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  1. Yes, Seattle has managed to avoid all the fires. I’m new to this forum, but feel free to message me if that is possible and we can arrange a viewing of this oddity.
  2. I know! It’s becoming more interesting by the minute. It’s like they bolted RC bodywork on a Sport and then added fancy wheel paint. Can’t imagine why a dealer or an owner would go to the trouble. I just sent a note to the guy I bought it from to get the facts about how he got it. I’m thinking it may be a Frankenstein assembles by a dealer after it or another bike was damaged on a test ride.
  3. The triple clamp was never drilled for handlebar mounts and the side covers say "V11 Lemans". I'm wondering if this wasn't some type one off. The paint is original, with the exception of the right side of the fairing, and the wheels look powder coated. Everything looks factory, though as mentioned before, the history of the vehicle is strange with the low mileage and the one owner title. That one owner said the bike was as he bought it with the exception of the new Pirelli tires he put on.
  4. After viewing a few VIN check sites, it appears that it started life as a Sport and is specifically called out as an "unfaired" model. Hmmm.....
  5. So mine is a V11 Lemans "sport" based on the VIN, with the full Ohlins suspension (it also has the adjustable, remote reservoir rear Ohlins), and a full fairing with non-standard paint possibly added after sale? I do love the bike and am simply interested in it's possible history. It was strange that it had 2000 miles on it and the guy I bought it from said he was the first titled owner having bought it only a year or so previously (at auction if memory serves me right). There is a decade of mystery I am interested in figuring out.
  6. It is apparently a V11 CAFE SPORT US 2004, so hat's off to you @footgoose. So what are the big differences? I have a carbon front fender, carbon side covers and the full Ohlins set-up front and rear. The matching gold wheels also appear to be original. Is it primarily cosmetic and limited production? Honestly, I assumed it was an RC based on the paint.
  7. Thanks for the photo @fotoguzzi. Unfortunately that is a single cable system. My V11 LeMans has a push-pull, dual cable throttle.
  8. The throttle tube has a part number 3081, but no indication of manufacturer.
  9. The key dimension is the width of the cable ramp. It is thinner than what I have found for other throttle tubes (5.80mm).
  10. Thanks. I will try to confirm the parts are the same. The Centauro appears to have been made 96-98, but maybe the same.
  11. Where can I get a stock 2004 throttle tube, or a complete throttle assembly that is compatible with the V11 Sport throttle cables (fuel injected).
  12. I’m just logging in again after quite awhile and am intrigued to learn my bike is not an RC. Any help on how best to figure out what I have is appreciated. The background is that the bike had a dealer title until the guy I bought it from purchased it. With the low mileage, my theory is that it was damaged during a test ride at the dealer. There is evidence of re-paint and other queues that it was dropped on it’s left side. Nicely repaired, but clearly damaged at some point. Anyway, what is the best way to identify the model I have? [docc added image]
  13. Thanks DOCC. Apparently its just a plug, so I should be able to fashion a tool for the job.
  14. I am trying to remove the top triple clamp on my 2006 V11 LeMans Rosso Corsa. It has a metal cap above the steer tube that I understand has a hex head nut underneath it. How do I get this metal cap off? Triple Tree Nut.pdf
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