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  2. Currently trying to buy an ST4s just to ride to the race! I rode my V11 from LA to SF and back (obvs) and while that was fun, I could avoid the boring freeways, not really possible LA to Austin and back, would still love to catch up with some V11 owners, maybe someone should organize a drinks/hangout? Would love to see The Doctor win in person!
  3. Thanks again for all your help. Clearly I have no idea about electrical systems.
  4. Got the cables and levers last week, all great!
  5. Original Gangster it is. But Old Git would do. I'm 51 so well I'm well into that territory just not with Guzzi'a
  6. Just bought some things from MG we will see......watch this space. Also thanks again to all the OG's help!
  7. Thanks Guys I went on Harpers and many links are dead so wasn't sure if it was still OK about to order those cables right now and some new levers.
  8. You can cancel this topic and put it somewhere else. I am looking to replace some mechanical parts (sparkplug wires first) and was curious if there is a good online source for parts? Thanks in advance.
  9. They said that you just wire into the headlight so that it's automatic and you don't have to mess with it too much, they are 24 amps https://www.clearwaterlights.com/products/darla
  10. Thanks for the welcome gents . . .
  11. I am considering getting Clearwater accessory lights and mounting them on my forks. My concern is the wiring, fusebox etc. Anyone have any experience adding electrical components?
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