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  1. The computer repair company was able to source a good used ECM and program it for him. He stated that those are now many thousands of dollars if you can find one that works. Although it’s a ticking time bomb because eventually a capacitor/relay/resistor will fail annnnd your back getting your passport stamped at the port of entry in “ScrewedLandia” That company compared the Ferrari ECM to a BMW 7 Series ECM. That is conventionally built, large and individual components can be replaced. I just went through something similar with my dyer. It was working fine and then it’s not… I found a company Circuit Board Medics that fixes a whole slew of boards for all kinds of things. Good link to bookmark when you’ll need that service btw.
  2. Exactly what I was implying when I said “do you think there’ll be a “v100forum” 20-30 years from now? All these screens, computer crap will have been obsolete and unobtainable. There’s a guy on YouTube sinking large amounts of money into a Ferrari 360 and he needed a engine ECM. Those run 2, he sent the bad one to a company that repairs ecm’s and they can’t fix it. The board was built by a computer and its impossible to replace anything on it. Of course Ferrari no longer supports it and new ones aren’t available. This is where the world is headed. The Rent Seeking class continues to push towards planned obsolescence. We as a race are hurtling headlong into a situation where we are becoming increasingly ignorant and when something catastrophic happens… we’ll, it’ll be back to the Stone Age. Something that I think has happened maybe more then once already. My newest ride is a 2010 Mercedes and it’s full of those devilish German Electrical Gremlins… I had a good laugh looking at their new all electric model and thinking to myself that the 4-5th owner 10 years from now will be eternally screwed instead of thinking what a great deal they got paying 15% of MSRP.
  3. It’s going to be places like Ghezzi, Milliepercento etc to build what the Piagio overlords forbid.
  4. Daytona? At least that was built for a purpose. The Centauro is a bit of a mixed bag. The engine is the only thing I like about mine. The V11 is beautiful.
  5. Yeah, I wished they were the ones to take over Norton. I still want a 1200 4cyl Daytona…
  6. That’s why I live in America… my home turf went to hell in a hand basket. Looks I made it just in time to see this country do the same.
  7. I think the single sided swingarm is purely eye candy and its a bit a sideways step backwards IMO. The shock placement is not meant for that sporty a ride either…
  8. The heart may still be there, I question the soul of Guzzi!! Gimmie ma long low and lean leeeemens dammit
  9. …who are at the mercy of the people who pull the strings of those puppets.
  10. Water cooling allows for more compression, ignition advance..plus electronic engine management is highly sophisticated nowadays. With knowing that the engine is thermally stable via water cooling.. they can tune the ever livin crap out of it.
  11. If this has already been posted I didn’t know… but I had to figure out why it looked so familiar…
  12. They could have incorporated the radiator into the fairing instead of a big black square..
  13. Considering Harley just released a water cooled bike in a similar vain, it seems like Guzzi is following instead of leading! I do like the swingarm.. that’s a nice touch. Maybe it’s just me, but all these screens and electronics don’t need to be on a motorcycle. You think in 20-30 years time there will a forum dedicated to trying to fix those long out of production and unobtainable parts? People are paying many multiple of thousands to replace ECM’s on 360 Ferrari’s as they are not serviceable. I’ve grown weary of this disposable wave of the future. Just in the last week I had to send the circuit board from my dyer to a specialist to have it repaired. Both my GPS units were also sent in for repair. Now I find out Sunfire is out of business and the subwoofers I have are now very expensive door stops as they are no longer repairing anything. So if you have any working Sunfire speakers etc.. now is the time to get rid of it… I’ll be busy listing my crap on eBay this weekend… I’ll stick to older stuff thank you!
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