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  1. Yep off to the Supermarket now ...........
  2. I bet Vinales wasn't shouting Yeehaaa during dismount at 220kph on discovery of no brakes over the weekend just gone! But yeah a locked up rear brake is not a happy moment!
  3. Yes well it was great. One of the wires had been sitting down in the swingarm area naked to the eye. The last thing I did was put the battery frame and battery in so with this wire coming from a different direction..I am sure its the main earth to the gearbox I couldn't. I couldn't see it due to the bodywork and everything else masking my view. Once the battery frame was out I could just make out the wire so pulled at it and sure enough she is all go again. Thanks for all your help.....feeling stupid but I can confirm that there are three positive and three negative leads to the battery o
  4. No they are different on my bike Phil
  5. Yes correct and this was reattached to the air box :-). I have now sprayed contact cleaner down into the ignition switch and as it dripped out the bottom while I was switching back and forth I assume I have managed to give the contacts some type of clean. It works nice and free with no change thus far.
  6. Yes a strange one. No the Gearbox ground was not removed. Checked the terminals this morning and have three connections for positive and two for the negative. Could not see any other wires missed but will pull the battery for a better look around this evening.
  7. Will check tomorrow as it has been suggested I could have left an earth wire off the battery. I remember there being a few but I have only reconnected 2. Its been 5 months so memory is a little vague and the crafty little cable might have slipped out of my sight!
  8. It is probably simple to solve once the problem is identified since it was running fine before it was put off the road for maintenance. So before I start, the tank and air box have been off, Swing arm and rear shock have been out. Only connectors pulled have been the two gas tank ones. 2003 Cafe Sport. So on powering up there is no fuel pump prime. No neutral light and it will not turn over. No lights on the dash. (neutral and oil is what I would expect). Only the park light turns on. When you turn the key off, the oil light comes on and the headlight also comes on. No fuel pump pri
  9. Removed my swing arm bearings in less than a minute. Not sure what all the fuss was about! Slide puller with one "L" shaped hook behind the bearing. Maybe I am just lucky :-)
  10. Yes received and change in process but will be a while before I test the mod...maybe a couple of months :-(
  11. NicoNZ

    Map Day

    Following this. I am going to do the Meinolf's map change soon. I already have a 3k stumble that I was hoping this map would solve. This would be including the full tune process as documented in this forum. Valves already complete. Cafe sport with cored stock pipes and front crossover removed. Sounds like the V11 IAW 15M ECU Titanium might improve things..........sorry I could not answer your questions or have any input.
  12. Yep after reading how hard this job is, I borrowed a mates slide puller that just had an "L" shaped hook on the end. Job done in what may have been less than 30 seconds.
  13. Yep definitely winter now!. Guzzi work continues. At 65000 kms I am pulling the ohlins rear shock for its first service. Why not since everything else around it is on the bench. I think it just makes me happy about not pulling the swingarm bearings yet............. The St4s is a fine machine. Highly underrated is the ST series from Ducati.
  14. Been a while and yes totally agree. This does not mean I was an idiot in the first instance! I will start a thread on my V11 experience. (first guzzi and rebuild journey). My biggest problem is that I have put a lot of work into the bike with plenty of tasks yet to complete before I get to ride the bike again so miss the engagement i felt when i purchased the bike. Anyhow i have a heap of pics to contribute to a thread that may help others so will do as you recommend Doc and start my own thread with its own topic. Not planning to have the work completed for a few months yet. I just have t
  15. Well after all the anxiety it was very easy as posted earlier by another member. Support fitting in left hand and push back hose towards fitting while fiddling with the hose collar (again with left hand. Not hard) and pushing off. It was extremely easy......
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