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  1. Here are the bulbs I use in front (so far). Zero problems and really bright, as the projector beam points straight forward. No vibe problems, and not terribly pricey at $8.50 US per bulb. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B075Q9RGZW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Very nice. Except for the bars, identical to the one I bought. Which pipes are mounted?
  3. For classic sport bikes and sport-touring bikes, Bridgestone has long offered the BT45 Battlax, a tire (tyre) which has always been highly rated. However, after almost two decades, Bridgestone has updated the tire with a new compound and slightly modified tread pattern. Rain performance is said to be substantially improved, while dry traction remains the same. Fairly obviously, the new offering is called the BT46. I see from their intro page that they do have excellent taste in classic sport bikes.
  4. I bought five Made in Corona adjustable two wire LED flashers and so far, so good. The problem is finding BAU15S LED bulbs which survive the V11's, um…heartbeat.
  5. Looks like someone "Lemansed" your Ballabio. Any chance you could post up a pic of the bike from the front or side? Am considering clipons and want to see how they "fit" the bike overall. ok.
  6. Great! I get the impression that MG was like Colt Firearms in that they never knowingly built two identical products.
  7. Hmmmm. How much room between bar mounts and gauges when it is at full lock?
  8. From the interwebz: Exhaust manifold temperatures vary for different vehicles and operating conditions Manifolds and/or exhaust pipes on some vehicles can reach 1200 degrees F. It is rare to find temperatures this high in normal operation. The hottest locations tend to be those for which there is some constriction or impingement of exhaust gas. For example, a bend in an exhaust manifold tube immediately outside the cylinder will have a surface upon which the exhaust gas has a greater capacity to transfer heat. Exhaust system temperatures will be reduced at any point of contact with cooler components of large thermal mass, such as the cylinder head.
  9. All three screws go into the airbox, right? Any contact with the lower rear edge of the tank? There is/was a foam piece almost glued there to prevent.....something. Too bad the covers are already painted. Could open the holes to 8 or 10mm, use rubber grommets and a flanged screw to cover the entire mess. My other experience has been with a Kwacker in which the side panels mount to fuel tank (post), frame (screw) and tail section (2 posts) - all of which have a mind of their own.
  10. Is that at slow idle or fast idle? i noted that my Ballabio did that while on choke and I was gearing up - since then I've dropped it to low idle. Otherwise, single wall pipes and maybe timing is retarded? My Kawi EX500/GPz500s does that at fast idle warming up - but its carbs have enricheners rather than a choke. Had an '85 Thunderbird Turbo and after an uphill run home from work, the exhaust manifold and exhaust side of the turbo would be glowing.
  11. With the solid mount fairing and particularly the gauges, there is scant room for clipons at full lock.
  12. If you are interested, there is a Ballabio registry thread.
  13. By '04, there was the header cross-over tube and 9.8:1 compression. 43mm Marzocchi forks and a cast alloy fairing/instrument mount. The seat fairing looked the same but was manufactured using a different process. Plastic headlight bucket with clear lens/multi-reflector headlight.
  14. Nicked my fekkin pint while I was out havin a fag... That kind of stuff?
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