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  1. The tyres on the bike now are the Shinko 804/805's which are a 50/50 tyre. I short listed it to Conti TKC70's, (70/30) Conti Trail Attack II's (85/15) and Shinko 705's (80/20). At the end of it I then got the dealer to quote me all of them fitted in Prince Edward Island in Canada where the bike is now. The reply was as follows: "Ok, so the tkc70’s would be $722.29 Installed, the trail attack 3’s would be $731.59 and the 705’s would be $424.44. All installed prices and discounted 40%" Not sure what the difference is between the Trail Attack II and Trail III but in the end it would not have affected the result. On that basis, and as the 705's have excellent reviews and would at least not look too effeminate on the bike; plus would allow me to do solid gravel and very limited serious off road riding, I went with the 705's. It did not hurt that they were also significantly cheaper! I had looked at the Mitas 07's, but they were solidly (60/40) and described as a bit more noisy on the road, which I will be doing a lot of! I will ship the 804/805's home and save them for when I do some "more rugged" riding as they still have at least 50% left in them. I will of course report in as hte trip gets going in early May and asI progress and will also recored the tyre wear and type of riding for the general enjoyment of the assembled masses - all ten of you!!
  2. Having trawled the Internet I have come to the conclusion that opinions on tyres are best described as many and varied! ( the polite version!). I have come to value the opinions of the people on this site - I think that is age related but a too polite to say so openly. Something about the people attracted to Guzzi’s of this particular era. so. Right now Conti TKC 70s at the top of the wish list. one thought was to run the Shinko Big Blocks for say 1,000ks as they are part worn and then decide how much I dislike them before changing over tyres for the rest of the trip. This would likely reinforce my appreciation for smoother tyres for my type of riding 🤯
  3. Right now it has Shinko 804/805’s on it. They look too aggressive for me for what I am going to be doing particularly as most of it will be road. Based on the comments to date it looks like TKC 70’s. One alternative might be Shinko 705’s. They are supposed to be TKC 70 knock offs with better wear so presumably less grip on the road. One review suggested that the 705’s were harder and nearer 80/20 while the TKC70’s were 70/30. Also somewhere I read that the TKC70’s can get a front wheel wobble?? Unless anyone tells me differently I think it will be the Contis for now but I still have a couple of weeks to make up my mind! Thanks M.
  4. As I am new to ADV bikes I had not seen either Mitas E07 or Heidenau K60,s. I will take a look at both. Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, How about another tyre thread? What is the perceived wisdom for Stelvio tyres? I will be doing around 80-90% tar and the rest gravel. Not likely to be doing any real dirt on it. The Internet suggests Continental TKC 70s (60/40) or Continental Trail Attack (90/10) in the Premium tyres range or Shinzo 705's (80/20 and cheap) but I have never heard of them! All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance.M.
  6. Mine was blowing the main 30A fuse if you held the start button in. I then tried bypassing the wiring with a jumper direct to the solenoid but still no joy. Then with it off checked the solenoid and the motor separately. Motor was fine but solenoid u/s but got hot and the plunger was sticky. This was a Chinese replacement from about 8 yrs ago. Looks to me like the solenoid dries out and sticks when stood for a while and then eventually cooks the coil in the solenoid. so off to Amazon for a $74 replacement. Cheaper than going to a starter rebuild guy.
  7. Thanks Pete. all duly noted and will do.
  8. Gord senior is now retired and Gord junior went before him and the shop no longer carries Guzzi. I also bought my Balabio from him in 2004 and had my old Cal II serviced and repaired there. A pity he retired as he was good - now we have International Motorsport, who have no inventory of parts (“Got to come fromPiaggio Bud”) and no in depth knowledge of the marque! Also while willing to tackle anything, not cheap and therefore at your cost. They are however a bit closer. Now I am retired I have the time to do the bulk of the work myself and with three bikes available, one should be running! Right now the Balabio (the one my daughter has stolen) is waiting for a starter but otherwise is sorted and the Cal 1400 goes fine. On that one, it developed a problem with the ignition switch and anti theft system (dongle) last year at about 18k km, which by the time International had finished cost $2,500 including a new dash. The previous owner had put in a personal security code and no one knew what it was! Apparently you can’t put in a master override code to pair the new lock set with the original dash so I then ended up with a new lock set and a new dash! Lovely idea this dongle to prevent theft, but not much use if it can’t be overridden.
  9. Apart from a trip to Mile 0 on NL and a visit with a mate there I have as yet no plan and no time pressure as now retired. So as I have never been through NS apart from Halifax airport I will ensure I visit and look for Nippers. Hopefully the bike will perform flawlessly, but otherwise you might be getting a call!
  10. The bike comes with the tall screen extension and new tyres. My concern is the weather that time of year. The fish and chips are likely to be frozen and so might I.
  11. I have to admit to knowing a bit about fish and chips being English and also having been to St John’s before and they are up there, but no mushy peas. The trip starts in April and I will make it part of the mission to eat and photograph a# much fish and chips as possible on the way .
  12. Buying a 2013 Stelvio with 20k kilometres on it to add to the collection. The bike is in PEI (Anne of Green Gables etc on the Atlantic side of Gods own Country) and I live in BC. So I will be flying over in April and weather permitting, will then head over to St John’s NL and mile Zero and then ride home. Wife thinks I am mad, but I am less concerned with the distance -about 6;000ks than the weather in early spring up here. Two questions: do the Stelvio riders have a specific blog site like here? and Anyone got suggestions on route planning? Right now I plan to head along the Trans CANADA from PEI to NL and then Trans CANADA all the way home but if freezing or snowing could detour south through the States.
  13. ,Balabio will not start. Lots of volts to solenoid when you push the starter button, so pulled the starter and the solenoid is toast about 80% of the time on the bench. Pulled the solenoid off the starter and cleaned and silicones the plunger but no better. The starter motor itself works ok but can be reluctant to get going. seems tome that I need a new solenoid or a new starter or probably most safely both. Any suggestions and where do I get a new starter or solenoid?
  14. Here is the photos of the bags and the bags on the frame. Newell, let me know that you are happy and where you want them to go to and I will figure out what the mailing cost will be.
  15. Subject to agreeing postage and getting you photos of the bags they are yours. Thanks. I will hold them for you.
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