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  1. Yes, I have only set the left throttle stop as described in the tune up posts. Is there a detailed proceedure for synching both throttle stops I can read? I have a dual vaccuum gauge and gear to read TPS etc.
  2. Interesting! There's not much software in these ECU's !!!! Does your bin file have any software changes or is it purely data table changes?
  3. Ha! Yes the seat of your pants tacho works pretty well. My speedo is also of the "I'm waving at you" type. Vague-lia gauges. goto love them. A gps speedo is cheap to add, which gps modules coming in at under £5 these days... Wouldn't mind trying to see if I could compute the fuel consumption too. I have been learning some more about the KL interface. It's not a simple tx/rx. The data for send and receive all goes over the K wire. There's a chip that handles all that, or you can use 4 op-amps like my cheapo USB KKL adaptor does. I have still not found a definative list of commands available from the 15M ECU, but what GuzziDiag offers ties up closely to the Fiat specification for the P8 ecu.
  4. Thanks Meinolf, tried #90 today. Ran well. I did need to wind the idle screw in quite a bit, to get it to idle. I am still getting an occasional hicup/missfire when coasting at low, but not closed, throttle.
  5. Thanks for the explanation Meinolf. I am looking forward to trying your map on this lovely Easter Sunday here in sunny Dorset! Is the bin file is a complete image of the ECU software, maps, tables etc or is it just the ECU map data?
  6. Yes. Going for an android phone solution is another way to do it. Especially if you already have your phone mounted on the bike for sat nav etc. I am thinking of a device small enough to replace the dodgy tacho with...
  7. After a bit of googling, I found the protocol for Marelli P8 ECU's is documented by Fiat. These are used in many cars as well as bikes. Some guys on Ford Cosworth forums have made add on gauges using the Fiat documents. A guy on a Ducati forum is using a modified ECU with his own software running on another processor, combined with AFR sensors to play with fueling/tuning of his bike on the move! So there is a modest set of info that you can request from the ECU and this would be displayed on a small OLED screen. Adding a GPS (which are cheap these days) will give speed, or could use a mag pickup on a wheel or shaft. From that and RPM, I should also be able to show gear position. Will post a few pics when I get a prototype knocked up! If anyone is interested in the ECU document: http://download.fiatforum.bg/Diagnostic/Eobd/fiat_marelli.pdf Not found one specifically for the Guzzi ECU, but I believe the command and responses are similar.
  8. Duck soup? Ha! I like that. Not heard that phrase on this side of the pond. We might say "Lemon Squeezy" or "A piece of pi$$"
  9. Well my relays are Omron's and the terminals are all spotless...
  10. I have a big lathe and mill, so hopefully I can improvise some tooling to ease the bezel open and then push it back after. I saw someone use a bearing in the toolpost to roll the bezel back into place... Are new uncrimped bezels available anywhere?
  11. Might have to try this too! Mine reads half the correct rpms. Shame there's not a way to pop the bezel off, but I guess it's crimped on, so cutting the can in half is a good trick!
  12. Just to follow on, 34hz is 2040 pulses per min, so for a 2 cyclinder motor, 1020rpm. Pretty close. So given the pulse train from the ecu into the gauge is right, has anyone opened up a Veglia tacho? I would imagine a dry capacitor would cause it to read low...
  13. Hi Antmanbee, Just to confirm, BOTH air screws closed? I have got them both open one turn. TP is set to 157mV and CO to zero. I have MIVV cans on my bike. Not 100% what air filter is in there. (only just got the bike and didn't want to release the tank unless I really have to!)
  14. No worries, actually I think I read some old posts by yourself about doing something similar? One of my objectives is a working tacho! LOL!
  15. One more question, excuse my ignorance but does the ability to change factory maps make devices like PowerCommander etc completely redundant?
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