washed the Guzzi. With heated grips and push button starting it's more appropriate for this time of year. Assuming I we get clear day.
  10. New to the bike. Not NOS. Which means a bad crash and if insured, possibly a salvage title.
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