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  1. 1. All I have done to the bike since I’ve had it is fit some Mistral pipes and fit a new led rear light and indicators. 2. It’s happened twice now in the last few weeks. 3. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned everything. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Dan M. I stripped it all down today and fitted a service kit to the master cylinder. I had real trouble getting the white nylon sleeve out - I had to destroy it to get it moving. I found there was a small amount of corrosion on the bore behind the sleeve. I removed it with some fine wet and dry. I wonder if this may have caused the piston to stick intermittently- causing the problem?? Fingers crosssed ... ive got the caliper service kit coming this week and some new pads. The disc looks fine thank god.
  3. Thanks for all the great feedback. I think I’m going to start with checking the master cylinder and get a service kit for it and perhaps get one for the Caliper too. This bike was a Japanese import with very low mileage so I’m guessing it’s just been laying idle for many years - which doesn’t help. Lucky Phil - your point about accidentally dragging the rear brake pedal is valid as I thought I may have been doing this. I think I’ll adjust the position of the lever so that it’s well out of the way. Also it has rear sets on - not sure if this would make a difference?
  4. Thanks for your feedback guys. It looks like i may have done more harm than good with the wd40. What silicone based lubricant can i use? and do you think that i will have to replace the seals now? Also docc i had the caliper off after the first time it happened and moved it around to the same side as the pedal to bleed it through with new fluid - so i had it with the bleed nipple at the top then. Should the pistons slide back into the caliper when applying pressure with the pipe grips as they seemed pretty solid - just wondering if there is a problem with the master cylinder which it not letting the fluid back into the reservoir - i did have the top off the reservoir btw.
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me?? I have had a problem a couple of times recently with the back brake binding on on my 2002 v11 sport and causing me to stop and let it cool down. The disc gets very very hot - so much so you can hear it ticking. The brake pedal actually goes solid with no movement in it at all. I had the caliper apart previously to clean it and check that the piston were moving. It looked pretty clean to be honest. I sprayed a load of wd 40 around the pistons. I couldnt get the pistons to go back in with some pipe grips - they should do shouldnt they? I wonder if it may be air in the line or if there is something wrong with the master cylinder. Has any one else had this issue?? Thanks in advance, Mark.
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  7. Very neat tail light set up. Where did you buy the LED light strip and how is it fitted. Thanks, Mark.
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