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    2002 scura,2000 cagiva raptor1000,kx500.wr450,te300
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  1. 699 New Zealand just purchased it in need of restoration
  2. 699 my plate no i realised what you meant after I replied
  3. Was that the rego no nah thats not my bike unfortunately.
  4. Hi there I am a brand new Guzzi owner and have just brought a 2002 Scura. Trouble is I have no idea on where I'm at in relation to the clutch, having read about the alloy flywheel issue I want to replace it. My question is what is the difference between a twin plate clutch like a griso one and a RAM clutch? Secondly, do they ride differently ie quicker acceleration due to less weight? Lastly who sells RAM clutches? Cheers
  5. western trucker

    western trucker

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