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  1. I run the Meinolf map in my V11 and it is great. Night and day difference. His map is for the 15M ECU. You just need the proper cables and a laptop with the writer program. It only takes a minute to flash the new map on. Back up your old one first. That takes about 10-15 minutes. Adjust valves, reset the TPS to 157mv and balance the throttle bodies and you will have a great running V11.
  2. I will wait impatiently Sorry to hear of your accident and healing issues. It is a shame to have to let that bike go, it's a beauty. Some more really intensive physical therapy won't bring you back enough to be competent and enjoy it? I am considering getting a top triple clamp that has bar mounts or drilling mine so I can get a bit more upright position with higher and pulled back bars. Also there are lowering pegs available too.
  3. If you would be willing to sell some of the spares separately, I would possibly be interested in the HB side racks. Thanks
  4. I understand that it is a complex interaction of many variables. What we basically do is balance throttle bodies to try and compensate for most of the variables and in some cases match injectors. Of course we also try and make everything as close to the same as possible between the 2 sides, like valve adjust, compression (if it is off by more than a little), timing, etc. We are averaging all these variables out with how much air each side is sucking in by the TB balance. To achieve an even better possible averaging of these variables in addition to the TB balance I was wondering if temperature equalization might achieve this? Foe example, years ago on my earlier tonti bikes with distributors I would use dwell to set the points and not by gap. I would match the dwell for each side and not worry what the points were and I could achieve a better, smoother running motor. The point gaps were usually not that close. By using dwell, this gave me the exact same duration of points being open and closed. I'm just thinking of possible alternate ways to compensate for the mechanical variables that there is no easy inexpensive way to make the same between the 2 cylinders.
  5. Maybe I should start a thread about this, but most every bike I have tested with a thermometer at where the pipes come out of the head have a temperature differential. I have never checked the injector output on any bikes to see if they are the same, and I am pretty sure there is some variance. My idea was to use the fuel offset table in the ECU map (via Tunerpro) to increase or decrease the fuel across the board by a percent or two or however much is necessary to match the temperature of the exhaust at the header pipe. So essentially you would be matching the fuel output of the injectors by reading the temperature. Or if you measured the flow volume using a 9V battery hooked for a minute and calculated the percentage difference you could alter it by that difference in the offset fuel map.
  6. That is correct. I found that when searching for cross reference and some of the parts stated the specifications.
  7. Check for spark. You can get a bit of swirling around because the pressure regulator is inside the tank. Are the plugs dry? If the plugs are dry and no spark, it could be the timing phase sensor.
  8. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/ckp-cmp-sensor-diesel-engine-camshaft_62091864088.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.13.6f677b1dEeDJKN Maybe throw in an order of these too.
  9. I'd take 4 or 5 if someone is going to order.
  10. Phil, and Pete It's my pleasure to help you guys out. My appreciation goes to you and the many others on this forum who go out of their way often to help and share their expertise.
  11. Almost near the bottom of this page is some more info on the P8 CO adjustment. The whole page is a good how-to for TPS and throttle body set up. Use the Meinolf setting of .157 for the TPS instead of bradthebikeboys .150V. http://bradthebikeboy.blogspot.com/2012/10/throttle-position-sensor-setting_21.html
  12. These are the instructions for the CO trim pot. I have read different things about the pot. Some say you can damage it by rotating too far others not. If you hook up Guzzidiag it will tell you if you are at zero or plus or minus. I adjusted mine by going half way between the far left and right and then later when I hooked up Guzzidiag I was almost perfect. But you can just get it close and adjust a little bit one way or the other by how the bike runs.
  13. They are referring to a 15M ECU. You have a P8 ECU and the CO is set by inserting a small screwdriver in a hole in your ECU and adjusting richer or leaner.
  14. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=scantwin.scanm16 This app uses an android phone through a mini usb cable rather than a bluetooth adapter. It works for a 15M, 15RC and a 16M. If you could get the readings from the ECU like this app and then add a GPS speedo and large compass with the ability to make a large easy to read display on a phone, this could replace the gauge cluster completely. It would be even better. it would have, speedo tach temp compass clock volts
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