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  1. I’m not there yet, but I will say blunt head force trauma and 1 too many acid trips has effectively impacted my memory to some degree.
  2. If you have to ask how much...... then this ain’t for you. Irving Vincent
  3. French dude, builds “new” Vincent’s. There was also some guys in Australia IIRC that we’re building and racing new new Vincent’s
  4. I would have never considered being called a Luddite in a positive way. Smart phone controlled drones? What a strange trip it’s been.
  5. You and me both. I’ve already had to recalibrate my neck swivel quickness ratio since people have all transformed into smart phone zombies...
  6. This had me wondering if the company wasn't bought out by some deep pocketed Mexican(s) Brembo New G Sessanta Concept
  7. I do love a classic Norton.... It's a shame the guy who started up the "New" Norton turned out to be a a&*hole. Last I heard. they were shut down and in bankruptcy, but before they did that they ripped a guy off who had his mega buck VR4 in for warranty work. Stripped it for parts to finish another one he said. Came up there and picked up what was left of his bike. Norton scandal
  8. Looking for the black plastic Cam Belt cover on the 4 Valve. Number 17 in the picture. Thank You....
  9. Doing some research reading the December 1992 issue of AMA Magazine I came across this advertisement. Then it hit me, I too, have been primarily driven by my shaft in a lusty manner for the better part of my entire life! Hmmmmm......here I was thinking it was more complicated then that.
  10. http://www.accessoryinternational.com/product/hepco-becker-650-529-complete-rack-le-mans-v-11.html
  11. My 1st Corso ate one entire leather work glove. I wondered why she wasn’t eating and being very aggressive. Took her in to the vet and they cut her open and returned to me in a plastic baggy my missing glove. i was wtf? How? Huh? Really? Geeze these dogs can do some wild shit... I’ve had to erect mini barricades around my speakers at home because I would absolutely freak if she started chewing on my cables. I’m not into $10,000 a inch cables... but I do use quality stuff. Stuff I’d rather not have to try and replace at today’s prices... Ohh btw, she discovered what bass feels li
  12. Before I went with the carbon, I was talking with evan wilcox. He is the man for all things metal......
  13. I think Docc was asking because he wanted to know if I was shipping the engine with those items on it (clutch/intake). I like the way my Scura runs. The single plate and light flywheel is nice. Definitely won’t last with this new engine. He said a double plate clutch and the transmission needs going over. Plenty of parts still needed.
  14. The clutch and flywheel should come off. Jens said they would need to be upgraded. Plus there was some talk about the Scura having issues with that. I’ll let him tell me what we need to handle the new engines output. (somewhere around 140HP is what he said is really the practical limit) Same for the TB’s... I wanna go carburetor(s) for old school aesthetics and reduce wiring & clutter. Sorry! That’s sorta the theme of this bike, mixing old and new. It’s what I love about Guzzi. They have a foot in the past, yet modern. That was very well executed in the V11 series as a whole IMO.
  15. Yeah... my lovely, little, precious furry best buddy has chewed into oblivion a very expensive Canada Goose winter cap, about $50 worth of apple charging cords, a pack of log books, 2 pillows... did i mention I love her? Etc.....
  16. No, she’ll be 6 months old the 9th. Here is a picture of my 1st Corso when she was around 4 months old? 20 years ago
  17. I’m actually renting this, mine is in the shop getting the cam box gaskets replaced. The old N-14 Cummins Engines all start to leak oil around these cam covers. There are three of them on the left side of the engine and you have to strip everything off to get at them. Fuel pump, ECM, Air Compressor, Power Steering Pump.. It’s a rather lengthy and expensive repair. Considering this week is the annual “DOT Inspection Blitz” I’m certainly not running around with leaking cam covers. This is a Freightliner Coranado, quite roomy and it has a Detroit Diesel in it, straight 10 speed. No
  18. “Imma gonna need your license and registration please”......
  19. Hi everyone, I have a shipping company lined up and they are asking for these figures. I’m not home, and was wondering if anyone knows what the dimensions of the 4v or 2v are. Just the engine, that way I can get a quote as they are going to crate it for me too. I’d rather the liability fall on them in case something happens on the way to Germany. I would like Dynotec to build it, sort it out.. get it running and tuned. Instead of shipping a bunch of parts here and getting it put together. In case you were wondering why..... Thank you!
  20. Yes, but he is talking about multiple tightening of that fastener. Bolt thread stretch and fatigue come into play at some point...
  21. That works out to approximately 58 ftlbs... looking at standard torque charts, that’s in the ballpark. I didn’t bother doing that. I went by feel and a dab of medium lock tite on those bolts when switching plates. I would say that I don’t think those 18mm nuts were designed to be loosened & tightened back up regularly. Have you seen this?: Griso Shop Stand Mk I
  22. That’s actually a QD Exhaust I traded for. I did have a set of Ticon Industries race mufflers. Those are very loud and sounded super mean. This by contrast is not. I’m still thinking about the final system. I have a very rare pair of Tubi mufflers from Ghezzi and Brian sitting at home.
  23. That’s correct. As long as you support it and make sure the weight is off, it’s pretty easy. That big nut, you’ll want to mark/count the threads and when you bolt on the new one ( that marking paint I sent you @docc is what I used ) screw it down to the same point. I haven’t had the bike to a shop since to check / adjust it for being perfectly square... She seems no worse for wear and I ride it quite “sportingly” as my neighbors around the lake can begrudgingly agree. I’m sure they are happy with my more subdued exhaust also :)
  24. I didn’t like the red frame plates on my Scura. I found a set of grey ones and I did the switch at home with basic hand tools. It’s not that hard. I made measurements and marked the threads. She’s back together and I’ve not had any problems. My advice, pre soak any bolt you plan on removing and take all the time needed. I don’t work on my Moto for money, so I spent the better part of a Saturday doing it.
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