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  1. 11 hours ago, stewgnu said:

    Side note: careful leaving the tank off the bike - it can relax and then sometimes it doesn’t want to go back on!

    Thanks for the info! I may fab up a wood mount that replicates the frame mount points - easy enough to do.

    docc: Further evidence in my argument that Guzzi built the entire bike before realizing they did not put any coils on it. "There's a spot! Let's stuff them in there!"

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  2. Q: Does anyone know the style, or have an example of the multi-pin connector from the left handlebar switches to the main wiring loom? '04 Ballabio, as I see that Guzzi used various multi-pin connector styles. Am going to get rid of my horn-button-where-the-signals-should-be left switch housing. Unfortunately, the switch harness disappears behind the "frame cover" under the tank, making the connector inaccessible unless I pull the tank. While I'll have the tank off sooner or later, I'd like to have the proper switches ready to go. Thanks in advance!

    Next, I forgot to tun notifications on. Can I do this after I post? Dimbulb me cannot figure it out.

  3. Brother's high school friend had a Benelli 250. For a project, bro had fabbed up a copy of the Ducati "Corse" open megaphone in high school shop class. It really woke that Benelli (and our neighbors) up! Ah, but my brother's other friend went crazy and bought a 1965 Ducati Diana MK III. Now, with 5 speeds and 10K on tap, that was some ride for a goofy kid in the 60s. The most difficult mechanical project I ever helped with was getting all of those bevel gear timing marks lined up. They call those the 'ice cream cone' singles, but the cam drive was more like a Rubik's cube. 

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  4. Yeah, my effort is only a backup. I could see most commercial spring makers wanting a 1,000 order or similar. wonder if Harper's or MG would have interest in stocking what we don't buy up? Not even the EU or UN could get Madello del Lario interested...

    OK... brace yourselves:

    "We looked at designs in 17-7 and also beta-c titanium.  Using titanium will reduce the torque by about 40%.

     Here is what we came up with…


                    STAINLESS 17-7

                    QTY 50 @ $65.00 each

                    QTY 100@ $41.25 each

                    QTY 150 @ $33.75 each

                    QTY 200 @ $30.00 each

                    +$1000 non-recurring charge for tooling


                    Beta-C Titanium

                    QTY 50 @ $85.00 each

                    QTY 100@ $68.50 each

                    QTY 150 @ $64.75 each

                    QTY 200 @ $62.75 each

                    +$1500 non-recurring charge for tooling


    Quoted lead time is 40 weeks from receipt of a purchase order.


  5. On 12/3/2019 at 11:07 AM, po18guy said:

    I am going to contact the local aerospace spring maker (they do motorsports) and see how many and how much. They are big on Ti,but will do any and all usual spring steels. I have an  NOS Guzzi spring, but I understand that the improved spring has three coils rather than two, and a different diameter wire? 

    Here is the reply I received:

    Thanks for the email.

     We don’t have minimums, but the price per part decreases as you quantities increase.

     It looks like the original is made from music wire.  We’d probably look at using a 17-7 stainless material.

     Here are a few additional questions before we get started…


     Where are the stock parts failing?

     FYI, we’re a high end spring manufacturer (primarily using exotic materials such as titanium, UPG10, and X3) so we’re not the cheapest out there.

    Also, our lead times are currently in the 36 week range.

    Best regards-



    Motorsport Manager


    LOCATION: 425 S. 7th St. | MAIL: PO Box 880 | Renton, WA 98057

    P: 425.255.1453 x225 | F: 425.228.0780 | M: 425.922.4250




    As to lead time, I guess they are busy helping Boeing fix those 737 Maxes that have been crashing...

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  6. The seller goes by Guzzidaveracing on eBay. I would be sorely tempted to buy a red powder coated pair with the GUZZI machined to natural. as on the small block example. Question is if the red is close enough the Tank so as to match.  For other colors, it would not really matter. Would that make it a Guzzi "Testarossa"? That seems to be about the only name they didn't use!

  7. Even the steering lock on the long frame models is quite limited - I noticed that the first few U-turns. Plastic tank, but it cannot be dimpled without destroying the paint, can it? OK, how about raise the fork tubes a bit, raise (or shim) the upper triple to match and see what happens? It has a steering damper, correct? The limiter is the amount of lower triple steerer tube that the upper triple clamps to. It's always something.    

  8. On 11/9/2019 at 7:52 PM, footgoose said:

    Great looks for sure. I like the valve covers and head guards, which ones are those? Maybe a different angle of ones I've seen before??


    I wonder, too. The plug wires are routed up through the valve cover. The downside is that the owner can no longer show off the NGK racing bling wires.

  9. Is it a matter or moving them forward? Or perhaps forward and up a bit? Guzzi did one thing quite right when they mounted that regulator/rectifier/heat sink right up front. Many Japanese bikes have them hidden and, lacking air flow, they overheat and are nothing but trouble. I recently scoped out the same area on my bike. I was thinking of nice red Fiamm or Hella horns but alas, no room between rectifier and headers. Could probably move them forward and have space, but then they would look like a pair of, well, hooters. 

  10. 6 hours ago, docc said:

    Twelve pages and, finally, a hammer shows up. And rather prominently!

    And here I was beginning to doubt his mechanical prowess! Personally, I prefer the low-profile black w/blue handle DB hammer. A lot harder to find when my ADD acts up though. 

  11. On 11/28/2019 at 12:55 PM, footgoose said:

    Exhaust, tail rack, and head guards are all that I can see non original. Rare model, low miles and 2 - 3 k below market. Granted, I have not seen her up close 

    Notice how she is flawless, except for a few flaws? :rolleyes: To my eyes (recently restored), not much to dislike. The suspension alone is worth half the asking price and $4150 is clearly negotiable.

    6 hours ago, LowRyter said:

    Anyone know what headlight is on that Cafe Sport?

    Looks like a cheapo eBay ABS plastic integrated signal/running light unit. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-7-Motorcycle-Headlight-Amber-LED-Turn-Signal-Indicators-Bracket-US/174028145959?hash=item2884e2c527:g:EFcAAOSwlvtdeboZ

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  12. It seems that virtually all for sale have mods. Nothing new there. Q: How do you explain a 15+ year old unmodified Guzzi? Garage candy? Collector? Unknowing, uncaring owner? Impulse buy that subsequently sat unused? Probably all of the above and more. 

    As to pricing, I paid the asking price of $4,950 for my '04 Ballabio, due to very low mileage, condition, mods and accessories included. For that price, one option I had in a new bike was a 300 Ninja. AYKM? 

    Buying a Guzzi is akin to a marriage. Some guys love the old lump, warts and all, through thick and thin (docc? :D), while others bail and look for something younger and faster. What I do know is that a Guzzi is the 'road less traveled', and that has always been my path.

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  13. 8 hours ago, Rox Lemans said:

    Guzzi needs a flagship sportbike. But Piaggio is angling Guzzi to be a retro and cruiser line. But what they can do is make a Guzzi retro sportbike. They can call it "Lemans". It would be amazing.

    The pictured bike is basically a body kit for the Centauro. Yeah, it's got Ohlins, but being made from an existing line, upgraded components could be added while keeping the cost somewhat reasonable. And I know it's a matter of national pride, but why not let the Japanese do the electrics? 

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