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  1. Hi Condezaca. It may be the loose counterweight-syndrom. See my post: Greetings Niels
  2. And the fourth and last.... Niels
  3. And the second photo.... Niels
  4. Owing a MG V10 Centauro, Ive made a TPS-harness myself, I used Superseal 3 pin male and Female, see link: https://www.dkvolt.dk/produkt/superseal-stik-3-pin-er-et-vandtaet-stik-til-samling-af-ledninger/ Which fitted the OEM connectors 100 %. See photos. Greetings from DK Niels Knudsen.
  5. Niels Knudsen

    Niels Knudsen

  6. Hello Lukcy Phil. I used nailpolish, because my wife always have a heck of trouble removing it. So I thought it will be durable. And it was easy to applicate with the built-in brush, and furthermore cheap, because I stole it from "She Who Must Be Obeyed." Greetings from Dk. Niels.
  7. Hi all. Last week both my speedometer and tacho stopped working. Speedo at Zero and tacho steady at 7000 rpm working upwards. Pointers very fainted. Decided to repair. Removed bezel as otherwise described, painted pointers with red nailpolish. Found loose counterweight in tachohousing (clic-clac). Repositioned counterweigt and glued it. Put meters back together. Speedocable was broken, replaced. Now a happy man...... Photos at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n5y45n8b9itng5f/AABNyYy7UqkU3oagmoOnXoMsa?dl=0 Greetings from Niels Knudsen, DK
  8. First go to: https://www.blocklayer.com/degree-wheel.aspx Fill in your values from handbook, EX: Intake: open 22°30' before TDC - type 22.30!! Follow page instructions, I choosed CD-size, and print PDF. Cut out print and glued to a CD. Wheel is hold at alternator by magnet, pointer made of coloured paperclip, bent and hold by magnet. Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wpw59z5j0wr4or5/AABWfJp0ndQOaEr9fDZviHD8a?dl=0 Greetings from DK Niels Knudsen
  9. Hi all Guzzistis. Ive installed, what I consider being the best mechanical cruisecontrol: "BrakeAway". It locks the trotthle-grib at preferred position, it is activated by pressing a button, and de-activates by pressing a second button. The genius thing is that if the brake-lever is activated, the cruisecontrol is immediately de-activated. Easy installation and use. Se photos at this gallery: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&image=1963 and installation/function here (sorry, no Guzzi): Greeting from Niels, DK
  10. The "BrakeAway" cruisecontrol, which can be de- and activated by thumb-press, but also by activating the brake lever. (Genius)
  11. Hi All Guzzistis. Ive made a little experiment: Is it possible to connect a bluetooth-enabled helmet to a handheld radio using bluetooth-setup with a wireless PTT. My ingredients were a bluetooth-enabled helmet (Schubert C4), radio Baofeng UV-5R, and Louiton Bluetooth Earpice. I only turned the helmet in pairing mode and the BT Dongle and the PTT on......Succes, Heureka, the Helmet connected to the Dongle, and I could listen and transmit via the wireless PTT. If my touring-companion makes a similar setup on his helmet and bike, then we can communicate effort- and wireless up til 5 kilometer, app. 3 miles. See photos in gallery, at this link: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&image=1962 Greetings from Niels. DK
  12. Setup of helmet, bluetooth dongle, wireless PTT and handheld radio Baofeng.
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