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  1. Well said men...think it's just the "brutish" feel I like best. If I'm going to ride on a large engine, sandwiched between two wheels, I'd like to experience that sensation of the engine, smells, vibration, view and look of the engine, body etc. If I want something quiet/smooth, I'll hop in my car. My 96 Buell S1 also provides a great experience - it's raucous, loud, simple, lightweight and handles beautifully - really cool little bike. Sort of a Ducati Monster, powered by a breathed-on Harley 1200 Sportster motor...
  2. Don't think so...just general overall feel/seat of my pants - coupled with the 1100 Sport geared real tall which seems to make up for the 5 speed/difference. Actually, like the 5 speeds better to - rarely use 6th gear on my Coppa. It does have the Sudco aftermarket carbs and did lose the stock airbox - sure a jump in HP.
  3. I never post - albeit, I should. Haven't had my 1100 Sport Carb (own a Coppa Italia also) out in awhile - went out for a ride yesterday in the Hudson Valley of NY. Is it me, or is there something about riding a bike w/ carbs? Just had a blast riding today...(replaced the fork springs w/ a set of Andreani's - game changer). Swear this bike has more pull/better mid-range than my V11. Just more connected to the machine w/ carbs. My 96 Buell S1 and 95' Fireball Orange Speed Triple the same...V11 Coppa Italia + an XR 1200 not as much! Tried uploading photo - file to large - posted to the Members Gallery... Any similar thoughts/comments?
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