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  1. Nitzge


    I was thinking the same Docc, code on the tires are CP8E B5MP 3607
  2. Nitzge


    Well.... Changed all the brake/clutch fluids this weekend. They were brown! Some new Brembo dot 4 should be good? Looking at the tires, Continental road attacks, I honestly cant believe they look like the day I put em on.... No dry rot. Should I trust em?
  3. Still have engine?
  4. Nitzge


    Pulled both cylinders, bike has 22k miles on it. It burnt the rod bearings and scored right side jug pretty bad. Lost oil pressure due to oil filter coming loose.... Which the dealer did all scheduled maintenance. Its a long, disgusting story. And to top it all off the only dealer within 100 miles of me went belly up.... So now I'm stuck trying to fix this on my own. So if anyone knows of a place for me to get parts I would greatly appreciate it. I want to keep the bike so doing it right is key.... As of now, I need right side cylinder and piston, and the plug and o ring for filter access on the bottom pan since the dealer misplaced it...... Any help is appreciated!!
  5. Still have engine?
  6. Still have the engine? If so, price?
  7. Nitzge


    So after sitting for ten years in a buddies garage, my son is pushing me to get the 02 V11 Lemanz going again. This outta be fun.......
  8. Nitzge


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