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  1. Thank you so much that makes way more sense I was only missing swingarm tab the other two were there. Again thanks
  2. It’s got me scratching my head as the little tabs are obviously missing and I have come up with a route but a bit suspicious in its routing regards
  3. Hi there Could someone please post a pic of correct brake line routing for rear brake particularly from master cylinder cheers
  4. Hi there I was showing a mate the progress on bike and noticed a fuel line out of place picked up end to see a white plastic piece in there and thought I don’t remember putting that In there. Looked at fuel pump bugger it had broken off pump so in the market for new fuel pump went to guzzi agent to see about pump only to be told $1390 the parts guys stammered as he read it yeah nah I find one elsewhere where or what pump do you guys run. Any leads appreciated my bike is a 2002 scura. Regards
  5. He can do for roughly 30 pounds but he wants to sell like 17 sets.He has like 10 colours I got sick of trying to clarify things seemed like pulling teeth out to me. Im just going to buy a set of Chev leads and have some spares
  6. Hi there can I grab the risers with rubbers turns out mine are different cheers
  7. Talking to this chap about building custom leads for the v11 will report back
  8. I was going to try and use this as an experiment by asking if they can be made louder and deeper by going to a larger diameter skin maybe maybe not anyway I’ll definitely post what I find
  9. I have some staintunes on there but they are dented badly so need re skinning I like the tone just they look terrible at the moment I have already contacted Cycleworks about getting them fixed so that is an option just thought I’d look about and see what’s around.
  10. Hey I’m looking at getting new mufflers or my current ones fixed anyone know the pipe Diameter as I’m away from bike at the moment should have measured them when there last. Cheers I’m thinking black and loud ha ha
  11. Much as you guys said I took tank off supported engine via a strap over frame took off everything connected to subframe and managed to get it out only reason it came off was a bit of corrosion about bolts so wanted it cleaned up I will also clean up lower supports off pork chops after this support it done cheers
  12. Hi there newbie here I want to take front engine bracket off for cleaning and re painting just wondering if most of the engine weight is supported by this bracket and if so what do you guys do if you wanted to remove it cheers
  13. Yeah through guzzi here 45 each those repco ones 23 each cheers
  14. How long do the leads have to be has anyone measured this as I was looking through repco’s website and they have a 90 cm lead with 90 deg end
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