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  1. shiloh


  2. If you have thread pitch gauges you could check that way. Might be 10x1.75(10mm xfine)
  3. shiloh

    Diagnostic Cables

    All very confusing, why are 2 obd cables required to hook up to the ecu? The tps thing i get, could probably fashion an adapter myself. Never mind I understand now these ecu interfaces are only 3 pin. So why hasnt a stand alone ever been configured for these bikes like icarsoft has done for various vehicles. Or would that be tooooo easy? Lol
  4. Got it done, was actually quite simple, one was a tad tight and another loose. Back to spec and not as rattley sounding. I think what was confusing me was cylinder orientation, as looking from the front to rear. Our kawi triples are as sitting on the bike, right side left side. Cheers
  5. Non taken, just wanting to be certain, whole new learning curve, or re-learning curve as in my case, two strokes certainly have a lot less going on, thats for sure. Swoosh and Docc,thanx for sharing the links, very helpful indeed.
  6. Thanx guys, I know its not rocket science, I get confused easily, been building 2-strokes for most of my life, and this is the fitst 4 banger I've decided to maintane myself in a very long while Cheers
  7. Good posts, I`m also attempting to adjust the clearances. I found the S ans D marks and painted to make them easier to see. Q. once a cylinder is set to TDC do I adjust that cylinder or the opposite one? I ask because the TDC side adjustment screws seems to have no effect while the opposite one(BDC) can be adjusted. Im going to assume both cylinders valves are closed at this point yet the TDC side valves seem to be under tension making t those screws stiffer to turn than the opposite side. The manual seems vague other than set to TDC and make adjustments, really dont want to mess this up, probably should have left well enough alone, but the rockers/tappets seems excessively noisy. Clarification on this would greatly appreciated, Thanx
  8. Cool vid, but if our bikes vibrated like that, we`d be little more than a pile of jello in the saddle with-in seconds. I wonder how long it took the engineers to find the right frequency to prove their product over others, excellent marketing. Lockers and lock-tite do just fine, and everyone checks their nuts now and then, right.
  9. I know I cant pass up a bargin, recently I got a new icon jacket for $80 and a pair of $300+ sidi boots for $75. Just cant seem to have enough, and lord knows cant bring myself to despose of the old worn out kit.
  10. Took the front wheel off for tire change and bearings. Gave up on trying to get the tire off after buying a set of motion pro spoons, so took to my mechanic to do the job. Engine and tranny oil next.
  11. Man, I always hated being lectured, sheesh But ya you're right, I should know better.
  12. Well yesterday for shits and giggles, I went out to shop, -22degC, looked at the guzzi pining for warmer weather, and figured I`d see if the old girl would start, key on, throttle advance maxed, pushed the button and....... varoooom, fired right up with no hesitation at all, and its been a while, probably 2-3 before I tore into the rear end, back in October? maybe. Luv this bike.
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