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  1. Is anybody on this forum also on the Facebook v11lemanz? I posted videos on there of the startup.... You can tell by my face that I was worried a little when she didn't start on the second try.... Although I know not everyone is a fan of Facebook.....
  2. Thanks docc, you guys are a great bunch!!!
  3. No docc, this bike has been sitting for 10 years, I had enough and said enough is enough! So here we are, with me riding again!! I am SOOOO excited!! What are these relays you speak of?
  4. Thank you guys!!! I now have to try to explain to the wife that I ordered a part because I'm an idiot hahaha
  5. WELL I BE DAMNED!!! I went out and checked what you guys told me too and low and behold it must have been a bad connection on one of the relays.... I switched em around and now its all normal! (I swear I checked em before!)
  6. RedMy question is, if I have voltage to regulator on the green/red wire, shouldn't I also have power one of the two wires in the 2 plug coming back out of it? (Light blue/red-black)
  7. Key off, 13v. I didnt notice the tach not working before but no, it isnt working now either. No change at battery at any rpm
  8. I wish it was. Checked them and all is ok, I have power from the 30a fuse hitting the regulator, 0vdc coming back out on the black and white wires..... Bike still runs, but I have no horn, dash idiot lights or headlight....
  9. So, get home from work and filled the tank with some 94, took the battery off the charger and put it in, check it over for fuel leaks, none seen. Cycle the key a few times to prime pump, all is good so far. Hit the starter switch, it turns over but no start, thats ok I think.... Try again..... It burps a bit, but no start.... Try third time, BINGO!!! third is always a charm right? It really sounds good, revs strong. Then, after a bit I lost horn, brake lights and headlight...... Damned voltage regulator fails...... Is this a sign? Anyway, anyone ever replace thiers and if so, what did ya go with??
  10. Nitzge


    Just ordered all the gaskets and other goodies needed to put this jigsaw puzzle back together. I really can't wait to hear and feel the rumble of the big v twin again.... Been way to long
  11. Nitzge


    How are you posting pictures fotoguzzi? Everytime I try too it says they exceed file size..
  12. Nitzge


    Ya I noticed that, I got a donor motor from a Breva, for the crank and rods, was hoping to use the pistons also but they are flat tops not domed like the lemanz. I thought I saw a plate that moves the filter to the outside somewhere. Not that big a deal, it would be so much simpler to do a oil change though. This weekend going to pick up a gasket kit, was going to try and get it back together, not so sure now with the piston dilemma lol
  13. Nitzge


    Got the donor motor home! Now to run a couple quick tests to be sure it will be up to the task. Then tear it apart and reassemble into my block..... I love this stuff haha
  14. Nitzge


    It was the UFI, I'm sure thats what happened as when I went to drop the pan years ago I remember it came off by turning it a couple times, it was so loose it wiggled!
  15. Nitzge


    Well, I found a donor motor for the parts needed, hope to get it this weekend. But I have a question, has anyone have any experience on a deep sump pan the moves the filter external? Don't want to go thru this again....
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