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  1. Phil, and Pete It's my pleasure to help you guys out. My appreciation goes to you and the many others on this forum who go out of their way often to help and share their expertise.
  2. Almost near the bottom of this page is some more info on the P8 CO adjustment. The whole page is a good how-to for TPS and throttle body set up. Use the Meinolf setting of .157 for the TPS instead of bradthebikeboys .150V. http://bradthebikeboy.blogspot.com/2012/10/throttle-position-sensor-setting_21.html
  3. These are the instructions for the CO trim pot. I have read different things about the pot. Some say you can damage it by rotating too far others not. If you hook up Guzzidiag it will tell you if you are at zero or plus or minus. I adjusted mine by going half way between the far left and right and then later when I hooked up Guzzidiag I was almost perfect. But you can just get it close and adjust a little bit one way or the other by how the bike runs.
  4. They are referring to a 15M ECU. You have a P8 ECU and the CO is set by inserting a small screwdriver in a hole in your ECU and adjusting richer or leaner.
  5. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=scantwin.scanm16 This app uses an android phone through a mini usb cable rather than a bluetooth adapter. It works for a 15M, 15RC and a 16M. If you could get the readings from the ECU like this app and then add a GPS speedo and large compass with the ability to make a large easy to read display on a phone, this could replace the gauge cluster completely. It would be even better. it would have, speedo tach temp compass clock volts
  6. http://christian.giupponi.free.fr/Android/SCANM5X.HTM This is something similar to what you are talking about? Different ECU though.
  7. I would PM him. He has said he would share his maps. Make sure to give him feedback on your experiences.
  8. I followed his instructions and closed both air screws. I have sock air filters still utilizing the stock intake tubes and an M4 exhaust which is free flow and a crossover pipe. Also check your valve clearance. It is best to follow the tune up guide here.
  9. This is what Meinolf recommended to me when he sent me the map. Attached the latest BIN for the V11 with 15M. My setup includes bell-shaped air inlet ducts with snorkels removed, K&N filter, TI cans and revised throttle butterfly valves and throttle shafts. The base setup, and that's quite important to follow to get the best results, is: - TPS set to 157mV with all mechanical connectors removed and throttle completely closed - Both bypass screws completely closed - CO trim set to 0 - Idle sync with both (if so required) throttle stop screws - Running sync as usual Target Lambda in my BIN is 0.88 at every breakpoint I can measure at during road driving & logging. I'd appreciate your feedback on the results. Cheers Meinolf
  10. I would recommend trying Meinolf's V11 map for the 15M ECU. It made mine run much better than the stock map. I backed up my original map but it is on a different computer that I can get to later if the map that docc linked is not what you want.
  11. I'm not worried about the money either. I just need to know where the arse end of nowhere is?
  12. It's $89.56 USD for the 4 units. Shipping will be somewhere between $14.25 if the package is 8 ounces, shipped First-Class Package International Service. There might be a small insurance charge too. If it weighs a pound it would be $23.50. For priority mail it would be $37.50 with a 6-10 day delivery. It does not give a time estimate for first-class shipping. I will order them when I get home from work today after I have heard back from you. I will PM you my info later today also. I'll ship however you want. If you know a better way, let me know. How do the Chinese ship all that stuff with free shipping? I buy stuff all the time that doesn't cost much and probably is larger and heavier than these 4 cables and it ships free.
  13. I'll volunteer to buy and ship it to you guys.
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