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  1. kool keef

    kool keef

    My new V11 LeMans engined creation, on the road this week for the first time.
  2. Pete and Phil - thanks for taking so much time to reply and explain. Unfortunately you are making the assumption that I am into 'tech'! This is all right over my head I'm afraid, but interesting nevertheless. Just out of interest, I don't see how you can possibly get the best out of any sort of remap unless it is done in conjunction with a rolling road which produces real performance data?
  3. So are you saying the standard ecu can be custom remapped?
  4. Don't get what you are saying here Pete - explain? Several years ago I fitted a PC 3 on my V11, which was then set up on a rolling road and the bike has to be ridden to be believed, it is so superior to a standard bike.
  5. I am looking for a Dynojet Power Commander 3 for my 2004 V11 powered Triking, so the ecu can be custom remapped on a rolling road. This is no longer available from Dynojet in the UK, but I have been offered a Power Commander 3 for a 2000/2001 V11. Does anyone know if there is actually any difference? Will this suit the later engine and ecu?
  6. Thanks for your replies guys. Here is the unfinished project
  7. Does anyone know which oil pipe union on the front of the engine, is the return from the oil cooler? I am building a Triking with a V11 Sport engine and want to mount the oil cooler vertically, so want the return from the topmost union.
  8. Hi kk, do you still have any bits left from breaking that bike?  I’m after a front mudguard following a disc lock accident...


  9. kool keef

    kool keef

  10. I am about to break a 2002 V11 LeMans. The bike is not damaged as far as I can see. All parts are available except as described below. I am keeping the engine/gearbox/drive chain/swinging arm and the wiring loom and electrical parts required to run the engine. So please don't enquire about these parts. Only UK enquiries please. For anyone wishing to collect parts, I am in Devon.
  11. Thanks for your input everyone. If I do try a linked brake set up I'll report back with my findings. Now I need to make the most of the English summer and ride it! For those interested in engineering, I've put a load of pictures of the bike on the gallery (hope I've put them in the correct place!) Thanks for your interest
  12. kool keef

    V11 Retro LeMans

    The result of eighteen months work. Anything you don't recognise - I probably made it! Any questions do ask.
  13. Thanks swooshdave, that chart is exactly what's required! I'll measure the pistons and work out what's needed. My V50 with it's original linked brakes has a copper brake pipe for most of the run to the front (as suggested by 68c) I know from previous experience of owning my Magni, that if the linked brakes can be well ballanced, the set up makes for very controlled braking. Like the V50, the front lever is redundant in most braking situations.
  14. Thanks guys, the Cali idea makes sense - I should have thought of that! I've just put some pictures on the gallery if you're interested. http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&album=245
  15. Hi All Has anyone linked the brakes on their V11? Like on the old Guzzi's. I did this years ago on a Magni Sfida and the brakes were brilliant. I'm interested to try it on my new V11 creation, but need to know the best master cylinder to use. Any bright ideas? Thanks. Kool Keef (new member)
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