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  1. Extraneous comment from the peanut gallery: That is a fine looking scooter even by today's standards. IMO it beats anything Guzzi's made since the V11 (MGS-01 aside, hey, there's one for sale right now for only fifty two kilobucks! ). Good fortune and happy riding with your retro-mount.
  2. C'mon, Pete, quit holding back, tell us what you really think. A bit more seriously, has there been any better Guzzi since the V11? The newer models may have tech advancements, albeit combined with butt ugly styling. Sorry, the new V85 is a step in the right direction, but still no cigar.
  3. PM sent Wed., 4/10 at 12:27 PM.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-Moto-Guzzi-V11-Scura-/253972262179?hash=item3b21ed2d23%3Ag%3AUMgAAOSwanZb5SWT&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=OonQnDutxFVbRc6qO0B4ryDxjls%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Scamramento, shoulda known!
  5. On Saturday, Nov. 10, I cleared off all the dying bines of my small hop garden, and damn if some of the rhizomes weren't sprouting new growth already! Below pic taken today. Usually the plants go dormant until at least January. Hopefully they don't get going only to die off mid-season (has happened before, followed by an entire new replacement growth, but too late for a decent harvest).
  6. The Astro is a rebuild effort stalled for years at the 90% level (still need to redo the Lockhart rear brake master cylinder). I wanted to put it up on the mantel, but SWMBO didn't warm to that idea. Will probably raffle it off someday to someone who wants to complete the journey, have two guys locally dropping hints. The Sherpa T I bought maybe thirty years ago with sixty-some miles on the odometer (now still sitting unmolested on the lower left fork leg!). I put on another thirty miles screwing around in my driveway before retiring it to the rear of the garage. It's near showroom new (not a mark on the skid plate!), other than a slight rash on the muffler box where I dropped it once. I did do a lot of trail riding over the years, but on Yamaha and KTM scooters.
  7. Besides my 2004 MG V11 Sport Naked, I have 2005 Suzuki DR650 (rider) 1980 Bultaco 350 Sherpa T (garage queen) 1970s Bultaco Astro 360 (garage queen)
  8. The best improvement for my V11 Sport? 20% more power? Naw. 20% more mileage? Nope. 20% less weight? Yeppers!
  9. Ni-chicken, I know what you mean about the silver forks but, those black ones fit your colors well. hmmm, .. I like the gold ones too :food:That screen is a Stucci accessory from back in the day. They come up once in awhile on epay but boy are they pricey. There are several similar ones still available though. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19865&hl=%2Bfairing+%2BoptionsSwooshdaves search. Thanks, I've looked at this and other threads trying to find a nice but inexpensive flyscreen, without success. So far the $50 Puig one piece dark polycarbonate screen looks to be the best bet, but it isn't the hottest looking, plus it's prone to vibration cracking at the mounting brackets, would need beefing up. I'm almost resigned at this point to hand making a form out of styrofoam and fashioning an epoxy fiberglass layup screen, but that's a lot of work, though doable (I used to make my own surfboards a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ).
  10. To the OP, congrats on your new ride! I made a similar acquisition earlier this month, very strong family resemblance, though I wish I had your fly screen and silver forks: Still need to lose the dweeb reflectors on the front brakes.
  11. Thanks for the updates. Haven't heard back from Pete Roper, but Mike Haven came through with a full kit. El Lay (per Matt Groening) is indeed Los Angeles, where I was born and raised, escaped after high school. Now hiding about half way between there and the other great Kaliforniastan coastal scab, San Francisco, but contemplating The Great Escape II, likely when Prop 13 goes down (hopefully somewhat before).
  12. Thanks, Chuck, I tried accessing Haven's web site, mphcycles.com, but all I get is a blank page, dunno whether the problem is on his end my browser (Firefox).
  13. Thanks, I just shot him a PM, looks like Scud had the last stash and sold out months ago. I'd like to be able to ride the scooter up the grades and wonder if the V11 was the source of the reference for Italian motorbikes as "Runzoni Downhill".
  14. Okay, thanks for the oil and clutch updates. Still looking for a Roper plate/kit source. Any available? I've canvassed the ether, but my search foo is admittedly weak. As an aside, got a phone call a bit ago from the guy who ran into my dog and myself today. Seems like a nice young guy who made a regrettable error. Works at the Alzheimer's care center on the corner of the accident intersection. The mistake will cost him in insurance rates, but we're all lucky, it could have been much worse.
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