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  1. I have a couple sets, metric and SAE. They're awesome. The only thing you have to mind is if you've drained the entire system, or run new empty lines, they have enough resistance that you may not be able to compress the air in the lines with the master cylinder. Probably not even a potential problem on a motorcycle. They work as advertised, and best part is they don't drip all over when you gravity bleed.
  2. Maybe it was the other forum, but I recall some long threads about one cylinder misfires that were maddening. It was Tonti bikes, but perhaps the same applies here. On my '85 LeMans, I had a weak cylinder- don't recall left or right but to make the long story short, the positive feed to the coils came in on one terminal, then there was a short jumper wire from there to the second coil. A significant number of bikes had that jumper fail, which killed the secondary one. A simple replacement of the jumper wire fixed the problem, but it was a bitch to discover. If your coils are set up this way, a simple measure of resistance in the jumper wire might tell the story and make for a simple fix.
  3. Randy, was the flicker a noticeable event in the past? Always curious.
  4. No idea, and not enough access to the bracket to measure. I'm going to use the 80/20 rule and say Probably.
  5. The bracket is in place on mine, and the bike was so stock and poorly cared for when I bought it I have to believe it is stock.
  6. I might be interested in one of you'd like to reduce your stock to an even two dozen. The simplest thing to do is PM me with your Paypal email, and I'll send an invoice.
  7. I have about 25 of them but not one installed... :/ lol
  8. Hey mate, I wanted to reach out and confirm your roper plates are still being made? If so, i'll get an order in soon. Thanks so much for your time! 




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    2. maxv11


      Thanks man! Keep you posted. 

    3. maxv11


      Got the plate today! Looks great, thanks for this. 

    4. maxv11


      I have a friend who may be interested in a plate for his Centauro. He may have already contacted you. His name is Tom. I gave him your PayPal address earlier today. Thanks again. 

  9. https://www.ready.gov/cert Our company in Ohio is in, as am I here in Florida.
  10. I worked on RV's for some years. They're full of Maxifuses. I've seen a lot. What you have here is a classic case of 'shyte Chinese fuse'. See how the terminal spade is as thin as the 'fuse blow' bridge? No mystery here, the fuse is very marginal if in fact capable of seeing 30 amps. I'd wager if you blow it intentionally, you won't see 25 amps. It simply overheats the thin area and over time melts the plastic, and heats all the surrounding contacts. Simply shyte, $0.0001 saved on materials x 5 billion pieces. Find a 30A fuse that doesn't have any thin areas besides the blow bridge. You'll probably have to order online, and they'll cost $5.00 each.
  11. I got ten years out of a PC545 in my LeMans. I tried reconditioning it with an electronic battery saver, but it did not respond, something I did find in Odyssey's literature. Not an option apparently, and lost the very expensive 27 series Odyssey in my Charger because the ground fault popped on the trickle charger circuit while I was out of town and left the battery flat for a couple weeks. No recovery possible. On the Lithium note; I put one in my 1100 Sport-i a couple summers ago. It was...marginally satisfactory. It had great cranking power, but very little reserve- my onboard camera has a parasitic drain for a 'parking' mode, and it took enough out of the Lithium that it wouldn't start after standing 24 hours. After standing in the bike for a year disconnected but for 3-4 short rides, it never did start the bike reliably again. I loved the weight but ultimately went back to the Odyssey.
  12. Hey, it's Winter here and Wintertime Navel-Gazing is the U.S. National Winter passtime for bikers.
  13. Now put that 1.5% on the end of a lever the height of the battery. It's noticeable. No, it doesn't really matter.
  14. Well, it's 78* and sunny here...Kinda like a stripper, though- looks great but can't ride it.
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