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  1. Doesn't look to be a Le Mans, but there might still be some life in Mandello de Lario. https://www.visordown.com/news/new-bikes/moto-guzzi-teases-new-centenary-edition-motorcycle
  2. docc, I did check the input hub, and it seems to have not loosed at all. Lucky Phil, I have SD-TEC plates in it, and one of the issues I had was I put the friction plates in backwards, so the clutch wasn't engaging at all.
  3. Tinus89, you were right on the money! I took apart everything down to the springs, re-seated them and put it all together. With the clutch pulled in, I was able to rotate the shaft while the bike was in gear! I've since re-assembled everything and the bike is running now! Hopefully this'll be the last time in a while where I have to pull everything to get at the clutch.
  4. I know this topic has probably already been covered, but I figure it still can't hurt to ask again. I'm currently having issues with the clutch not disengaging. I originally pulled it apart because the flywheel bolts weren't torqued down correctly, and now that everything is assembled, I put into first gear, and the bike lurches forward and dies. Sure enough, I put it into first gear, pull in the clutch, rock it, and it doesn't move. BUT, the clutch assembly seems to be fine! All 10 springs are there, the button for the pressure plate was still on, the clutch plates are in correctly,
  5. Kuni0

    Staintune cans

    I have staintunes from a Guzzi Daytona on my V11. Same mounting points, and slipped on just fine. The best looking and sounding exhausts IMO
  6. Didn't exactly use the right tools all the time, but you use what you got
  7. Picture of the Le Mans as she is now
  8. Thanks ScuRoo for the message, thought it would be nice to give an update from my project Everything is back together, and the bike (seems) to be running great. It turns out it was the pushrod button that had fallen out causing me to not have a clutch. As I mentioned in my post, the heads seem to have been ported in a previous life so I didn't need to do that. All of the modifications and work that's been done to my Le Mans are: Megacycle 620x9 cam, Roper plate, cleaned the carbon buildup on the pistons/ head and valves (and re-lapped them), ported heads (don't know who though),
  9. Been going over old porting threads - & am interested what was the results of your engine work.

    Care to give a full update on your project Kuni0?  Added thoughts etc.


  10. Update to this old thread. My Rosso Corsa is almost all together now. Engine wise, i went with a megacycle 620x9 camshaft, installed a roper plate, and simply cleaned the piston and cylinder heads and valves (as well as lapping them). Upon inspection of the intake, it seems that someone had done some porting and polishing in a previous life. I've put everything together now basically after much trial and error. Ran into a few issues (stator wires broke apart so I re-soldered it together) and general difficulties of getting the bike together by yourself, but finally it started yesterday!
  11. Kuni0

    Riding gear

    I've got a full Motoport riding suit, Daytona security boots with Sidi adventure boots as backup, Helimot racer gloves and either a Shoei or Shark full face lid. I was hit by cars 3 times last year (1. Car jumped a red and hit me dead while I was making a protected left turn. 2. Car switched lanes into me and bumped me, resulting in serious lowside 3. Tesla pulled a left when she shouldn't have and I t-bones into her passenger door and few over her car) and crash nearly tested all my pieces of gear. Besides having my leg broken from the first crash (I was wearing old TXC boots that had worn ou
  12. Kuni0


  13. Ok, so a bit of an update to the thread. I talked with Mike Rich about porting and polishing the heads, but unfortunately the turnaround time is too long for my goals. Instead I'll have a friend who's a master motorcycle mechanic and experienced hot-rodder to do the porting. I've dropped in a Megacycle 620x9 cam (along with new tappets) and a roper plate. I have the new clutch/ intermediate plates, springs and will be keeping the stock flywheel. At this point, I have everything I need engine wise besides the porting, and just need to go through it and make sure everything is torqued
  14. Hello everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice from the great people here and get some opinions/ options to mildly hot-rod my Guzzi motor. Because of some transmission issues, I had to pull the motor from my Guzzi to diagnose (which I soon discovered was likely caused by literally disintegrated clutch plates) and I figured with over 45k miles, might as well take the opportunity to service and modify my Le Mans as I saw fit, especially with trying to squeeze a little more power out of the motor while still maintaining everyday reliability. What are the opinions on Cams/ Valve
  15. US pricing will start at $12,000, while bags will bring it up to $13,000 https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/2019-moto-guzzi-v85-tt-price/
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