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  1. Well I’m out here in Pennsylvania on a wild goose chase. Apparently there is an older gentleman with a MV Agusta 750 that’s been sitting in a barn (mhmm hmm) If this is what I’m told it is, then let’s hope the engine is good. The MV i spent too much money on has a busted cam tower. Funny how the pictures showed a intact cam tower Anyway I’m out here and thought y’all would like to enjoy some sounds..
  2. Right... I looked into what I thought would be a low buck upgrade and retro fit ml63 calipers on my 550. I found a set of four for super cheap. Then I go to the Mercedes online parts book to order the brackets and they are about $250 EACH. Needless to say I didn’t go for it. manufacturers love to gouge you on parts that are seldom bought. Brake caliper brackets are not a “service item” soooo you’ll pay up the wazoo. I suspect it’s the same formula with these...
  3. I disassembled my whole exhaust system, packed it up and shipped it to the great white north! cold and wet has the qd exbox System and we talked. So we came up with the idea of trading systems. The only costs being shipping. I like the idea of the underslung exhaust. I think it’ll work with the full fairing and clean up the rear of the bike plus show off the fabricated swing arm. so I’m not riding till my new (to me) exhaust arrives. I did ride to Astech and they didn’t have time to do the custom leather work I planned. So I’ll be shipping my seat to them later. The modifications did seem to help. I had them scoop out the seat so you aren’t cantilevered at such a forward angle. They also added their proprietary 11 herbs and spices of foam and gel. It feels better.. I ran a whole tank before stopping. The price was a reasonable $220. I’d only recommend having this done by being there with the bike. They took the time to let me sit on it and give them feedback during the process. They contoured the front and took out the sharp edges. Trimmed the passenger pillion so the cowl fits better. Nice people... It took about 3hrs from start to finish. There was a couple other guys there also and I must say, if I got a dime for each time someone said “A Moto Guzzi! I used to own one years ago“ mhmmm..... I’d solve this national coin shortage real quick.....
  4. Reason? Docc.... after 20 years have you not learned that Italian women are as cunning as they are beautiful? They need no reason... it’s part of that whole Mediterranean blood thing.. it’s part of their DNA. As a almost full blooded Italian, I can attest from personal experience the Jekyll and Hyde duality...
  5. A Magni fairing would also look mega awesome
  6. Mikko

    Scura build

    A little more "used" then I was lead to believe, He made it right by refunding a good portion of the purchase price. They still are a genuine set of tubi silencers...I think if end up using them, i will have the chrome stripped and have them hard anodized black or cerekote plus lose the hangers...
  7. That’s only $85 less then the complete motobits controls...
  8. Those could also be CNC out of aluminum or steel.. I’d go magnesium
  9. yeah, i mentioned that in another post. I upgrade all my wiring on equipment with tin plated marine wire. This company has it for the best price and in stock. Marine Grade Wire
  10. Mikko

    Scura build

    I paid many multiples of thousands for this Truck 20 years ago. I have one of the last Marmon Road Tractors built before Navistar bought the company and ended what arguably was the best truck ever built (by hand). Insurance is a evil unleashed on this segment of the economy. With ruthless lawyers preying on this industry I pay hundreds of dollars a week for it. And no, it wasn’t Swift.. a fellow owner operator who must have been tired. Certainly wasn’t a young kid. It’s unfortunate
  11. Mikko

    Scura build

    Yea, he parked right next to me. I went to look at his trailer and there were pieces of my hood embedded in it. I called the police and he admitted to it. Hopefully the Insurance company will settle up fairly and quickly. That does not compensate me for the loss in revenue which as of this post exceeds $1,000 and counting.
  12. Mikko

