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  1. Good idea - why the he'll didn't I think of that. Doh! Thanks.
  2. I was going to try and reuse the weights in the new bars if they would fit. Also I need to remove the throttle tube from the original handlebar.
  3. I am trying to remove the clip ons and fit some standard Renthal bars to improve the comfort a bit for my dodgy back, but I cant seem to remove the bar end weights. I have sprayed loads of WD40 in there and left to soak for a bit - but no matter how much force I put on the allen key screw it wont budge. Nearly snapped the damn thing off. I was holding the bar end with pipe grips with a bit of rubber to stop the damage (didnt really work!). Im guessing the thing is corroded to hell inside the bar as its not been moved for 20 years. Has anyone got any good tips before i take a hacksaw
  4. Last time I was out on the bike I noticed that the rev counter was reading very low - probably around 1500-2500 lower than the actual revs. Weirdly though when I really revved the bike over say 5000 it seemed to read more accurately. At tick over the needle was barely moving. Anyone know what is going on please. I was going to start checking connections but not sure where to start. Many thanks...
  5. Hi Luc, That looks just the kind of set up I'm after. Did you drill the top yoke yourself and what bar clamps did you use? I like the ideal of being a little more upright. I guess you have to replace the throttle cable and clutch line? Thanks for your help, Mark.
  6. Hi Luc, I like what you've done there - but I dont think that will work with my brake pedal as its not the standard one and doesnt have a flat edge to it. I think my foot rests will be in roughly the same position as yours though once i spin my rearsets around by 180 deg. Do you have any trouble with them grounding out at all? Are they much more comfortable? Cheers, Mark.
  7. Hello all!! I am in the process of altering the rear sets on my 2001 V11 to gain a little more room in the leg department. But this means the current brake lever i have fitted will be too short. Does anyone have a standard rear brake lever that they would want to sell me. I will of course cover all postage costs. I'm in Bath UK. many thanks, Mark.
  8. Thanks swooshdave - cheap as chips too!!
  9. Hi Scud - any luck with finding the levers and foot rests etc? cheers Mark.
  10. Docc will the later brake and gear shift work on the red short frame - which my bike is?? Cheers,
  11. Scud that would be great if you have it all. I can remove the powder coating no problem as my bike is all ally. I would need the long bolt as well which holds the gear lever in place and the small arm which fits on the gearbox spline. Let me know how much you have and what you want for it. I'll cover the postage costs. Cheers Mark.
  12. Hi there. Has anyone got the standard foot rests, rear brake lever, gear lever and linkages that they want to sell? At the moment I have rear sets which are a bit high for me and would like to put it back to the standard set up. Ive has a look at doing it with new parts but some of the required bits don’t seem to be available and the prices are ridiculous!! Also if anyone wants to swap their standard set up for my custom rear sets then I’d be up for that im in Bath Somerset Uk thanks.
  13. I am pretty sure I’ve sorted the problem now!! I removed the plastic inlet pipe on the master cylinder and discovered that one of the two small holes was blocked up with crud. The hole is tiny and tapered so easy to block up over time. So I probably didn’t need the new seals etc fitted - but at least I know they’re all good for a few more years of riding !
  14. I have the master cylinder off the bike and i still cant blow through it... nothing connected.
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