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  1. Mikko

    My Scura Build.

    Converted to Americano, it's the same price not including sales tax ( in my State it's 6% ) They finally got around to forcing internet shops to charge it. Back in the "not to distant day", I was enjoying quite a discount buying parts. Sometimes you still can, used parts on eBay for example. I originally bought an Oberon Fuel cap and it was nothing like this Rizoma. I sent it back post- haste. Did your cap come with those cheap fasteners also?
  2. Is it more then just altering the front subframe? I’ve been thinking of a 8v Scura.
  3. Mikko

    My Scura Build.

    It comes with this bobble you hang on ur keychain. You press down on that little metal bar and twist...it pops out. No lock per say.. but you’d have to be a dedicated prick to try and pop it open by yourself. No WiFi connectivity I’m afraid... If anyone is interested, that fuel cap is technically for Triumph (Rizoma TF030A silver or TF030B black) As you can see, fits perfect...
  4. Mikko

    My Scura Build.

    Check out this company: http://gastanklining.com/
  5. Mikko

    My Scura Build.

    Substituted stainless fasteners until my order from pro bolt arrives
  6. If you already own the equipment to make parts on demand.....then it could be. I forwarded this thread to Randy at Stradafab...he might be interested in it. But yea.....making and selling parts for V11's are even rarer then Hen's dentures...never mind teeth
  7. Please send a PM with your address and quantity wanted.
  8. Look at the bolts holding the oil cooler bracket. Not factory and rusty.. Hmmm....I’d buy it for parts...if he knocked 2k off the price
  9. These machines harken back to a different era. A proper mind set would be the 70’s..
  10. Buell was constrained by HD management and he suffered for years trying to get those guys to see it his way. Harley bought the new MV Agusta and quickly lost their nerve and sold it for a huge loss. By the time Buell finally fitted a proper sporting engine, HD was already sharping the knife to subsequently shove it in his back. I’ve never understood how HD, who had plenty of contacts and good working relationships in Italy could never seem to (outside of the VR1000) make it in the sport bike category. Almost think they looked at that slice of the market as a tax write off area. From what I understand, a guy in Grand Rapids Michigan bought the Buell company, moved it to GR and is building new Buells to order. Speaking of bikes I wish to own..I would have loved a Roehr 1250s.. at least he took HD’s water cooled VRod engine and fitted it with a Supercharger..10 years ago that bike made 180+ horsepower.. very MV Agusta F4 flavored yes...but hey..they copied a Suzuki engine when they came up with the idea to reincarnate MV. The F4 was supposed to be the new Ducati. Around and around it goes....
  11. I might try it on my hot rod.. that has a nice big tank. I was worried I might screw it up, plus it’s being laminated so I wanted to make extra sure it’s done properly. It is what it is. I can add the receipt to the pile and notate that it was professionally lined for the eventual day someone else becomes her care taker. My skills although honed over decades become as thin as rice paper when messing about with stuff like tank lining. Then you see this horror porn:
  12. Mikko

    My Scura Build.

    I installed the Rizoma fuel cap last night. Very nice except the hardware is some very low rent aluminum? Idk... I don’t like it. Snapped the head of one of the faux bolts.. wasn’t like I was cranking it down to “God save the Queen” level. hmm.. well, nice excuse to order up some Titanium fasteners. I think the black dlc ti hardware will look nice contrasting against the silver.
  13. Mikko

    My Scura Build.

    It’s a ‘04 tank that has the internal fuel pump. My bike is an ‘02 with external pump and petcock/regulator hanging off each side. this will clean up the bike very nicely and an extra bonus, no chin pad. I like the clean smooth top of the internal pump tanks. Got lucky and found it on eBay. Came with the pump and I paid right about $500 shipped. Now add another $400 to have it lined, $250 for the fancy Rizoma fuel cap and titanium hardware. I’m not sure how much to have it laminated.. it’s already 4 figures...
  14. I decided to have my new tank laminated in carbon. I was worried about tank swell and what that may do to it. I shipped it to GTL in California. Given the complex shape and the fact I’ve never tried lining a tank.. I’ll pay the money to have it done right.
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