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  1. Thanks DOCC. Apparently its just a plug, so I should be able to fashion a tool for the job.
  2. I am trying to remove the top triple clamp on my 2006 V11 LeMans Rosso Corsa. It has a metal cap above the steer tube that I understand has a hex head nut underneath it. How do I get this metal cap off? Triple Tree Nut.pdf
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    bar risers

    Guzzisti - did you ever find these? They are exactly what I need and are far nicer looking than anything else I've seen.
  5. Hard to believe nobody responded to this thread. I too want to lift my clip-ons up at least an inch and have done quite a bit of research. What is currently baffling me is the bar ends on my Rossa Corsa. Instead of a bar end with a bolt, it has an elaborate internal sliding bar that has o-ring seals, a special nut and the bar end. This is hard to replicate, so I am thinking about a set of of Woodcraft risers so I can retain the original bars.
  6. I just bought my 2004 Rosso Corsa with under 2K on the odometer. I love V-twins and have always like the Guzzi LeMans, so finding this was perfect. The styling of today's bikes doesn't appeal to me much and this bike really is a beauty. I really like the sport-touring set-up and the premium suspension. Thinking I may lower the foot pegs and someday replace the cans with proper reverse cone mufflers. For now I plan to remove the bag racks and ride it!
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