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  1. It is true you are required to have a hi viz jacket with you in case of an emergency, you don't have to wear it whilst riding. The rules with regard to the reflective sticker only applies to helmets being sold in France, if you bring one from outside of the country it's no problem. Some other rules to keep in mind: - Riders and passengers are required to wear gloves (with a CE certification) - You need to have a breathalyzer with you - Your navigation isn’t allowed to have an option that gives a speed camera warning
  2. Had the same issue where the bike would lose power when turning the bars ('Stuur' for us dutchies ). In my case it was caused by a lose wire inside of the ignition switch similar to what Kiwi_roy discribes in his topic You could also check the bullet connectors near the front left of the frame that run to the clutch switch, as mentioned by Chuck. --EDIT-- Just found this older topic discussing how to check the bullet connectors, it could help you diagnose if the connectors are causing your issue
  3. Might be a relay thats stuck on, letting through electricity.
  4. That headlight bracket seems so wrong, and not in a good way. Do like the agressive stance created by the tank and seat, too bad the seatfairing doesn't flow as nicely as it does in the render.
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