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  2. The Sport engine felt pretty "snarley" with an aggressive tone and popping between shifts (that I liked). I did feel there was a lot of intake howl that almost drowned out the exhaust note though..
  3. I'm stuck working in Afghanistan until late September but hoping to buy a Guzzi V11 when I return. I live in Minnesota and found a few for sale right now in my region that I hope are still available when I get back. I've been without a bike for a few years. My previous ride was an old Honda Sabre V65 that I found fast and powerful but I just didn't "connect" with it. Before that, I had a large metric cruiser that was nice but I grew tired of it's bulk and lack of handling. I've concluded my riding style is more suited to a lighter roadster and I want a motorcycle with "spirit" and character. I've always loved the lines of the V11 and especially the Lemans and Rosso/Nero Corsas with their slick fairings. I went and test drove a 1200 Sport before leaving and nearly bought it. I loved the handling, sound, feel and overall character of the bike. This is where I belong. Is a V11 a very different animal from the 1200 Sport in terms of the riding position, handling and overall character?? I think the V11 is a much more beautiful machine than the 1200 Sport and hope to find a nice one. Thanks
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