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  1. Hi Footgoose, Hoping that this late response on your post regarding a V11 crashbar will reach you. I would like to mount such a crashbar on my greenie and wonder how to get one. I searched almost the whole internet but could not find a trace of such a bar. Do you know whether this once was a Moto Guzzi factory accessoir or after market? And if so do you have any idea how to find one? Your response is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your reponse. Kind regards, Anton (The Netherlands)
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  3. Dear all, Riding for 30 years Moto Guzzi (a.o. Lemans1000 and 1000S) recently I bought a V11 Sport build 2000 with Magni fairing. I am looking for luggage stuff like luggage rack and bags and tank bag for this green/red beauty. Could somebody help me out? Thanks in advance and kind regards, Anton The Netherlands
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