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  1. Thanks all for the input. Modifying the bike seems like a stretch since the bars are probably. 4 - 5 inches too low for me, but I will look into it.
  2. I have a 2003 V11 Le Mans Rosso Corsa. I love the bike, but I can no longer tolerate the riding position. Isn't the Breva 1100 the same bike except in a more upright position? I would some advice? Milt
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  4. I am a proud new owner of a 2003 V11 Le Mans. I have to store it in a car port so I want to get a cover for the bike. There are lots of aftermarket varieties that I could use, but NONE of them look any good. I see from the original brochure for the bike that they did offer a Moto Guzzi bike cover. Does anyone know if this is still being made? Any other ideas? It's a beautiful bike....I'm not putting under an ugly cover (even though it gets tossed to the side when I ride). Style points matter. ~Milt
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