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  1. The sound of pulled clutch is ok. But when I release the clutch lever (the lever doesn't touch the handlebar) the sound of the engine isn't the same. Sometimes it is very noisy and sometimes it's quite silent. The same effect is after revving the engine. Sometimes the idle knocking is silent. Sometimes very loud.
  2. Is it normal? When the clutch lever is released, the sound always changes.
  3. I rebalanced TBs with these recommendations and the bike runs better now. Thank you very much guys.
  4. Hi guys, I read this topic. Especially Meinolf's setup for his BIN. But I don't understand to this point: "Idle sync using the two throttle stop screws". One throttle stop screw moves with both throttle butterfly valves, because butterfly valves are connected by a rod. So I don't know, how is it possible to sync the idle by those screws? Can you explain me this method please? Thank you.
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    EICMA 2018

    It's V7 III made by Guareschi Moto for the Fast Endurance series(five 60-minute races).
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