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  1. thanks stallon. I feel like I've had some gray hair because of stress.
  2. hi paul. exactly yes..! the wrong belt timing from ex-worker. When I checked through the endoscope, the piston and valve have already touched. If it had started engine, it would have been huge damaged. this mgs were 84th born. 0084. Exactly how many units have been produced? I think I saw 133 units somewhere.
  3. wrong belt timing problem + ecu eeprom erase. There was not enough explanation in the manual, but somehow it succeeded.
  4. hi tom. that front showa gold fork for my KTMito690. not for sale.
  5. https://youtu.be/ANNcLfrtT4o Hi guzzi mate. MGS01 no start... problem solved! It's simple to wake up with a button ex-shop's mistake caused the engine head assembly go wrong. That's why interrupted the engine rotate and Sen8I3 prevented the signal from being made. If you have a similar problem, I think you will be able to answer with confidence.
  6. madbunny


  7. When Pete says something, it pays to listen. He has worked on Moto Guzzis before. Looking at your first post, it seems like pic 1 oscilloscope trace shows a lower sensor voltage and lower speed than pic 2. The SENS813 is an inductive pickup, which would put out lower voltage pulses if the gap to the phonic wheel was large. I think you could try reducing the SEN813 sensor gap to the minimum, and temporarily leave the o-ring seal out, just to check. As I see it, the sequence of events in the ECU are: 1. ECU Power on, self test, sensor check, and pump prime. 2. The ECU then waits until
  8. thanks reply everyone! I try brand new motobatt AGM battery & starter motor run seperate to 80A car battery. also change 46 ECU relay. (original -> omron 30A) unfortunely, It's still the same. But when sparkplug plugged in, The negative signal from the ECU doesn't work. So I suspecting the ECU, I made a replica(900ss 15M into MGS01 data) and tested it. There is no difference, but I want to put other data into the ECU and try again. I can only put 64 kb of factory data. How can I transmit the vast amount of information about tunerpro? And I don't know where to get the t
  9. hi gstallons. I switch the 3 testers. illuminated tester(pen type), osilloscope, hioki multitester. yes, coil connector has 2 wire. 12v(B+) , other line is came from ECU. If connect two lines and test them, light turns on. when without spark plug only......
  10. hi docc this is MGS-01 wiring diagram. It is a really simple, because there are no lights or accesory.
  11. hi dave. spark plugs can't wet because spark & injector not work both. if pull out spark plug, then injectors works fine.
  12. thanks Marty. but i already tried to air gap clearance. I have 5 each size shim. also tested ignition test by guzzidiag (actor -> ignition L or R) there's no problem about ground wiring.
  13. https://youtu.be/PMR4jUTGTic Hi Guzzi mates. my MGS suddenly death, just had 64km odo. I tried almost way for ignition start. and attach movie file about this situation. no spark & no spray. I was tested about... *change new battery *change new SEN8I3 angle sensor *change new spark plug *change coil & wire *check fuse *check alternator & regulator (both exclude for engine start) *check ecu relay point, diode check (without relay, directly wire jump) *check ground wire condition *check 12V wire condition & voltage down *run starter m
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