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  1. Thanks for the tip, but how did you know I have a copper hammer?
  2. Sourced another wheel spacer but still need new wheel or wheel hub the inner bearing will just drop in now. Thanks to all for your help
  3. Thanks Doc, Questions :Internal wheel bearing spacer length? 112mm ? and the width of the smaller bearing between the wheel and the drive? 12.5mm ? Let me know if I’m missing something Will be replacing wheel bearings , as I do every year, and the final drive bearing as well as the bushings in the shock/torsion bar Shaft gets lubed and cleaned every year 3 points- harmonic alignment on factory mark Final drive fluid checked out Cush drive checked out lubricated -splines good all around Wheel is balanced Axel nut torqued - past any reading by a gorilla
  4. Rear wheel ?

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    2. r3datom9


      No, Nick is my middle name:)

    3. Airtight Garage

      Airtight Garage

      Thanks , maybe next time we’ll just meet at Zeigeist and have a beer cheers

    4. r3datom9


      I'm always down for Zeitgeist!

  5. Looking for rear wheel hub or complete rear wheel for my 2002 Scura
  6. Still selling that wheel? 300$ I’m in Chuck 202-262-6456
  7. Thanks , might have found one -otherwise wheel hubs are not available from dealers or direct from Moto Guzzi
  8. Still selling rear wheel ? I’m interested not sure how to navigate the site

    1. Airtight Garage

      Airtight Garage

      Looks like your on the gulf side of Florida could you ship it to me in Washington DC? 


  9. My rear wheel hub is worn to the point that the bearing on the drive side of the wheel no longer fits -lock tight green worked for a season but now the bearing fails quickly. Anyone had issues with this fiting? Solutions ie resleeving with smaller OD bearing?
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