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  1. Pics were clearer on the iPhone and then rotated 90 degrees when I saved them to the laptop. I'll clean that all out and see what I can feel vs what just looks "specky and shiny". Got lost in the threads last night trying to make heads or tails of the various clutch and lubricant discussions. It's like one of those "choose your own ending" books you get for your kids, lol.
  2. Footgoose - Yes, my '02 #603 has the original clutch. There's very little travel in the lever from disengaged to engaged, so not much slip at all. Scud - Yes, a pawl spring hand forged of the purest unobtanium piques my interest as do any necessary tools to complete the task. Many wheels have come off many bikes, but never a shaft drive jobbie. Just don't know if what I'm seeing is normal or cause for concern.
  3. These are all the many tasks I aspire to tackle and complete on my Scura, but admittedly get "scurred" away because I'm not licensed in any state to practice internal medicine. Installed Pressure Angle's Roper Plate with the gasket assist from SwooshDave after meticulously cleaning everything out and replacing the filter. Now have the rear wheel off under the impression that I'm actually going to go tackle the clutch plate inspection, but balked at it once I realized that a couple of MG specific tools will need to be purchased in order to do so AND that the manual says to remove the engine. Heck, it's only nuts and bolts, right? Then I see this post and figure that if we're going to 3rd base on the first date we might as well steal home. One area of initial concern is the gearing on the rear wheel. First time I've ever pulled one off and can see metal shavings in the grease along the gear splines. I'll get a picture tonight and try to add it here.
  4. I'm in. PayPal complete with shipping address in the notes section. Much appreciated!
  5. Yessir! Iā€™m in and thanks for all your hard work.
  6. Guess, I should have assumed it to have been here first. Nice looking bike!
  7. Well, this popped up recently on ADVRider https://advrider.com/f/threads/2001-moto-guzzi-v11-sport-rosso-mandello-excellent-condition-tons-of-parts-oakland-ca.1400058/
  8. Love the tail tidy and brake light, but unless my eyes deceive me someone has bedazzled that tank! I had hoped the Bedazzler epidemic was officially contained in the US, but apparently security in the 80's was a bit lax ..........
  9. Purloined's prose is worthy of greater readership than this modest forum offers, for sure. I'll follow this thread to the end just to read each unfolding chapter and bone up on my working vocabulary. I have SAFECO and while I could arguably return to USAA and get a slightly better deal, I exercise the benefit of the personal relationship I have with my broker. Said broker happens to be a fraternity brother with a history of moral terpitude who since recovered, repented, married, has built a very succesful business by increasing my rates and those of my fraternity brothers, at a metronomic pace. As we are quite close and share many things, among them a history of moral terpitude, he goes to the mat for me with SAFECO whenever needed. Thankfully, those efforts have never been required insofar as bikes are concerned, but his relationship with SAFECO and his book of business gives him some clout when he chooses to exercise it. I hope this works out in your favor and someone sees their way to take good care of you as a customer.
  10. Essentially new. I guess I had an Imelda Marcos moment years ago and got these along with a work boot purchase. Size 12 fits more like a 12.5 (I wear 47 Sidi's and 13 street shoes w/ a narrow foot). Buttery soft oiled leather only worn twice in warm, dry weather. These are pretty badass and if I had an old R20 or something vintage I'd hold onto them for rare occasions. You can still find these in sizes 6-7 tiny, but no longer available in manly sizes.
  11. Any feedback on how this performs? $50 vs $350 for a JW Speaker brand is compelling, but the price delta is so great that it would scare me off from a quality perspective.
  12. Up on ADVRider: https://advrider.com/f/threads/2000-moto-guzzi-v1100-sport.1385390/
  13. That woulda been fruity. We barely know each other. šŸ˜‚
  14. What? Like "Uggh! Why did you post that?" Or, "Uggh! That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen and I wouldn't dig a plugged nickel out of the sofa cushions for it!"
  15. Hey, thanks for posting those pics and why didn't we line them all up together? Dude at a gas station on the way home said, "Das a nice Motor Geezy, right der." Enjoyed the walkabout and chance to meet a few new faces. Have to bring my truck next year as there were a couple of Honda CL's that may not have survived the day had I not been riding. Didn't know that there was a German made Triumph, but indeed one was there in little 'ol Corvallis. Ran over on campus to have coffee with my daughter before heading home in the rain. A man can stretch his legs out around Kings Valley, for sure. My personal favorite -
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