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  1. Canonman


    Thank You Kane. Yes, this is the same bike 😊
  2. Canonman


    My TENNI after a winter tuning. Painted rear parts of body and spoiler
  3. Canonman

    Canonman's Tenni

    30.09.2018 - TENNI Sunday
  4. Canonman


  5. Unfortunately I do not have. But mine look better than the original
  6. Difficult to find today. My colleaque has a sticker company. I gave him old sticker and he made a new one. If you want, I can give you a directly contact to him. You can ask him about a SCURA sticker. And.......... I want some Tenni stickers too! For TENNI is no problem. Project is ready. We can cut the sticker and send directly for you. I can ask about a price including shipment.
  7. Job done... Project finished... Now we waiting for a spring
  8. It looks pretty good in this combination. However, the sides will probably be removed along with the airbox. I will reveal the suspension spring which will give it an aggressive look and I will install cone filters on the intake system.
  9. Rest of the bike. Unfortunately is not completed. I'am still waiting for a "Tenni" stickers but now looks like below:
  10. Job done First look below... Tomorrow, in the daylight, I will take better shots
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks for the answers. I thought I would be the first to make a green spoiler I found such a motor in the gallery. Well, it will be my pattern because it looks divine. However, my subject is still in progress. Recently, the postman brought me a package. After opening, the smile did not leave my face for a long time. The long-awaited Tenni varnish in three components. I came to the conclusion that the spoiler itself is a bit too little and I will also give the cover of the motorcycle seat painting. Soon painting. IMG_2067
  12. Hello, Today I started a small modification of Stucchi spoiler bought a month ago. The spoiler is unpainted, therefore all modifications will be made before painting. In addition, I bought a tuning mesh used mainly in the tuning of car bumpers. Today I cuted the right shape of the tuning mesh to match the inside of the spoiler. I played a bit with it, it took me over one hour of work to pay for the mesh. The tuning mesh itself is available for purchase in various sheets. I chose aluminum painted black in size 100x25cm, which is enough for four such tuning mesh for the spoiler. I bought more so that in the event of a bad cut-out I have a reserve of what actually happened. The first cut went to scrap. The second one I've done well. Until the end I did not know how to attach the cut tuning mesh from the inside of the spoiler. Do you stick it on or rivet it ... Ultimately, I decided that I would make a few holes marked with black dots and then screw the tuning grid with chopped impressed black screws with round heads. Before assembly, the entire spoiler will be painted in the color "Green Tenni" I hope that my imagination will not disappoint me and in fact this spoiler will look perfect on my V11 Tenni. I will show you the progress in the work. At the moment I am waiting for the delivery of the ordered paint in the color "Green Tenni" Several photos see below: s-l1600-3 IMG_1540-3 IMG_1544-3
  13. Thank You Guzzimeister and thank You all, Lambda is not exist on my bike. I think about three reasons: 1. Electric pettock 2. ECU 3. TPS I'am waiting for a shipping with a spare parts, I bought used throttle body with TPS, electric and ECU. Will see what is wrong. Thank You for all suggestions. Canonman.
  14. Thank you for the information Gelos. I live 60km from Opava. This information is very valuable for me. Moto Guzzi in Poland is not a very popular brand, so I do not have any authorized Moto Guzzi service nearby. Maybe next season we will meet for a beer on Polish or Czech side? I invite.
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