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  1. Tomchri's post in Electric problem was marked as the answer   
    We need Roy,,,,,,  thanks R.
    Just took the Omrons out, more vaseline, all good 😊.  Never had a chargelight, but do now with a diode light and a Shindengen 847 .
     I can probably remove the 30amp fuse.
    And still waiting for Roy to say,, yes I can make a very simple upgraded version,,,   yeah yeah we all have dreams.
    cheers tom.
  2. Tomchri's post in starting & stopping issue was marked as the answer   
    Problem solved,,, at least I went thru all conections before my relays showed up. Wish there was a picture of everybodys face ( smile ) when things are solved. New omrons, fuel pump going
    Thanks for all input.
    Tom Norway
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