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  1. Had to share this revelation ( Not religious) with others not into computers. Life is about coincidences, Quota fellow called, what kind of mapping do you have. His bike, just bought it, was running like crap. He had been working in data, not far away, can I visit, sure. Compared his mapping to mine, went home, some adjustments, New bike. Yes I have been struggling with my Greenie, numerous tuning and TPS measurements, but not perfect in 2600 - 3000 rpm area. I have Meinolf’s mapping, but fueled up ca 20% in the T area,and a New bike . Now I am very very close to do this myself . Thanks Phil for the reminders, if I can. It’s hope guys, it will be a great Friday, IPA ready Cheers Tom.
  2. Even further north received yesterday = 16days. Cheers Tom.
  3. Looked nice tho, but see the point when explained. Wishing I coud remembered half the good points . Cheers Tom.
  4. Still no luck finding that rubber protection for the rear master cyl . Seems it didn’t do much for Pressureangle though. Cheers Tom.
  5. Greenie came with led signals. When going thru the bike, lot's of extra wiring and resistors. All that gone and working fine with the cheap orange flasher, bet mine is the same as po18guy. Using the same flasher on Rosso Corsa with led bulbs. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  6. Coastal trip. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  7. Meaning, do it yourself. Plugged my sons BMW 530 diesel last summer, all good. Run flat tires it was. Cheers Tom.
  8. It does say alloy gears Cheers Tom.
  9. That was one expensive ride Plug it, never had a problem with plugs, newer used mushroom types. Even on fast bikes. Cheers Tom.
  10. Wasn’t going to comment, but % wise, how many of our beloved politicians comes from a politican family Cheers Tom.
  11. +1, and my point to, ride it the way good truckers do, look ahead, keep the speed up, enjoy the ride. Cheers Tom.
  12. There Is the reason why all mine has been taken off, disconnected. Women have an advantage in racing,, usually no concerns for the engine, just full throttle Ears, eyes and nose will have to do for me. A blind guy can pick a good wooden boat with his nose. Cheers Tom
  13. Wrong place for this tread, and bad memory. Had more than 2. Cheers Tom Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  14. See if I can produce some pictures tomorrow, out of the garage for once. Cheers Tom.
  15. Even better, 2 of my bikes came with the plugs modified. Cheers Tom.
  16. [*Moderator note: This thread is created from replies to an original comment, italicized below, by @p6x in the "Formotion clock fit" thread. *] June 28, 2021, @p6x said: I am considering the installation of an RTD or Thermocouple based Oil Temperature indicator. I know that the oil temperature information is unnecessary. I am simply interested in finding a way to do it. I would like to get that information on the dashboard, so the oil combined thermometer dipstick is not what I am looking for. One way to use gas flow rate, is to measure pressure, differential pressure across a known orifice, and of course temperature taken in the gas stream. Before electronics took over, we used RTD devices, which were completely mechanical. I found what I was looking for in Europe, now what I need to devise, is where to connect the temperature probe on the Guzzi. But its another thread I guess. ______________________________________________________________________________________ June 28, 2021, @Tomchrireplied: You could use the drain plug for the oil temp sensor. Cheers Tom.
  17. A saying, you usally get what .. Had to wait a couple of weeks extra for the VCm 3 from Vintage car, they were out. They were offering me more expensive H4 bulbs if I wanted to, no extra charge. But knowing the VCm 3 fits right in, waited. So called life time warranty. Ok, finished with H4 bulbs. Cheers Tom.
  18. Learning to know your bike is rewarding So easy to remove the fairing, and there she is. Vintage car H4 led version fits perfect, with a H4 halogen light pattern. 4 more on order. Cheers Tom.
  19. Fairing back from clear coating, yes l like her. 23c here today, nice. IPA time here. Cheers Tom. Sent fra min SM-A525F via Tapatalk
  20. Very easy to take the whole fairing of, what is it mirrors and a few visible bolts. Cheers Tom.
  21. Long factory warranty,, Alfa Romeo Giulia ( wagon ), 510hp screaming italian V6 WITH 7years factory warranty, what coud go wrong Ææh to much dineros for a car, I think. Cheers Tom.
  22. It’s the V4S. Doesn’t feel like 170hp, but eats fuel like 270hp. And she invites to sporty riding. 4000rpm is the lowest she will except. Instrument panel will start to show signs of vibration under 4k and yes you can feel it. BUT what a bike. Cheers Tom.
  23. Heartburn rise to level yellow, just thinking about EV. Your foot wear budget will be sky rocking, pipe budget, ++ just walking around waiting for the bloody EV to get filled up with nuclear electricity. I better stop . Cheers Tom
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