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  1. The NGK LB05F plug caps which I have are 5K ohm. I remember researching several years back about Guzzi using 5K caps and also using 5K plugs for combined 10K. I don't remember if I found out why.
  2. I just happed to have a pair of the NGK caps in my box of spares and I have read on various models about the problematic caps. I have not read of bad caps on the V11's and that was one of my questions, are they problematic? I have replaced the caps on a few of my other bikes that have solid core wires and usually I just replace the plug end because it is much more frequently pulled on and off, while the coil end is rarely disturbed. I like the nice solid feel of the NGK cap on the threaded plug end.
  3. Sorry if I was not clear in my question. To simplify, the only question I really wanted to know is, are the OEM wires solid core? If so I can use my NGK caps. Thanks
  4. I have used the NGK caps before and I know how they screw onto the solid core wires. I didn't want to ruin the old wires and make it unridable if the wires were not solid core and I could not screw in the new NGK caps. I will order new wires if they are not solid core and then use the new caps. My other Tonti frame Guzzi's had solid core wires.
  5. I have some new NGK LB05F plug caps that I am thinking about installing on my V11 on the stock OEM wires. My question is are the OEM wires solid core and what is the best way to remove the MTA caps on there now? Are the V11 MTA OEM caps junk like I have read about on other Guzzi models?
  6. Good tip. Amazing that it bolts right up with no modifications. Looks like a better way to go than using several washers as spacers. The CalVin does have a tendency to lean over a little to far .
  7. DanNC's final map was DannyP-Mod12.bin He went through a number of revisions. I am not familiar with CaliforniaVintage-FU2-F6E3.2016.07.28" & "CaliforniaVintage-FU2-4979.2016.06.21. Please tell me what you know about them and send them to me if possible. Valves are set to .15 and .2 Exhaust and crossover are stock. Intake has airbox removed but still utilizes the velocity stacks that went from the throttle bodies into the airbox with UNI filters on them. TPS is at .157V base setting Trim is at +3
  8. 45+ MPG US gallons Temps were 30-31C
  9. We tried a couple of different maps on Sunday. Cali1100DZ_06.bin ran rough, idle was lower and it stumbled down the road for 100 meters and my friend turned around and came back. We tried another map, CalVin_15RC_special-5.bin. I don't recall where I got this map from. It worked OK at higher RPMs but was not good down at lower RPMs. I just reloaded the Don_VolkeroSpecial_05 and the bike was back to running very good. The only complaint he has with this map was an occasional stumble at low RPMs like 1500 or so. Just occasional, not consistant. Fuel economy with this map is around 45+.
  10. I was wondering if I was the one you were referring to when you said it did not work so well in another Vintage? I don't think those maps were given a fair evaluation at that time. I was trying the maps on a friends Vintage that used to be mine and it was running decent but not perfect with a map from a V11 sport. The butterfly stop screw on the throttle body with the TPS still had the yellow paint on it so we did not check or reset it assuming it is fine from the factory. It turns out it was off when we checked it last week. The base setting was 128mV rather than 157mV. So when tuned properly with the right TPS setting the new maps work pretty good.
  11. I'm sure he will be willing to do so. He lives about 75 miles away but will be coming this way on Saturday. Fortunately a map flash only takes a few minutes. It was the initial tune up that took a fair bit of time.
  12. Hi Jan, I somehow overlooked that map while I was searching my computer for a map to load on the Calvin. I will probably see my friend again this Saturday. If so I will try the CALI1100DZ_06.bin. But he is happy now. I think it is set to +3 on the CO trim but I will check again. He was riding it the last couple of days in 30C humid weather. He is running US grade super 93 octane which I think is equivalent to Euro 98.
  13. Jan, I loaded the DonVolkeroSpecial_05.bin The new owner is now quite pleased with the bike. He says it starts easy, idles smooth and pulls strong. He can not hear any pinging. I should get some feedback on MPG in a day or two. He will also check the plugs. The bike has stock exhaust but is running UNI pods on the stock velocity stacks the used to go into the airbox. What changes were made between the DonVolkero_05 and the "Cali1100DZ_06.bin"?
  14. Jan, The Calvin that belonged to me that then went to a friend and then now to another friend has now been brought back to me for a complete tune up. I did the valve adjust and a TPS set to 157mV and idle and 3K rpm balance along with cleaning the throttle body bores and butterflies. I have loaded the Beard map you sent me last summer and the new owner is now riding it 80 miles back home. He rode it around the block a few times and seems happy so far, but I will report back with his feedback later this evening after more extensive testing.
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