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  1. I've had mine all over the place. It doesn't seem to make much difference. I've run as low as 24/28. In both the Tail of the Dragon and Running 90+ down the Idaho panhandle between Glacier and Spokane, they were good at 28/30. But lower pressure had a noticeable increase in parking lot effort, so Iv'e kept them at 35 both ends since and it's...still fine. I haven't ridden these Dunlops hard yet but I'll set the pressure for best low-speed feel because it doesn't seem to make any difference in handling or traction below racing speeds. Docc may have the most data on mid- to high-speed curvy roads.
  2. So the exact mileage for the previous post- noting that I never fill all the way to the vent, so a little ~. 44.8mpg. Today's ride of 150 miles, 45-65mph with light traffic got the fuel lamp right on 121 miles again, so I'll assume it's right in the low-to-mid 40's as before. What I see here compared to before the Caruso gears is a big improvement in mileage around town, low mph/low speed, and consistently as good as ever before- which was not consistent. I'll eventually be testing whether I can cut fuel at these cruising speeds. Today's food for thought; my roomie's Enfield Himalayan, just across 2k miles today, quit twice. Both times while hot and stopped at lights in town traffic. The RE's EVAP system is pointed to in anecdotes elsewhere. The second time, I pulled over and shut mine off. When I got her down the road, mine backfired and blew the RH throttle body off the manifold. That's never happened before (a backfire) and I'm blaming both bikes' issues on the increasing crap factor of the sewage they sell out of the gas pumps. Meh.
  3. Took the 'Sport out the past 2 days, about 120 miles each day. Hot and sunny, in the 90s. First day was all 35-55mph, leisurely tooling without a lot of stops or traffic. I was very surprised to find on the fill-up the next morning it returned something over 50mpg- I did note that the fuel warning lamp came on at 102 miles. It has always come on at about half, ridiculously soon, so I noticed the distance. The second day, same weather but mostly 50-65mph, light traffic and a little town. My fuel lamp didn't come on until 120 miles of 127. Next fill I'll report the exact mileage. The notes here are that in ~15k miles the best mileage I've ever seen before is about 45, and that was also in very hot weather with steady open 55-70mph roads. I haven't done anything at all to the fuel system, nor changed the spark or fuel maps from previous rides. Unfortunately I did make more than one change since at once so I can't be specific as to cause. I installed the Caruso cam gears, and I will attribute the majority of the increase in mpg to them as the bike runs so much better at all speeds that it proves better efficiency. It has brand new Dunlop SS Road IVs at sidewall pressure. I changed the trans and bevel lubricant to Chevron Delo ESI 85-140. The last bit is worth watching, as the transmission seems quieter than with the RedLine shockproof although I changed the location of my camera microphone which makes objective measurement impossible. We'll do a temperature check at the Spine Raid to see if there is a meaningful reduction from other oils.
  4. For 'in place' carb refreshing, get some Chevron 'techron' in a bottle from auto parts. Fill the bowl through the fuel line, let work for half an hour then drain. Add a half-pint of Marvel Mystery oil to the tank of fresh non-Corngas, run it through and you'll either be golden, or you'll be taking it apart the hard way. Seafoam works pretty good but I've had awesome results with MMO in both gas tank and crankcase for freshen-ups.
  5. My T/S flasher failed on the last ride. It had been intermittently absent or lit/no flash for some time now. I replaced it with a 20A max (why? Tractor-Trailer?) LED flasher. I had to add a polarity reverser to the base, and remote ground wire. But it's bright and quick! Better than expected. At 1.8 amps, should last forever. Boring, but it's raining today.
  6. I'm going to try adding some Elmer's glue to the motor oil for a couple hundred miles to see if that works
  7. When I put Caruso's gears in the 'Sport, I had no leaks. I replaced the front cover seal as a matter of course. The new one leaked. I replaced the leaking black seal with a new blue one. Just got it all back together again, went out for ~100 miles to find a few drops from the front seal again. I had to replace the front seal in the '85 LM twice also. Is it the Chinese Conspiracy? Are the seals crap, or have I simply become an ape? WTF, universe?
  8. Can't make RPM without air, it's getting in there somehow. Spray some liquid- I like WD40, or alternatively a combustible carb cleaner etc.- on the intake manifold gasket area and also the boot sealing joints. If you hear any change in RPM, you have a leak. Check to see your idle air screws haven't fallen out (never heard of such) The last time I had a high idle, it took a minute to figure out I'd left the 'choke' lever partially engaged. Regularly, my Kaoko cruise control drifts enough to make a high idle. This is one with simple answers, as fuel and spark cannot make RPM without air.
