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  1. Exactly! I brought that up because I have experience with cheaply made CF parts. Nothing is going out in public until it is perfected and I am satisfied. So not only would I like people to let me know what they would like, please share any helpful technical tips-n-tricks. This is for us as a group so the better we can make these parts, the better it is for us as a whole.
  2. They are a nice company. Sent my package super securely and fairly fast. You shouldn’t have any problems. And you are welcome!
  3. Oh I think you misunderstood my point. I was thinking it would have been much more affordable since it’s made from nylon and printed. Btw: the pictures are of the filter I bought and the lower one is the one you have.. demonstrating the size difference. If you really wanna bring up “no demonstrable benefit” I could have mentioned the rifling of the intakes.. I wasn’t trying to be offensive or disparaging..without context it’s easy to assume meaning that wasn’t intended...
  4. Mikko

    2000 V11 damage

    Insurance is different in each state.. in Michigan I have “declared value” on my vehicles. For example, my semi truck is insured for $55k that’s what it would cost to replace it with something like it. I pay extra for it and my truck has been wrote up with all the extra work and accessories. Same for my hot rod. I always carry full comp & collision. It’s expensive and partly the reason I sold off most of my stuff. Its not a matter of if.. it’s when.. insurance companies for the most part are owned and operated by worshippers of Satan 😈 So never expect them to help you.
  5. I am working with a company in California to make parts for my bike in Carbon Fiber. No Chinese Crap.. if people are interested in anything reproduced in AMERICAN MADE Carbon, please post up. Also, this stuff isn’t going to be cheap..these guys invested huge money into equipment and here is an example of a fuel tank they made. One of the pieces they are making for me is a set of Valve covers. Instead of the factory “Moto Guzzi” script or even the 8v “Guzzi” script.. I’m going to have them inlay the old fashioned Guzzi logo: In “Silver” Carbon Fiber aka Texalium into the carbon fiber valve cover. I am going to have the Magni Fairing, tank, alternator cover, radiator cover, modified rear cowl made by them. Maybe the belly pan and rear hugger too just so it will all match and have the same finish and weaves. The rear cowl will be converted to a true single seat and the “Scura” script will be replicated in texalium also. Before you say anything.. I’ve already ordered a pallet of shrimp, pork and oriental flavor ramen noodles...because I’m not going to be able to afford to even pay attention during this process
  6. You can have your injectors cleaned, balanced and calibrated with a before & after print out for $57 + shipping https://www.rcfuelinjection.com/Store/c/fuel-injector-cleaning/p/cleaning-service-for-side-feed-galley-feed-injectors We have “Side Feed injectors”...when I get her home, that’s one thing on the list. Along with the much maligned throttle body bore..I may have these guys do both.
  7. Header wrap is rather tasteless and a performance fail. Those were used on race cars until teams grew tried of replacing multi thousand dollar headers because the wrap destroys the pipes. How it’s still around and being used today on exhaust is beyond me.
  8. Mikko

    Riding gear

    I have a old pair of Sidi Racing boots. Kevlar Jeans with CE knee & hip armor. Vanson Cobra jacket, upgraded to full GP spec hard armor elbow/shoulder/spine. Held krypton gloves. Bell Pro Race Textreme Carbon Fiber helmet.
  9. They want $157 for a pair of those intakes...I bought a pair of K&N RU-1780’s for $74 and they have a 17º angle intake on them. Almost as big as the RX-5090 @ $109 each.. $375 vs $106 and that includes two pre-charger’s for the 1780’s...I thought 3D printing was supposed to be affordable.
  10. Those were awesome! Mechanical downforce! It’s a tight package.. best you can do is make sure the contacts are clean and tight. I bought circuit breakers to replace the fuses so in case something goes south you have the ability to at least get to a safe area. Messing around on the side of any road is dangerous business. Trust me on that.
  11. I was exploring the options and clicked on the moderator thing.. felt very Dictator-ish to kill a thread. Power corrupts....beware
  12. One idea is to drill ventilation holes into the lid. Sometimes these fuse boxes can retain a lot of heat and that can lead to issues. In my semi truck, I routed the passenger A/C duct to blow right across my huge fuse panel. Haven’t had any problems in a good long while.
  13. It could be a collapsed filter. Even a brand new one could be defective. Try bypassing the filter and see what happens. Bad coil(s) or wires come to mind also.
  14. The gentleman that runs maxbore does nothing but boring TB's If you look at his website he does very fine work on every kind of TB you can imagine. From motorcycles to Ferrari's...certainly the place to send them. This way he can dissemble, clean, inspect and repair them (if needed) plus make them a tad larger. I plan on some serious engine work so more air in will be right up my alley.
  15. That would work. I plan on sending the bike away for work during the winter. You have my address in the emails we exchanged. I can have it returned to you in short order. Thank you.
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