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  1. I am refinishing the valve covers on my v11 sport. After stripping the 'anodized' paint I can see that there are 2 additional thin layers between the paint and the cast aluminum. There's what appears to be shiny metal plating (leafing?!?), then a brownish/yellowish layer. I'm wondering if anyone knows what these are? I had a small dent and hairline crack in one of the covers and I did sand off those layers to make the repair. I'm wondering about whether to leave them and whether to use a self-etching primer before re-painting them.
  2. Replaced all the turn signals and swapped in LED headlight bulb on my Rosso Mandello. Sourced clear blinker assemblies from aliexpress for $5.00 per pair that fit well with minor mods. Ended up removing the signal extender blocks from the front of the bike for a tighter and cleaner look.
  3. Dropped my rosso mandello today. Amazingly, the only obvious damage was to the front turn signal (right), brake pedal, and head guard. I have ordered head guard and brake pedal replacements from Joe on ebay, and I'm considering my options on the signal since I have a janky one on the rear of the bike too. What else should I be looking for in terms of damage? Bike seems to run fine, but it's parked until the brake pedal gets replaced.
  4. Thanks, that's what I'm looking for. Looks like it's not available through regular channels. Might be a 3-d printer use case. I found the later part for $42 but there's not a picture to compare - the schematics appear different enough that I doubt it would fit.
  5. Hi folks - I am trying to find the name of a part in order to source a replacement. It's a black plastic seal that sits between the seat and the tail pouch on the V11 sports. I'm attaching a pic (not my bike) with a pointer to the part I'm trying to identify. TIA!
  6. I would put in a bid on this, if I didn't already have a rosso mandello: MG 2001 v11 Sport, 1076 miles - bid is at $5200 https://www.ebay.com/itm/143301524948?
  7. Greetings! Last week I got really lucky. After looking for a motorcycle for over a year and a half with no specific model in mind, I came across a really nice example of the 2001 V11 Sport Rosso Mandello. With a little over 4000 miles, good service history records, and a reasonable asking price, I was sold. I am looking forward to getting the bike sorted out this week and hoping for some good riding weather. I am in Denver, Colorado. Thank you for providing this forum!
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