  9. My grandmother had a '82 Oldsmobile 98. After about 90k miles the rear axle started clicking annoyingly. We opened it up and had a look, found nothing. It got worse for a while, and never got better- but never failed either. The boss said, 'Sometimes you just have to let it break to see what was wrong'. My experience has shown that more than a few times over the years. My own 'Sport 5 speed had a 'pop' or 'click' in the driveshaft (I thought) so when rolling in neutral or spinning the wheel on a stand you could hear an audible noise with every driveshaft rotation. I'd had the shaft apart, everything is in fine shape. No aberrations could be felt in either the transmission or rear axle without the shaft. I disassembled the rear axle recently, looking for something. The only change I made was to replace the outside axle bearing in the gear housing. Now, the noise is gone. I can't make any sense of it, can't assign a root cause, but it's dead smooth and silent now. <shrug> If it don't matter, it don't matter.
  10. I just checked- I've never had them off on the 'Sport, mine are identical to those on the '85 LM1000. That is to say, they're a PITA but can be removed with common end wrenches. Some wrenches are thinner and smaller than others, could play havoc. Or the later bikes may have a different connection altogether. I got nothin'.
  11. Mine is split open at the top. I cleaned everything up and used liquid electrical tape to seal it. This will be a regular maintenance check at least with any tire or brake service.
  12. Take my advice- since I'm probably only the latest in a long history of sufferers- use Craig DeOxit on all your relay terminals and use silicone (dielectric) grease when you assemble them. I chased gremlins for a long time, rejecting advice here from multiple sources, which turned out to be dirty relay contacts. Despite changing relays multiple times with the last time to the hard-to-find Omrons, nothing fixed it all until I cleaned and sealed the contacts properly.
  13. First ride after major maintenance. Brake light failed. Bulb not grounding. Fixed, then brake light stayed on constantly. Spacer behind handlebar switch missing. (there is a spacer there, right?) Found this too, drat it all.
  14. The first thing you lose sight of as an expert in any discipline is that everyone begins without knowing even the most basic tasks. So with that in mind, don't be afraid to ask basic questions. Yes, changing the oil is as simple as draining the oil from the plug at the rear, and changing the oil filter. I only change my filter every 2nd or 3rd oil change.
  15. Here's where to start; follow the links to 'Frequently asked questions' and 'how-to'.
  16. Ok, swinging a wild bat here. Since there's no obvious physical damage or disorder, let's go back to the facts; the only time you have noise is *in gear when the clutch is rotating* correct? If I read the transmission correctly, there are 4 shafts- the output, 2 gear shafts, and the input or clutch shaft. It appears that both of the gear shafts rotate with the output shaft always; that would place the noise on or around the clutch shaft. Check your bearings, see if the cages have any damage or disarray. Does the input feel dead smooth when you rotate it by hand? Is there any detectable movement to the shaft, either radially or axially? Are any gear shifting devices located on the clutch shaft- sliding gears or sleeves, shift forks? (again I'm not familiar with the particular arrangement) Look to see that any engagement dogs are centered between their fore and aft partners, especially if they float on the gearshafts and rotate with the clutch shaft (not output shaft) That should make a right mess of things.
  17. It's the transmission. Here's mine before the Caruso gears. I was a little disappointed that the gears are quieter than my chain was.
  18. Oh man there's a lot going on in there I didn't know about. I think that pretty much says everything.
  19. Yes, the clutch input spline nut, and the output shaft nut accessible after removing the driveshaft. I'm not at all familiar with the 6-speed to know exactly what's there.
  20. Yes that's what I meant, but you're well past that. Despite the 'maintenance' items in your bellhousing, I'm behind Pete's simple suggestion that your shaft retaining nut(s) is not tight, allowing misalignment in the gearbox. Unless you've missed a broken tooth on a gear, it's just about the only possibility remaining.
  21. ...and as Pete says above, be certain the shaft retaining nuts are tight. On my 'Sport, the driveshaft has a spring to maintain a bit of pressure on the joints, I suppose to insure they don't walk off the shafts if (when) they get loose. If the output shaft nut (on 5 speed) comes loose, the pressure drives the shaft forward until the gears are so far out of alignment you can't shift them.
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