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  1. I must not have been thinking today as I had that very thought when I was looking down the barrel when taking the photo. Its stuck pretty good. I don't want to add any more dings to the pipe trying to remove the end. I see there is a wrap around of fine mesh that must help keep the fibres from easily flying out........oh well I have time on my side. The original mufflers sound nice opened up but they must still weigh a ton!
  2. Loaded the Meinolf 93_6 map. Runs great now. So then I thought I would attack the pipes to start the process of cleaning them up, removing dents etc. Interesting that it looked like one had already been opened and this is what I found inside.......no packing at all. The other outlet end is very difficult to remove. It might have to stay there while I remove the dents which will make it a little bit harder.
  3. Ooh nice thread. Just purchased some TI cans with a couple of small dings. Now to find some PVC pipe and more importantly some IPA. The dents are removed more easily with some throat lubricant I take it!
  4. Excellent! Thanks, I worry about the comment re how thin the TI is. Where the straps meet at the top there is some wear into the can. Must be this there!
  5. Thanks for that and yes the graphs do not lie although mine stumbled ALL the time at the 2800-3000 rpm range once up to temperature. Going through the decent tune up thread somewhat reduced it but it was still there all the time. The only change was the ECU and it has gone completely. I see another thread here where someone reported the same symptoms and once the TI ECU was swapped out the stumble was completely gone. The only change made. Also at 3000 rpm in 6th, on a downhill it would stumble due to no load on the motor as in constant throttle. Now completely gone. The other differ
  6. When you say "rub" out the dings, what do you mean by that? I assume its using hand pressure just rub them out from the inside? Thanks, will have to search for the other threads. Nick
  7. Hi Phil, I here what you are saying. How does that explain the elimination of the cough or stumble on a constant throttle at around 2500 - 3000 RPM? That would be nowhere near the throttle openings you have referenced. Also the bike is a lot more responsive across the rev range. Its quite noticeable. I did have the RC ECU with the Lambda turned off through Tuner Pro. The only other contributing factor could be that a previous owner paid a guy a lot of money to @#$$#! around with the ECU to try and remove the stumble to no avail. Maybe he caused some of the
  8. Fantastic! Thanks Footgoose. I can make those up easily. All I needed was the 23mm distance. The rest I could get from both brackets. Thanks a bunch!
  9. Managed to source a TI race kit someone had pulled off their bike before selling. I couldn't wait so tried installing the pipes as soon as they arrived. A little disappointed in the pipes as they have a few marks and a couple of small dings. Anyhow the foot peg hangers would not bolt up due to different hole distance dimensions. On searching the web I noticed a small adaptor bracket is necessary. Contacted the seller. "oh yes I remember those". Bugger! He is going to have look for them. Anyhow I settled on just changing out the ECU. Out goes the 15RC and in goes the 15M. I had already tur
  10. Ok so a 7". this one here https://www.alchemyparts.co.uk/led-motorbike-7-headlight-12v-for-retro-cafe-racer-streetfighter-project/
  11. Been looking for one for the Cafe Sport. Would this be the same size? I think there is a difference between the models with a fairing and those without. The Cafe Sport is slightlyhtly smaller. And more to the point, if you were to measure a headlight to determine if a 7" would fit, where do you measure them?
  12. The information on this site tells me you need to use the Tunerpro for this. I tried with guzzidiag and it was not able to cover off this function
  13. NicoNZ

    Decent Tune-up

    Haha yep seen a bit of negativity on the PC3. I need to find a map for the 15RC.
  14. NicoNZ

    Decent Tune-up

    Completed this following the tutorial and it has made a huge difference. TPS was 80mv. A little hard to set exactly at 157 due to the throttle not settling in exactly the same position. Settled on a consistent closing of the throttle and not snapping it closed hard to set the TPS. Never having dabbled with Guaai diag or tuner pro.....hell after 15 years of doing all my mechanical maintenance on Ducatis, Aprilia's and Triumphs, this is the first time I have ventured into the fueling adjustments and it was EASY! Lambda has now been turned off which changed the CO from -128 to "0" so le
  15. I take it this BIN only works in the 15M ECU and not the 15RC? I tried to upload this and had an error message, something like it not being compatible using Guzzi Diag. I had already used tuner pro to switch the Lambda input off.
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