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  1. Good evening my friends!! All is well on MV. Test of the old battery and replacement of a brand new one is the solution!! NOT!!😡🤬😢 The Odyssey battery came fully charged at 12.78 on the multimeter. Ready to go out of the box!! I installed it and was feeling pretty good about things! Fired right up... sounded powerful.. went for a test ride! Then.... I tested it after the ride and it went from a 12.78reading to a 12.46 reading.After only a 15 min ride or so. Losing charge somewhere still! So... where do I go from here... Lose connection, Stador coil, ???? Fuses are fine... nothing smoked...🤷🏻‍♂️ Any other diagnostic things I can do?? I appreciate the help from you guys.. Stay safe and talk soon!!🤙🏻
  2. You all are awesome... I will do my due diligence as the bike deserves!! Ill check back soon with updates!!🤙🏻🤘🏻
  3. Yup!!! Try trickle charge? Why would a new battery just die like that... could something drain even when key is out??
  4. I’m reading around 12 or 13 GEI Relays now
  5. Great Pictures by the way!!🤙🏻
  6. Same thing... Fires right up from a jump... runs for 1 min or two at idle... then seems to choke out... still sound like relay?? Or something else??
  7. Roger that!! Ill move #2and#3... see how she goes,! Ordering a new set of 5 is best solution?
  8. Can’t upload file.... can you text me?? I’ll send pics that way...603-209-1876 No stress if you can’t doc....🤙🏻
  9. Can you point out the location of the relay?
  10. AWESOME... I’m looking into it as we speak!! it does have a brand new Odyssey Extreme Series battery!!
  11. TimB MV

    TimB MV

  12. I’m looking for any leads into this problem please!! Woke this morning to a dead battery. Bike has been running in top performance. Battery is new last year. I jumped it.. fired right up... Rode it for 10 minutes or so and noticed my rpm tack was not registering. The motor sputtered and quit about 2 min later. Bike world not turn over... jumped again and idled perfectly.. as soon as I put it in gear it sputtered and quit again. I have it back home and looking to trouble shoot this!! Brand new battery from last year... I ran the bike just two days ago and it was just fine... Any help is much appreciated! Tim B on Martha’s Vineyard jrbeg@hotmail.com
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