    Scura build

    That bike was there, Joe and I talked about it. He has a few old Indians. A 4 cylinder caught my eye. Those machines are a far cry from today’s “built to a price” bikes vs those that were “built to a standard” Chemistry and how you get along with someone is important. It took us all of about 35 seconds to get a feel for one another. He really is one of those kind of guys that are unfortunately too few and far between. When I started explaining the more radical ideas, he pointed to a guy at the workbench. He said “That’s Frank, 30 year retired machinist, whatever we need to make for the bike we can” Wasn’t fazed in the least...he said “there’s your corner over there.. you just keep sending me parts and that’s where they go” In respect for his time, I didn’t stay very long. I did walk away feeling like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders and I knew my baby was going to be in good hands. Then... as life tends to do to us with regularity, I get to my truck to find some ignorant bastard backed his trailer into and alongside my truck. He hit it with such force that it buckled the roof where a mirror bracket bolts to, caved in my air cleaner and pressed it into the body of my truck, gouged the hood and shifted it over a good three inches...broke the hood pin and the mount that attaches to the cab. That is a very substantial chunk of steel.. I felt like that dude from the opening of ABC’s Wide World of Sports...you know, the skier who wipes out over a jump? “Agony of defeat”....
  13. Mikko

    Scura build

    No, my semi truck. It could have been worse. I’m still rolling down the road albeit just to make it back to the shop to do some emergency field repairs. Don’t really want to mess with it too much till the insurance adjuster comes out to look. The Guzzi Dr is Joe Walano https://theguzzidoctor.com/about-us/ He is much closer and knows Guzzi’s better then the company I had lined up to do this job before. As much as I like to mess with stuff and do things myself, I don’t have the time and from experience, I’m not ending up with a bike in pieces collecting dust. I already have one of those and that’s turned into a huge mistake. It’s upset me to the point that I’ve sold it and washed my hands of it. Exciting developments forthcoming!
  14. Mikko

    Scura build

    So I just happened to be in Chicago this morning and I was able to stop and see The Guzzi Dr. First time meeting and speaking in person and had a look around the shop. Really nice guy, reminds me of my uncle Agostino who passed away from cancer. (Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of him) We talked about the project and I feel much better about it. I didn’t know the other guy that works there, Frank is a machinist of 30 years experience and they have a Bridgeport milling machine. So when I started talking to him about my ideas and what I see in my mind he was excited. And can do the work needed to make some pieces fit. Lucky for me I don’t need to source all those parts for the rear wheel. Just the drive flange. lucky and unlucky for me his shop is right across the street from a truck stop and while I was there during my visit, a trucker backed into my truck and did quite a bit of damage. what was a cool stop along the way turned into the cops coming out and reports being filed. First time in 20 years anyone has hit my baby and I’m very disappointed.
  15. Something intoxicatingly timeless about your V11 in Grey & Silver. Congratulations Docc!!
  16. No, this is the race level hard stuff. I have the spine protector too. Vanson Armor It’s a good feeling knowing you’ve done what you can to save your ass should things go sideways. Kim is the same lady that helped me 25+ years ago. And if you ever get a chance, look them up on YouTube. There is a documentary about them and it’s really neat. I’d love to go wander around in there for an afternoon.
  17. Sorry I didn’t know they are still available for order.
  18. I would love a pair of custom Daytona boots. They are the pinnacle of motorcycle boots and depending on the model, could very well last you for as long as you’d like. Plus you can custom order them in just about any color combo you can think of. For the record, I wear Vanson competition weight leathers and the GP armor, plus Vanson gauntlet gloves. I bought my first and only Vanson and it was custom made for me a very long time ago. Not to hijack threads... but I wanted to throw these guys in the mix because they are truly world class plus American made. And I wear a Bell Carbon Fiber Race Star Helmet. Good night!!!
  19. I’ve always worn competition weight Vanson leathers. I have the whole GP armor set in my jacket.
  20. I wear Gianni Falco Boots. I currently have the Eso race boot in Tricolore...
  21. Buzzetti Adjustable Shock Pre-Load Wrench My new rear shock will have hydraulic preloading....
  22. I have a set of regular length brackets and pegs. Make an offer
  23. https://www.af1racing.com/store/ProdImages/st3/2003motoguzziacccat.pdf Dang.....wish They still offered this stuff.. and i don't see risers in this catalog.
  24. I don't want to spread disinformation... When i remove them i will take pictures and find out just what they are. I thought they were factory accessory from the logo.
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