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  1. well i finally got the starter problem fixed this bike was sitting for about 5 years. with starter installed the bendix did not completely extend. bought the starter you guys cam up with works perfect put some clean gas in it with a little coaxing if fired right up. now have to check all the fluids and get ready for a ride . thanks to all gatorman
  2. gatorman how much for the starter? what is the model number of the starter thanks gatorman 8 six zero-8 one 8-30 four 1
  3. ok i bought a starter for the cal. and it did not work . now what ? when i did a vin decoder it says i have a v11 bass cruiser model year 2001 with the califorina trim. so what model starter do i get??? vin number zgukdbd31m131679 gatorman
  4. Gatorman hope the picture posts in my gallery
  5. Gatorman hope the picture posts in my gallery
  6. gatorman i do not have the original starter. it came with the d6ra2. so the person i got the bike from changed the original starter and installed the d6ra2 and never rode the bike again because the d6ra2 is not the right starter for the bike and would not start
  7. i used the id number and that starter is what came up if i am using the wrong starter please point the way to find the right starter
  8. i still have not found an answer
  9. just tried a test put model clay on the flywheel and installed the starter the teeth on the starter were bigger than the teeth on the flywheel meaning that the starter gear is to big?
  10. with the starter out of the bike it turns and the bendix pushes the gear out . i have tried now a new starter and the old starter they booth do the same thing in a static test . i think the starter gear is hitting the flywheel the bike came from florida is their a chance that it is from out of country? i read that the bosh starter had 8 teeth not 9 thats all the information i can find on the starter.
  11. i am in bristol connecticut i will get pictures up this afternoon. the bike has about 32,000 miles. looks great.
  12. from your drawing i take that negative is ground right? with the starter out i can ground the case and push the start button and see the bendix fly out the way it should. is their a smaller starter gear? like 9 to a 8 tooth here is the id number of the bike ZGUKDBKD31M131679 I'M LOST
  13. hi this is gatorman as you can tell buy the name i repair john deere gators the starter issue on my bike is very strange. i bought the bike from some one who rode it for a while then had to replace starter. did not run after that has been sitting for about 3 years looks to me like the 9 tooth starter gear is hitting the flywheel not going past to engage the teeth would a 8 tooth bendix be smaller in size so it could past the flywheel to engage
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