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  1. Hayo


  2. You are absolutely right, was my first and probably last time with her. And shooting off others actually happened at least once during the three days.
  3. And one more impression...
  4. Puh, exhausting. Was so afraid to crash her - finally I was last w/ the longest lap times. At least some racers took photographs as she was the only Guzzi on the track. One more photo to proof the rear tire condition after 60 mins.
  5. ...still searching for Scuras in the image...The black Guzzi in front of my burgundy one. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk W/ a silver polished Ohlins fork? Just asking and learning - regards, Hayo
  6. ...still searching for Scuras in the image...
  7. www.barock-biker.de is organizing the motorcycle church services - no dedicated membership required ;-)
  8. As an additional proof you have to see her in good, caring hands after a motorcycle church service last summer.
  9. Waiting for the weather to clear up in cold Germany. Some rusty parts still missing - to return from painting soon.
  10. No fortunately not, garage people call me the „Lucky Guy“ now .
  11. Scura 2002, loud noise at 25000km, getting more strange and louder at 32000km last year, made an appointment at the garage, on the way on the highway: suddenly no clutch/power transmission at around 100km/h, downshift hardly possible, no neutral found while hard breaking, so motor starved. Diagnosis: flywheel broke - expensive but survived :-)
  12. #127 is mine in Germany
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