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  2. Hello Thank you for the compliments For the fork, I saw a guzzi on track that had this modification and I find it nice, so I just copy ... by cutting between the original reinforcements and surfacing the small rim of origin on the top. Given the size of the original foundries, I'm not worried about the resistance. And the thickness is everywhere more important than on the clamp of the fork or it places the biggest efforts. I think to redo all the aluminum cladding soon, but it's my bike every day so I change slowly, a little bit each time To see a little of my work I leave you the link of my page FB https://www.facebook.com/Le.Choumac17/
  3. Hi everybody , so I made an aluminum mudguard and its stainless steel brackets, and then lightened the upper triple tee slightly. I fit a griso fork (showa) and radial callipers with their adapters (while waiting to find radial fork legs for my fork) Then I made two legs of cast aluminum headlights with their stainless steel collar, and put it all cleanly My bike has radically change its behavior compared to the original fork and better, I am delighted! eddy from france;)
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