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  1. “For years of satisfied ownership.” You’ll probably want to get some aroma therapy going, grab your favorite squish toy out when you see the front end on my Moto......
  2. I feel weird then because this is the first I’ve read about it.
  3. These bikes are not powerful enough for accelerative traction loss. Even under hard braking, you should barely be using the rear tire. I use mine to settle the bike down, if I’m in a bit of a mess turn in wise. I’ve put mine thru some difficult situations fully comfortable with dumping it and I couldn’t really get it out of shape. She’s sharp and I’m still impressed all these years later at just how capable these bikes are. If I had to say something, it would be the inertia or weight of the bike. It’s a heavy bike and you really need to pick it up and throw it back down. A few m
  4. That’s probably the strangest thing I’ve read. In all the years I’ve been riding motorcycles I’ve never had a discussion with other riders talking about preferences of turns. Personally, I love both... in rapid succession. Main reason I love pre nanny tech bikes. My Ducati was powerful enough that you could modulate the bike coming out of a corner. That is the Ducati special sauce, and to a lesser extent Guzzi. Very direct and you feel as one with the bike. My MV Agusta F4 on the other hand did not feel connected at all. Quite a few times I didn’t realize I was spinning up
  5. My tire is worn kinda like that. I thought maybe it was improper pork chop switch last summer. Then again, I am a terror around the curvy lake roads by my house....
  6. If I had the software, I would have added the theme song from “Chariots Of Fire” feel free to hum that along...
  7. I know the feeling... even though I have one now.. I always regretted selling my first one that I bought new. Even though I’ve had some very fine machines in between.. The V11 was special to me. The only bike that came close was my ‘05 999R Maybe it’s my preference for twins, but that was also a very well (and sadly a sales loser) put together machine. My Scura will be pried out of my cold dead hands....
  8. “Rest of the world” since ‘Mercia won’t get on the metric bandwagon
  9. That’s in Celsius for you ROTW types..... frost is on the pumpkin my friends....
  10. Good eye! I was the uncredited “Swarthy Cuban Drug Dealer” episode 78
  11. I spent a few years in the South Pacific, if you can put up with the Typhoons, insects and the general malaise that comes with island living then yea...it’s great. In my opinion, living in Michigan with the four seasons makes time feel like it goes a little slower vs sunny/sunny-rainy year round. Here is a vintage picture of me earning a little side cash as “That guy on the boat” you know..”Hey grab that .... and bring it over here” type... good times.
  12. In my experience, most people don’t optimize the suspension on their bikes. Given the fact that these V11’s have a heavy rear drive set up and only controlled by the single shock... getting the spring rate dialed in is important. Being able to utilize the full available travel in conjunction with fine tuning the damping/rebound, you may very well in certain circumstances, compress the spring to the bumper/stop/thingy/dodad If it was me, I’d have the shock removed and rebuilt along with a new bumper...
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