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  1. Hello and apologies for the severely delayed response. Yes, this is the bike previously owned by Scud. For a more immediate response to any questions please call or text 951.894.9094. Thanks, Kevin
  2. This was a project bike by one of the forum members. I purchased it and have thoroughly enjoyed it to the tune of adding 7K+ miles. Great fun! Now, time to move on so I'm offering this one for sale. Please reach me with any questions - 951.894.9094. Here is a link to the local Craigslist ad: https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/murrieta-2001-moto-guzzi-v11-sport/6892875711.html Thank you, Kevin
  3. SoCal Kevin

    SoCal Kevin

  4. I rode Palomar Mtn. yesterday taking the S6, which is the main road up the mountain, and the S7 East Grade Road that goes down the backside to Lake Henshaw. Due to a recent storm there was some gravel and sand in a few corners toward the top of Palomar on the S6. The S7 had more random gravel and sandy areas which were generally more toward the upper part of the road. There was even a downed tree that protruded into the road a bit... Not sure how much the conditions will change prior to the upcoming rally, but wanted all to be aware so that you don't go blasting through corners and be
  5. Hi Docc, here is the YouTube video that conceptually shows how to remove this type of clip. Hopefully this will save someone else some time in searching... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2CicHXwvws
  6. Thanks to the responses above + Google + YouTube I was able to see that by carefully inserting a very small screwdriver behind the clip I could work it out just enough to slip a second screwdriver (both flatheads) underneath and work the clip up and out of the groove. No issues once you understand the process. Hope this is able to help someone else save some time if they undertake the same project.
  7. Agreed… it looks like that would be the approach, but no dice. I tried a flat screwdriver, a pick tool and a very small pair of needle nose pliers but I can't seem to get behind it, or catch an edge to pull it out and the pliers could not get enough grip. So far its clip 1, Kevin 0. When I changed the seals on my Aprilia Showa forks the clip had a notch that made it simple. Not so on this... I can't believe a clip is outsmarting me like this.
  8. I am in the process of changing my fork seals due to a leak. Simple enough until I got to the seal retaining clip. It is a smooth, completely circular clip that fits tightly into the groove on the fork leg. I cannot figure out how to get something in to grasp the clip to remove it. Hopefully someone has done this before, any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  9. Hi Scud, As it happens I changed the regulator today, but with the ElectroSport ESR510. Same issues with the yellow bullet connectors. I used a thin bladed screwdriver to spread them out for a tighter fit. if you look closely, the male bullet has a split that you can wiggle a screwdriver into and carefully spread it open. My charging voltage when completed was around 13.8V at idle and 14.2-14.4 at anything over idle. Good luck. Kevin
  10. Hello all - by way of introduction I am the lucky "other" in the buyer / seller relationship whereby Scud recently sold his greenie to me. Thanks to Scud for all his good work prepping the bike for me! Much appreciated. My son and I ride and own a couple of Aprilias - which are fantastic, fun bikes. Researching them, buying and riding them made me a fan of Italian motorcycles with a flair for style, performance and the fact you don't see yourself coming and going. Believe it or not, on the AF1 Aprilia forums there is a section for "Other Italian Motorcycles" and Moto Guzzi has a d
  11. Thanks for the nice welcome messages. I know this is not the formal "intro" thread... Scud - yes, let's do a ride and yes, I'll be happy to accept some paint!
  12. Hello - I am the buyer Scud referred to. Bike has been just as fun as advertised and although Scud did not completely wear out the tires I am trying to pick up the slack and finish the job... only to start with fresh rubber after that. I've been reading / monitoring the forum now for a few weeks and look forward to interacting. Lots of great information and enthusiasm here. Thanks, Kevin
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