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  1. Canonman


    Thank You Kane. Yes, this is the same bike 😊
  2. Canonman


    My TENNI after a winter tuning. Painted rear parts of body and spoiler
  3. Canonman

    Canonman's Tenni

    30.09.2018 - TENNI Sunday
  4. Canonman


  5. Unfortunately I do not have. But mine look better than the original
  6. Difficult to find today. My colleaque has a sticker company. I gave him old sticker and he made a new one. If you want, I can give you a directly contact to him. You can ask him about a SCURA sticker. And.......... I want some Tenni stickers too! For TENNI is no problem. Project is ready. We can cut the sticker and send directly for you. I can ask about a price including shipment.
  7. Job done... Project finished... Now we waiting for a spring
  8. It looks pretty good in this combination. However, the sides will probably be removed along with the airbox. I will reveal the suspension spring which will give it an aggressive look and I will install cone filters on the intake system.
  9. Rest of the bike. Unfortunately is not completed. I'am still waiting for a "Tenni" stickers but now looks like below:
  10. Job done First look below... Tomorrow, in the daylight, I will take better shots
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks for the answers. I thought I would be the first to make a green spoiler I found such a motor in the gallery. Well, it will be my pattern because it looks divine. However, my subject is still in progress. Recently, the postman brought me a package. After opening, the smile did not leave my face for a long time. The long-awaited Tenni varnish in three components. I came to the conclusion that the spoiler itself is a bit too little and I will also give the cover of the motorcycle seat painting. Soon painting. IMG_2067
  12. Hello, Today I started a small modification of Stucchi spoiler bought a month ago. The spoiler is unpainted, therefore all modifications will be made before painting. In addition, I bought a tuning mesh used mainly in the tuning of car bumpers. Today I cuted the right shape of the tuning mesh to match the inside of the spoiler. I played a bit with it, it took me over one hour of work to pay for the mesh. The tuning mesh itself is available for purchase in various sheets. I chose aluminum painted black in size 100x25cm, which is enough for four such tuning mesh for the spoiler. I bought mor
  13. Thank You Guzzimeister and thank You all, Lambda is not exist on my bike. I think about three reasons: 1. Electric pettock 2. ECU 3. TPS I'am waiting for a shipping with a spare parts, I bought used throttle body with TPS, electric and ECU. Will see what is wrong. Thank You for all suggestions. Canonman.
  14. Thank you for the information Gelos. I live 60km from Opava. This information is very valuable for me. Moto Guzzi in Poland is not a very popular brand, so I do not have any authorized Moto Guzzi service nearby. Maybe next season we will meet for a beer on Polish or Czech side? I invite.
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